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Part two and follow on from Wife in the hot tub,

"Hopefully this is the first of many sessions"

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Check spelling and grammar: So following from our eventful, hot tub session and evening overall, cheering Shane up after a messy divorce paid off for him, but also made C super horny.

Now, Shane being relatively newly single And just experiencing a fantastic evening, wanted to know if it could happen again. C and I had a conversation over the following week and agreed we should set the wheels in motion planning it again, but this time making it a little bit more interesting.

We agreed to go out on a Thursday evening, if that was the best bet to a relatively medium-sized chain restaurant (PizzaExpress) followed off with the return home for some fun.

Thursday came round and C and I was super excited, so was Shane. We agreed that he could come round ours and we take one car to the restaurant and if you wanted to, he could have a drink and stay over.

With C being super horny, she’s showered shaved pussy asked me to an address as she was getting changed. There was no thong and no bra put on underneath it. I could tell from this move. It was going to be very exciting evening.

One Shane got two hours it’s very short turnaround before we left the house. We did pass comment on how beautiful C looked this evening.

Was driving over to the restaurant. The chat was just general day today about work and the crap weather. The evening started off alright in the restaurant. We ordered a couple of bottles of wine, predominantly for Shane and C as I was driving obey, I did entitle myself to one glass.

We’ve been seated in a booth slot, which later on pay dividends to walk. The two of them started getting up to. We just finished starters and I needed to go to the loo on my return. Shane had moved closer to C and they were talking quite intimately as he was resting his head on her shoulder, what I didn’t notice until I got closer with his hand, was under the table, and what I can only assume playing with C’s pussy. I sat back down and smiled at them. Shane moved back to his position around the table, and I told him not to stop on my account.

Conversation of turned a little bit more sexual at this point between the three of us, talking about past experiences, threesomes and small gangbangs that we are done . Shane and I only ever experience a threesome in his late teens. Absolutely loved our time in the hot tub the other weekend. As we finished off desert and the two of them finished off their third bottle of wine, the flirting had gotten a lot heavier at one point, even planted to the Kiss on C.

As we left C see, suggested that Shayne sit in the back with her rather than the front time, so could have a little bit of fun like to Little school kids they giggled as they walked up to the car, now, luckily the back of my car is heavily tinted for what happened next really surprised me, no sooner had we pulled out of the retail park C had removed her dress and thrown it in the front passenger seat, as I adjusted my rearview mirror, I could see the pair of them now embraced in a kiss and she was completely naked apart from the seatbelt, cutting through between her breasts.

Re-angle the mirror further down to see where Shane’s hands were and sure enough I could just make out one of them playing with her pussy .

Not wanting to spoil the fun, I took a little detour through the countryside to elongate the show that was being put on for me . The drive that should’ve taken 10 minutes ended up taking 25 as I watched. C give Shane a blow job for a bit, and then Shane suck her tits and nipples was playing with her clit and finger fucking her. She was wet because I could hear the noise.

Once we arrived home, luckily, our driveway is secluded, because C decided to get out of the car without address, yet again, another brave move, she waited at the front door, patiently as Shane and I walked up closer Shayne, passing comment of how horny she looked, and how lucky I was.

As I open the door C went straight through to the kitchen area rather than upstairs. Proceeding to get half drunk bottle of wine out of the fridge. By this stage. My calculations were she was nearly 2 whole bottles into the evening which was quite a bit for her but she seems to be getting more and more horny.

Shane and I were waiting on her lead at this point, to which she turned round with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other hand and said she was off to the hot tub and proceeded to walk out the back door and into the back garden. At this point, I think she’d forgotten our back garden is slightly overlooked. As you make your way down to the hot tub which is in a secluded area. The garden no one can see, nevertheless, completely, oblivious a young excited woman. She walks blatantly across the open garden with Shane, and I in toe currently still clothed.

I open the hot tub off of Shane, got himself and dressed, C jump, straight into the hot tub on either side of the corner, with her breasts, bouncing around in the bubbles, Shayne wasn’t prudish and completely stripped naked and got in next to her as well as I was in dressing they hadn’t wasted any time I’m getting down to business. Shame straight in with kissing and caressing.C and God knows what was going on underwater.

We spent around half an hour in the hot tub playing with her and periodically. She was sitting on the side of the hot tub to enable her to suckers off one hour time was the other played with her think we made her cum 10 or 15 times in the hot tub.

Point, she suggested we take it either inside the house or back out on the road which puzzled me a little bit. I did ask her for clarification on what she meant by back out on the road and she asked if we could go dogging. Knowing the area and what time it was, I thought it best to leave this fantastic opportunity to another day, preferably when it was warmer.

So I suggested we took it indoors for now .

C agreed, just stood up in the hot tub, stepped out and wandered off back to the house without looking back. I told Shane to follow her and I would close up the hot tub and catch them up.

When I got back in the house, I could just see the wet footprints from both C and Shane going across the kitchen floor before they disappeared on the carpet of the lounge. I thought they might of started in the lounge, but as I went upstairs I could hear C moaning in pleasure as I got to our bedroom door. I could just see Shane’s backside, moving back-and-forth, encroached further on the room I could see C on all fours with her arse in the air, right next to the edge of the bed. Shane looked at me and just told me that she was waiting in that position as he come up the stairs we all laughed.

I moved around to C’s head to start sucking me off Shayne and settled into steady, slow rhythm in her pussy, which I could hear, was super wet by the noise as it was making. This position only lasted for a few more minutes before. C pulled herself off, Shauns cock turned round and started, sucking it off, wiggling her arse at me. Needless to say with my cock covered in her saliva, and her already soaking wet pussy. My cock slipped straight in. It felt amazing after Shane is been in there.

Not wanting to finish the evening off too early. I kept my pace slow and steady will reach round to play with her clit, which managed to do the trick as I made a cum in the next couple of minutes.

See, pulled a self off me shortly after she came and told me to lay down on my back , I obliged as I laid down, she mounted me with her back towards me, still, stood upright, and Beck and Shane to stand up in front of her, and she slid itself down, guiding my cock into her pussy. She started rocking back-and-forth, and then took Shane’s cock in her mouth. Another position this time it lasted for about five minutes before Shane made a suggestion to C, “ would my cock fit in there with his”? Without hesitation C pulled her legs forward, dropping a whole body weight on my crotch and put her arms down beside her so that she was fully laying on top of me backwards. She then passed one leg to Shane whilst telling him. “ let’s see if it will fit shall we?” With that, Shane nudged my legs apart, so he could squeeze in between and picked up. C’s How’s the leg lifting up out of the way with both of his hands now occupied C had to guide his cock into her own pussy again, but this time of mine still inside her. I could feel his cock press up against me as she guided it in. She let out the little gasp of pleasure as his cock went past the opening and just slipped straight inside along the underside of mine. Couple of seconds later I could feel C convulse as she came again, just from the sheer pleasure of having Shane’s cock and my inside her. This was beginning to get too much for me as Shane was pumping. It was rubbing along my cock building me up. I did point out that I’m on the brink of cumming to which C just said, let it go Shane also pointed out that he was about to come. If I could hold on for another 20 or 30 seconds, which I couldn’t. Shayne started to speed up and it was too late for me and I started to jerk and shoot my load inside her, I carried on. Cumming as Shane’s cock I could feel starting to pulsate, then all of a sudden I could feel something else shooting inside C’s pussy, next thing I could feel it is either mine and Shane’s come oozing out of C’s pussy or C her just squirted. Turned out to be a mixture of all three of us. Shane was the 1st to pull out as I felt a huge amount of cum, then slide down my cock in around my balls with that C see set up and turn off the side of the bed. C who is the first off to the bathroom to tidy yourself up. Shayne asked if he could use a shower which I said there’s one in the spare room and there’s towels in there if you wanted it, he headed off that way both having left me laying on the bed with quite a mess. I stay there until C came back from the bathroom and toilet roll. Tided myself up and I jumped in the shower. The rest of the night was a lot more sedate. Shane did decide to stay round that evening and there was talks of sorting out another fantastic evening in the near future.

Stay tuned

Written by daffy

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