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Pimped out Stories

pimped out

Collecting interest payments

Ryan just watched as I bent his wife over and stuffed my cock into her pussy from behind.

I was thirty-four and pretty upset with women, even though I was free and single again. Just two years earlier I was in a relationship with Selina when she announced that she was pregnant. In a matter of weeks, I was attending scans and other appointments...


I bought my wife

I paid Richard one hundred and fifty pounds for his wife.

Richard was such a shit. The way he treated his wife Ann was atrocious. When he talked to Ann it was Bitch do this, bitch do that. Even worse when he talked to others about her, it was the slut did this or the slut did that. I hated to hear it and most of...


My asian beauty

He pimped Cherry out to me for the loan of one hundred pounds.

In our early twenties one of my mates, Gareth, married a gorgeous Asian girl. Everyone called her Cherry as her name was pretty unpronounceable. I asked him how he met her and he told me that he had bought her. I really wasn't sure if her was joking or no...


Pimped out as a gigolo

Lick my fanny she ordered

I had got myself into a mess with a loan shark and was behind on payments. His thugs had dragged me before "The Man" as he liked to be called. I had heard lots of rumors about him. He ran drugs mules as well as illegal gambling and used the loan shark mon...

Trevor T.

Wife got pimped

I heard Pearl squeal as Jim penetrated her with his thick cock

I knew I was in trouble from the first few weeks of having married Pearl. I knew she had a big appetite for sex as every time we met we would end up in the back seats of my old car wearing out the rear springs. Her parents were very strict with her and ge...


Loand his wife

swapped his wife for the loan of a trailer

I was at the pub with my mate Larry. We were already three pints down when he returned to the table with another round. I really didn't want another but he was trying to run my resistance down. He had been trying to borrow my yacht trailer for almost a we...