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No panties Stories

no panties

Moira is a slut

Moira was being fucked by one man as she sucked a second man and wanked two more.

My wife Moira is a slut. No, she’s not a hotwife, because that would imply that I enjoy sharing her. Whilst I do enjoy watching her with other men it is rarely my choice. I will give you an example, but first let me tell you a little about her. Moira is 5...

Trevor T.

Wife got pimped

I heard Pearl squeal as Jim penetrated her with his thick cock

I knew I was in trouble from the first few weeks of having married Pearl. I knew she had a big appetite for sex as every time we met we would end up in the back seats of my old car wearing out the rear springs. Her parents were very strict with her and ge...


She was naked except for an ankle bracelet

She came for some outfits and tried me for a fitting

Up until four years ago I owned and ran a ladies and gents outfitters. I would do the designs as that was what I had trained in and in the next door building I had eleven machinists that made up the clothes. We could make one offs or make dozens of the sa...


Sophie takes four

four mates out for a good night, gets a really good night with Sophie.

I was out on a night out with three mates, Pete, Dave and Ryan. We were moving from our first pub to a second one. As we walked up the high street we see a slightly older woman, were all in our mid twenties. Ryan shouted out, "Give us a kiss gorgeous," he...


Love thy neighbor

Neighbor needed help with the plumbing and got her fix

Mrs. B was always calling across the fence asking if I could help with one thing or another. She was a fine looking woman who had Just turned 40. We had gone to her birthday party. My wife couldn't stand her and often told me that she was just trying to g...