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Beautiful woman Stories

beautiful woman

Robert was inviting me to fuck his gorgeous fiancee

Robert would go out twice a week allowing me time to fuck his Fiancee

I was with a bunch of my mates in the pub and we were being our normal loutish selves. The game was to give any girls or women entering the pub a mark out of ten. There had been a few eights and nines but no tens, in fact, in the main they were scoring fo...


Victoria told me that if we didn't try swining she would find a bull

Victoria said that as Albert moved away some stranger plunged his cock in her pussy

I couldn’t believe that my wife Victoria nudged me to put my keys into the bowl. Yes, we were at our first swapping party. Victoria had bullied me into it. She had told me that unless I was prepared to spice up our sex lives with some swapping she would g...


I bought my wife

I paid Richard one hundred and fifty pounds for his wife.

Richard was such a shit. The way he treated his wife Ann was atrocious. When he talked to Ann it was Bitch do this, bitch do that. Even worse when he talked to others about her, it was the slut did this or the slut did that. I hated to hear it and most of...


Finding Love

Julia had changed completely and was now gorgeous.

This isn’t like most of your other stories, but I hope you’ll enjoy how I found love. I left school and started an apprenticeship at a national engineering firm. The owner seemed to like me. He had five sites nationally, but he spent the majority of his t...


Dominating the neighbors.

Zoe was grinding her arse on my cock and when she wasn't doing that she was hurling her arse at my cock.

I was having a house built on the outskirts of our town down a dead end lane. I had done well in business and was now looking forward to enjoying my rewards. To add to that my nagging wife had got knocked up by her boyfriend and had left me. The best thin...

Howard T

Found a woman in my shower

My mate had left Amber in my house and we ended up being lovers.

I woke to hear the water running in my shower. I got out of bed to take a look. Well imagine my surprise when I discovered a beautiful sexy looking woman in my shower. She screamed and tried to cover her modesty when she saw me. I placed a towel over the...