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and seduction

Before my next movie I was asked to pick a man up. He was not unpleasant but not attractive. I wore a tight blue dress. George was looking bored, perfect. I sat next to him. "What are you doing here?" "Pardon?" "I'm here to see Mr D." "So am I, what do yo...

I was putty in Jim’s hands

When hubby is away

He said he would wank off if I put on a show for him

Back when life was normal , a friend came to my house to help me with a few jobs around and outside the house , my hubby was working away overseas. Jim is a handsome man , looks after himself, then he was recently separated , he was playing the field to g...

Paula my MILF

I wanted her to show me lady love

After she licked me to orgasm she said it’s my turn

We normaly go to a gay bars for laughs, better atmosphere and fun people. We got chatting to a group of older women, they were loud , loved a dance and had that .........carefree free vibe. I got chatting to Paula, she was in her mid 40s and she made a pl...

1st time ;-)

I got my promotion but at a cost

She knew i wanted the role and i knew what i had to do to get it

Hi i am Janice , ive been working as a supervisor for a PR agency , just after the new year i was tipped off there was a top floor promotion up for grabs. I know i am good at my job , but Jeff another college was also in with a shout. Annie our senior man...

Educating Sandy continues

Sandy is taken to the next step

Happy?’ ‘Absolutely ecstatic and you have not fucked me!’ ‘Yet.’ Said I. ‘Would you like me too?’ There is a slight pause, ‘Yes please.’ She replies quietly. I lean over and take her right nipple in my mouth, flick it with my tongue and then suck. Again I...