26 Apr 2019

‘Can we do it again?’

‘Of course, but I may need some help. Have you sucked cock before?’

The look on her face gave me my answer.

‘That is a no then. Would you like to?’ I kiss her. As I finish, she looks me in the eye.

‘I am not sure. I have never wanted to before but you have taken me to places I have never been and I feel I should oblige you.’

‘Obligation has nothing to do with it but it is all about participation. I know that I would love to see your lips wrapped around my cock. If you want me to make love to you again then it is the quickest way to get me hard.’ A smile appeared on her face and I am sure a twinkle appeared in her eye as she slid down my prostrate body and took my limp penis in her mouth.

Ten days later I was in the gym. Not that I am a fitness freak but I recognise that I need to exercise to combat the corporate lunches and dinners. I know I am losing the battle. I am sweating like a pig on the running machine and I am aware of the machine next to mine starting up. I look across and it is Sue, another of our friends. She is about 5’3”, blonde with a lovely toned body. I am sure her breasts are a C cup as well. She is a gym bunny and looked fabulous in her body hugging Lycra.

‘Hi Dai, I am glad you are here.’

‘It is always a joy to see you, Sue.’ She is quickly into her stride. I look around and the gym is empty.

‘I saw Sandy the other day. She looked fabulous and so relaxed. In fact, I have not seen her looking so good for years.’

‘Really, I wonder what has bought that on.’

‘Oh, I think you know.’ Oh shit, if this spreads life could become very difficult.

‘I thought it was meant to be a secret.’ I offer forlornly.

‘You know girls and their besties, it is impossible to keep that type of secret. I wonder if you are expanding your field?’ Now Sue is very different from Sandy. Very attractive but very self assured and confident. She is also a very experienced nurse. There is nothing about the birds and the bees and their application that she would not know or possibly tried, in my opinion.

‘Sue, I am sure that you have no need for those type of lessons.’

‘You are right but I am insatiable and poor Charlie can not keep up. I have a vacancy that needs filling.’

So after work on Tuesday I am about to ring the front doorbell of Sue’s semi detached house. Apparently, Charlie is playing snooker at the policeman’s club and it will be a late night. I press the bell and the door is opened instantaneously. Sue is stood illuminated in the doorway wearing a white T shirt and black mini skirt. Judging by the way her nipples are poking out, she is not wearing a bra. Her breasts are still very firm. She grabs my tie and pulls me in. As soon as the door is closed, her lips are covering mine and her tongue frantically exploring my mouth. I can feel her undoing my belt and releasing my zip. I hold the rim of her T shirt and raise it till her breasts are exposed. I cup them with both my hands. My God, her nipples are huge and hard. I tweak them between my thumb and index finger. Sue gasped involuntarily. By now my boxers and trousers are around my ankles and my cock and balls are being massaged by Sue’s hands. I kick off my shoes and with some difficulty manage to step out of my boxers and trousers. I move my hands onto Sue’s buttocks and as I caress them through her skirt I am aware she is knickerless. I unzip her skirt and it quickly joins my trousers on the floor. Sue is still relentlessly snogging my face off.

I turn her round, slip my rampant cock between the cheeks of her arse and nibble her neck. One hand is tweaking her nipple and the other has found her clitoris. Sue is pushing herself back onto my hardness. Not a word has been exchanged.

‘Fuck me now you bastard.’

I manoeuvre her towards the stairs and bend her over so her hands are on the fourth step. I part her legs and run my hand up her pussy. It is sopping wet.

I place my cock at the entrance and ram it in to the hilt. This greeted by a squeal.

I start to fuck her slowly and gently as I extract a tube of lube out of my jacket pocket. Holding it in my mouth I remove my jacket, shirt and tie. I am fucking this gorgeous MILF just in my socks, not very gentlemanly.

I squeeze the tube of lube and a huge blob drops on her rosebud. I massage it around the rim and then start to insert my finger.

‘Don’t you fucking dare you bastard.’ I grab a fist full of her hair. My finger and cock are working in unison. Sue is squealing and swearing. All of sudden it changes.

‘Fuck me that is good. Harder, harder. Fuck I am cumming. Fill me with your hot seed.’ I continue fucking as her body shudders and I can feel the walls of her pussy grab my cock. As she comes down from her orgasm, I withdraw, sit her on the step and present my cock glistening with her juices in front of her mouth.

She eagerly takes it, licking my bell end, applying just the right amount of suction. I can feel my sap rising as Sue slips her hand between my legs and starts to finger my anus. Just as I am about to come she slips her middle finger to the hilt. There is a huge explosion, my head is full of stars as I pump my seed into Sue’s mouth.

As she releases me and stands up, she says.

‘Christ that nearly blew the back of my head off!’ I thank her by kissing her, tasting the mix of her and my juices on her lips

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