25 Apr 2019


‘Absolutely ecstatic and you have not fucked me!’

‘Yet.’ Said I. ‘Would you like me too?’

There is a slight pause, ‘Yes please.’ She replies quietly.

I lean over and take her right nipple in my mouth, flick it with my tongue and then suck. Again I am rewarded with moans of pleasure.

‘What is your favourite positions?’

‘Positions? Only flat on my back with the lights off.’

‘So this has been a ground breaking experience so far?’

‘Ground moving if you ask me.’

‘I think we should start with what you are used to and take it from there? Are you happy?’


I climb over and part her legs. Her pussy is puffy. I run the tip of my cock up and down her slit, followed by a quick rub against her clit. Sandy has her eyes closed and is biting her bottom lip. I push the head of my cock into her entrance. Her eyes open wide, my god she looks so sexy. I push in until I am fully in her, gently withdraw and slide in again. Sandy is lying there rigid. I slip my arms behind her knees and raise them to my shoulders.

‘Sandy Darling, this is a participative sport. Relax and join in.’

I thrust deeply into her and she gasps.

We get into a rhythm and she starts to raise her bottom to meet my thrusts.

‘I think it is time to change. We shall roll over so you are on top but you must not let me slip out.’ This is achieved and I can now play with her exquisite breasts.

‘Do what ever gives you pleasure, bounce up and down, grind against my pelvic bone or just squat there and enjoy the sensation.’ She starts to grind her clitoris against my pelvic bone. I can see the concentration in her face, milking all the pleasure. Suddenly she raises herself and slams down on my cock. Faster and faster and I can recognise her orgasm approaching. I slip my hand between us and start rubbing her clit. Her body starts to shudder and she collapses on my chest.

We lie there conjoined for a minute while we recover.

‘Now is the time to move on. I am going to pull out.’

‘No please don’t.’

‘Trust me.’ I withdraw and manoeuvre her on to her hands and knees. I move behind her and part her legs. There is her puffy shagged pussy and tight rosebud. We can save that for another day as I slip into her sopping pussy.

‘Aaaaaggghhh Oh My God.’

‘Are you alright?’ I ask

‘Oh yes, You are hitting nerves that have never been hit before. DON’T STOP.’

I pull back and thrust in to be greeted by more squeals. Soon she is thrusting her body to meet my movements. I can feel my sap rising and soon I am splattering her cervix with my seed. She squeals with delight.

We collapse on the bed, completely spent. I gently kiss her and hold her in my arms.


‘Amazing, you have taken me to places I have never dreamt of.’

‘I am pleased.’

‘Can we do it again?’

‘Of course, but I may need some help. Have you sucked cock before?’

The look on her face gave me my answer.

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