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Kiss Stories

Fun times 💋

There’s nothing wrong with wishing

Lady love was more than I could ever wish for

I am a married woman with kids , I have a great life , my hubby has a great job , money is not a problem , nice car , holidays ...........BUT I have been talking to a married lady online the chat were a bit hot & cheeky , for me it was an escape , then th...

Kelly 💋

My first bi experience with a woman

Maybe it was the wine but when we kissed I wanted more

I'm a 25 year old nurse, who recently moved into a flat to share with a colleague, also a nurse. I have been working with SJ , who is in her mid 30s I think blond , size 12 with lovely large 34d breasts , and we have had several nights out , getting on re...

What do I do ?

Here is my story , I am a married woman with 3 kids , I have a great life , my hubby as a great job , money is not a problem , nice car , holidays ...........BUT I have been talking to a married lady online the chat were a bit cheeky , for me it was an es...


I wish I was more brave

In my fantasy - she ordered me to fist her pussy

I have been married for 5 years , I have had this curious itch for years , I have always been turned on to possible lady fun. It’s always in my thoughts and in my head , sadly that’s we’re it stays . I work with a girl who is very pretty and I know .........

💋 💋

I wanted to explore my bi female sideb

We kissed and her fingers were rubbing my wet panties

I am married to Tom we have a good marriage but I was online last week and I don’t know why I was feeling a bit frisky, my hubby was at work , I looked for porn just for stress relief - ( woman do it as well ) I like watching porn my Tom , normally 3 some...

Girl on kiss

And then I kissed her

She was stretching my thigh with my camels toe full on view

I’ve had a girl crush with a girl who I see jogging every morning , apart from the normal hello , no conversation them after a sprint race we were chatting , such a lovely person , I said my hamstring was twitching ,she said she would help me with my stre...

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Electric Kisses

First time lady meeting

She said let me be your first - sealed with a kiss

I’m in my early 30s and I’ve always been curious but could never give it a go . Even with my boyfriends I would suggest watching porn in bed especially as some of their movies were girls together , being fucked doggy style watching girls licking each othe...

Keeping the customers happy

Plumbing job got a bit saucy

We kissed as she rubbed my package - my cock was starting to stir

A neighbour asked me to change out her kitchen taps , she was in her 30s , recently split from her boyfriend , she was a flirt and a tease , I said I would pop around for a look and take it from there . She had emptied the cupboard under the sink laying o...

Paz _ 87

Unexpected lady love got me freaked out

She stripped off naked and said are you going to join me ?

Before the lockdown I have been going to a keep fit class 2 or 3 times a week , on this occasion the instructor had to cancel at the last minute. It was only a small class about 5 or so , some of the girls left i got talking to Sara younger than me but ve...

Lily my new adventure

Curiosity got me her phone number

We kissed and my panties were wet

I’ve been to my local bi / gay bar with girl friends , it’s always a great laugh , good music , last Christmas we were on a girls only pub crawl and we ended up at “Diamonds” pub as always a great buzz about the place I helped my mate get the drinks in an...

Kate _Jilli

My wife & the baby sitter

They were kissing and touching on the couch

A good story , with a horny twist , we have a regular baby sitter Jilli , shes 20 in uni , a lovely girl a bit of a free spirit , she was loyal to us and we could trust her. Anyway the last few times she was baby sitting , i was thinking that she was snoo...

Paula my MILF

I wanted her to show me lady love

After she licked me to orgasm she said it’s my turn

We normaly go to a gay bars for laughs, better atmosphere and fun people. We got chatting to a group of older women, they were loud , loved a dance and had that .........carefree free vibe. I got chatting to Paula, she was in her mid 40s and she made a pl...