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Love Stories


Love, Lust and Promises of BBQ

An excerpt from Flirthilda and Dom's novel in progress 'The Girls From Two Broken Universes'

Jane had been awake for a little while now, but as far she could tell, Milly was sleeping peacefully, her arms still wrapped around Jane, leaving her completely enveloped in a feeling of love. The saraphin was still swirling around her system, and as she...


From a slut to the perfect wife and mother.

Hether was on the bed getting spit roasted just like I had seen her before.

I took refuge in my hut at my allotment as the heavens had opened. Looking out the window I could see a woman trying to shelter under a tree, but it wasn’t working, and she was slowly getting soaked. I called out to her and said that I had shelter. She ra...


I bought my wife

I paid Richard one hundred and fifty pounds for his wife.

Richard was such a shit. The way he treated his wife Ann was atrocious. When he talked to Ann it was Bitch do this, bitch do that. Even worse when he talked to others about her, it was the slut did this or the slut did that. I hated to hear it and most of...


Finding Love

Julia had changed completely and was now gorgeous.

This isn’t like most of your other stories, but I hope you’ll enjoy how I found love. I left school and started an apprenticeship at a national engineering firm. The owner seemed to like me. He had five sites nationally, but he spent the majority of his t...


Alison was young enough to be my daughter.

Alison sucked my cock and swallowed my cum, something my wife would never do.

Between the two lock downs the company I work for had some pretty important parts on order from Gibraltar. The couriers we usually used had stopped running and although the owners of the company had worked hard to find another way of getting the parts it...


Growing together

I did it again, I got denise pregnant

I first met Denise when she was fifteen. I thought she was a lovely sexy looking young girl and thought that her parents would have trouble keeping the lads away from her. I was ten years her senior and working for her father on their home. I became good...


Sloppy seconds

Shavon went out with her boyfriend and then came home and I got sloppy seconds.

Twelve years ago I was working away from home. I would be on the road almost half the year. This day I was in Cardiff. The days work completed, I had found a restaurant and had just sat and was looking at the menu. The couple at the table next to me were...

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BigBird and john

They called her Big Bird

She straddled me on the sallon chair.

Back in 2002 I was running a project that was falling behind and I had just worked seven weeks straight. Not a single day off, and I had been pushing the staff extra hard. We were just about back on track. I had seen myself in a mirror and noticed straigh...


Drive a hard deal

He offered his wife as part payment, the only trouble was that she was mute.

I thought I had heard everything and done just about every deal that I could with my small business, but this guy was way out there. He had just asked me to price up some work for him. The materials came to £13,000 and the labour to about £4,000. He looke...


Seperation made us stronger

I let Coleen sleep with Howard and she let me sleep with Freda.

I was working and living away during the week and getting home just for the weekends. I could see it was getting to Coleen. We had only been married for just over three years. We couldn't sell our house and my flat in town wasn't big enough for the pair o...


Horsing around

Her horses got loose and I helped round them up and ended up rounding on her.

I had seen this beautiful woman riding her horses around the lanes where I live. She was in her early thirties as was I. The nearest I had been to her was when I had said good, as she rode past. On several occasions I had mused to myself what lucky animal...

L.S.and C.S.

Wife was a sex addict

I caught my wife with another man and discovered that she was a sex addict.

I had heard all the rumors, gossip and tales about Cathy in school and put most of it, not all of it down to wishful thinking on the part of young bucks wanting to test themselves on an unsuspecting doe. Cathy was the one at school, that at an early age,...