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Sexy Stories


So I was at work sub contracting for a water company. I arrived in a road somewhere in England. To do a job I noticed there were two ladies stood across the way chatting. But went on with my bit of arrival admin One of them was a beautiful blonde lady she...


Secret meetings

Fantasy - Erotic thoughts

We don’t get to see each other very often, and yet you are constantly in my thoughts. I feel your kisses, to feel your touch, and feel your tongue, making love to me, to my whole body from tip to toe, images flash through my mind, memories, beautiful memo...


Ruby & Jake

This is my first attempt at a Fictional story. Let me know what you think 😘

Watching them from across the bar I couldn't help but feel like they both knew what I was thinking. I wanted the pair to come home with me. I was in a very sexually satisfied marriage for 15 years, when I say sexually satisfied I mean we tried almost ever...


Alison was young enough to be my daughter.

Alison sucked my cock and swallowed my cum, something my wife would never do.

Between the two lock downs the company I work for had some pretty important parts on order from Gibraltar. The couriers we usually used had stopped running and although the owners of the company had worked hard to find another way of getting the parts it...

Jerry & my plus one

Sext festival memories

We kissed and she pulled me away and went to town on my cock

Here a memory from my “wank bank” I would like to share - before the lockdown / pandemic I went to a musical festival with a friend unfortunately, my mate is Ged got boozed up too quick and was acting like a divvie , we argued about everything , music , d...


My Layla is an exhibitionist.

Layla stayed in her position showing off her prize of my cum as it trickled from her pussy.

I was out with my mates, there was normally seven or eight of us and there was three or four girls that hung on to us group of lads. One of them Layla had been out with one of our mates but he was with someone else now. She had this way of turning everyth...


Sexercise with wifes friend

Stacey's tits bounced free of her top.

I never knew when I married Helen that I got a Stacey thrown in with the deal. Stacey is Helen's best friend and the amount of time she spends at our house she may as well move in. At least a lodger pays rent. I had suffered a knee injury and I had return...

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Photos for a dating site

Vicky wanted some personal photos of herself for a dating site

I was forty one , single again and broke. I had been a professional photographer since University. I enjoyed it very much, but it was very much a boom or bust living. There was times when there was more work than I could handle and times where I barely br...

PMJ ;) 👍

Christmas came and so did I

She kissed me and our hands were everywhere

We had a family bubble Christmas , trying to pack all of the Covid rules into a short time was challenging to say the least. The food was great and so was the champagne and then a vodka or 2 . James ( brother in law ) has got a big house I heard his siste...

Surprise invitation to meet again

Of course I wanted to meet again, our last encounter was amazing, but this time only the wife showed up.

I was delighted to receive a message inviting me to meet at the beautiful Surrey house again, following my previous meeting there with Karen and Colin. It was a gorgeous summer day and Karen saw me as I pulled into the drive. She was cutting the grass on...

It was wrong but it felt so right

Lady love in business class - mind blowing

She kissed me then we went into the plane toilet

This happened last summer during my flight back from Singapore, after a short business trip I was booked for a return flight back to London and as my presentation was a success my boss upgraded me to business class. It's nice to get a upgrade , like most...


Separate Room Swinging

I didn't think separate room swinging could be so good

A few years ago after 20 years of marriage we starting swinging with some great couples we had met through swinging websites and whilst on holiday. We have met some of the nicest people through swinging. When we started we always said it would be same roo...

Verity M

Fishing for her hat

Judith tried to rescue her hat. I had to rescue her.

I was sat on my yacht moored in the Beaulieu River on a wet mooring. I was sat there with my fishing rod, without much luck. Then I saw a woman trying to fish her hat out of the river. The wind had caught it and dumped it unceremoniously in the water. I c...


A hitchhiker guide

I helped a sexy hitchhiker and she helped me

This happened three years ago, when I was on the way to Port Eynon in my motorhome. I had left Swansea and was getting onto smaller roads as I got closer. I was working in the area and on Saturday my wife would join me for a weeks holiday. Then I saw a hi...