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Embarrassment Stories

Janice Camping Lover

What happens in Glastonbury

I didn't know my boyfriend intended sharing me with anyone who wanted a go.

I was just nineteen when my boyfriend suggested that I go to Glastonbury with him for the week. My father didn’t like the idea but he liked Gary, so when he showed my father that we had two tents between us my father eventually agreed, or should I say he...


My Layla is an exhibitionist.

Layla stayed in her position showing off her prize of my cum as it trickled from her pussy.

I was out with my mates, there was normally seven or eight of us and there was three or four girls that hung on to us group of lads. One of them Layla had been out with one of our mates but he was with someone else now. She had this way of turning everyth...

Leashed Pussy

In the Theater

There I was, being walked nearly naked into the adult theater.

I am a chunky girl. Big ass, big tits, but a small waist. With clothes on, I look fat. I was always afraid to dress sexy. Al forced me to overcome that fear. He liked to dress me in string bikinis at his house, with heels plus a collar and a leash. I was...


A first swap with friends

First swap doesn't end as we expected.

We’ve known Carol and Phil since we were all at school together and they are still our closest friends even now we’re pushing 40. We’d been out to a show and gone for drinks afterwards and it was nothing unusual to go back to their house and carry on drin...


The Voyeurs Consequences Part One

Caught spying on a neighbour has consequences for Trevor

Trevor’s journey was, according to his sat nav, another 20 miles. He had already had enough time to reflect on the previous evening and to think about what that might mean for him over the 2 hours ahead. Looking back just heightened his embarrassment. He...

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Not on the NHS.

As part of my recovery from a hip-fracture, I was given physiotherapy. Once a week I had to drive 30 miles to a hospital, have the physio and then drive back. Driving was quite painful, there had to be a better way. I turned to Google. Quite close to my h...


Holiday Fun

An unexpected turn on holiday

The holiday was going great, the apartment was fantastic, the food was good and we hadn't seen a cloud in the sky for the three days that we had been here. We spent all day relaxing round the pool and drinking. At about 5ish we would go back up to our apa...


How i think things may have been different if i realised what i really was

So the other day a perfectly normal conversation triggered the memory of when I was in early 20s and at the time didn’t even realise that I was starting my journey to becoming the sissy faggot I have turned myself into now because I would go swimming alon...


The Club part 3

Leaving the house dressed as a slut.

"Get up" his instruction came just as I got the last drop of cum from the floor. "Yes sir" how many times had I said that in the past 20 minuets or so, it was ritual for a submissive like me, though if a request was shocking enough, I was still capable of...