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Passion Stories


Love, Lust and Promises of BBQ

An excerpt from Flirthilda and Dom's novel in progress 'The Girls From Two Broken Universes'

Jane had been awake for a little while now, but as far she could tell, Milly was sleeping peacefully, her arms still wrapped around Jane, leaving her completely enveloped in a feeling of love. The saraphin was still swirling around her system, and as she...


Night Of Passionate Affair

Will you tell your partner to be quiet

I was visiting an old fwb (dave) id met while working away from my husband for the night as id lost touch with dave after going back home and had missed the sex me and dave had. He was more connected to me suxually than my husband... Dave was living in a...

Katie & Sian 💋💋

Love & blind passion is for everyone

For a treat my lover put on some sexy undies , the feeling of her stockings and naked body was a WOW

My story is a bit personal but it goes to prove whatever disabilities you have you can still have a active sex life. My issue is I am blind , so I can’t see my lovers , my turn on is the touch , the feel the taste. I still have a voice , the older and mor...

Billy and Wendy

Good deed led to wonderful family

helped a mom in distress and ended with a wonderful family

I had just left the park and as I passed the small hut that sold refreshments I got an Ice cream. It was a glorious day. I got to my car and sat in it with all the windows and roof wide open to let the heat out, eating the ice cream. I watched a cute look...

Callela Holiday 4 Cont'd

The Story continues of Paula on holiday.

HOL’S 4 Callela (Cont;d) We showered and changed ready for dinner, making our way to the lift Jane and Claire were waiting for the lift , Jane turned and told us her parents had phoned her and were arriving tonight and they had asked us to join them tonig...