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Old/young Stories


My 70 year old boss.

working for an old couple until the wife dies then things changed.

My name is Jodie and this is something I’ve wanted to share for a while but didn’t know where until I found this sight. My experience starts a few years back when I was 23, I had a part time job as a cleaner for an older couple they had a big 5 bedroom ho...

"Uncle" Tommy

When someone you know so well suddenly sees you in a different light.

An experience I had from long ago. Tommy was some not related to me, but as we called relatives and close family friends Uncle or Aunty, even if they were not. Uncle Tommy was therefore a presence as I was growing up, as my mother was a great favourite of...


Old man and the young housewife

A story about a married woman and a much older man.

This is a story about Michelle and her older lover Peter. Myself and hubby had gone through a rough patch about 10 years ago. In our late 30s, a young family and not enough hours in the day, we never had time for us. We went 3 months without sex. Hubby ha...


I slept with my son's girlfriend/wife.

She wriggled her arse against me and impaled her own pussy on my hard cock.

My wife Denise has a very demanding and high level job. It has taken the pair of us and our son all around the world. It was the first time that we had left David at home on his own. Being eighteen I thought the worst he could do would be to have a few ma...


Holiday Fun day 2

More fun with a mature couple

The morning after the fun with Chris and Tony was a strange one for Sara and me. Wasn't sure how she felt about what had happened, we were quiet at breakfast, managed to get a couple of sunbeds and chilled. Toward midday I asked her what she thought about...


Holiday fun

Fun with a mature couple

This is from a few years ago, I can remember it like it was yesterday. Sara and I had gone on a 2 week holiday to Limassol in Cyrpus. Sara was 22 and I was 29. Sara was a size 12 back then, 5'6 with a lovely big arse and 34b tits. I was an average bloke i...

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It all went wrong

Girlfriend found out about Amy

So I was led through to Saffi's bedroom naked by her mother, Amy explained that Saffi had a boyfriend but he couldn't make her come in bed, he had mainly watched porn to learn his sexual technique and thought that being aggressive in bed, choking her and...


Amy gets to choose 4

An unexpected surprise

She walked down the hallway and I followed like a grateful puppy,she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and leaned forward she said, Take my knickers off Bossman I moved behind her knelt and peeled her lacy knickers over her peachy bum and saw her beauti...

Grampy Fixit

My granddaughters friends

As she bent over the Hopper I fucked her from behind.

My granddaughter, who I call Mouse, came around to see me and brought two of her friends with her. She was very excited as my son had just bought a house for her, and she wanted to live in it with her two friends, but first it needed a lot of decoration a...


Amy gets to choose 3

Her side of the story

After I wrote about the first time I had sex with Amy she has read the stories and wanted to add her side of how it happened so over to her. Hi this is Amy I read Boss Man's story and thought I would give some perspective, first of all I don't look like t...


Amy gets to choose 2

She needed to know what an orgasm really felt like

So a little more about Amy she looks a little like the porn actress Chloe Temple but as I could now see had larger breasts with brown nipples and a shaven pussy. She had always liked make up and beauty and would wear blonde hair extensions on firm nights...

A Short Holiday Interlude

How a chance meeting in a supermarket led to days of incredible fucking

I was chatting to someone online who was telling me how no one believed him when he got picked up and fucked by a stranger in a shop once, and I told him that the same had happened to me! After sharing experiences he suggested that I add it to stories so...