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"Bad things happen from a change in plans for a boat trip"

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This happened a year ago. We, together with another couple, chartered a sailboat/yacht in the Caribbean. Shortly before the charter was due to start the other couple had to bow out due to injuries suffered in an car accident. I talked to the charter operator to see if cancellation was possible or if there was any way our friends could get a refund.

I was told that cancellation was not possible at this late date and the only way they could get a refund was if someone else took their place. I told him that on such short notice, we could find no one to take their place. He said we could take the charter by ourselves and our friends would get no refund, or he would see if he could find a replacement. He said before agreeing to anyone taking the place of our friends, we would meet them and then decide. I told him to go ahead and see if anyone could be found.

When we arrived on the island, the day before our charter was to start; he told us that he had found two men who wanted to go on our charter. He said that these two men had gone on a charter with a couple awhile back and all was fine.

We met George and Lester. They were much older than us, late 50s or early 60s. George was a big chubby fellow. Lester was a smaller guy. They were both unattractive. George took the initiative and said, "Sorry to hear about your friends but we are willing to help out. We are not sailors and will not be of much help but you will be a hero with your friends who sound like they could use the money what with their injuries and being out of work." Interesting that he put it in terms of their doing a favour for us while at the same time letting me know that they would be nothing more than passengers.

I thought he was quite nervy. I considered my preference which was to tell them that I would be sailing alone with my wife but thanks for your offer. However, I knew George was right -- our friends really needed the refund and they would be grateful that I took on these two landlubbers. Also, they seemed ok and, in my mind, posed no threat to try something with my wife as they were not at all attractive. So now I was going to be stuck with the majority of the work and they would be more like mere passengers or guests on a cruise ship than sailing partners. Nonetheless, for the sake of our friends, who would be out a lot of money and were not working, I bit the bullet and agreed to take them on although I would have preferred to sail with just my wife at that time.

The first day's sail went fine with no problems. We anchored in a secluded cove and I got the grill set up on a rail in the stern of the boat. Cathie went below to shower. When she came back up to the cockpit, I was surprised. She was wearing just a towel and carrying her wet bathing suit, which she went to hang off the rail in the bow. As she started to descend back into the cockpit, her towel snagged on something and came off her body and into the water. Cathie turned immediately and knelt on seat cushion and tried to reach the towel. This presented her big, beautiful ass and her pussy to George and Lester. I went for the boat hook to get the towel and Cathie stood, facing our guests. She immediately put one arm over her very large breasts and on hand over her pussy. Still a lot was showing. As I said, she has very large breasts and her arm could cover only so much. I was having a bit of a time trying to secure the towel but heard George talking to my wife.

"No need to cover up, love. We have seen plenty of naked women, although none as lovely as you. We have been to naturist beaches all over Europe, saunas in Germany, bath houses in Japan,. In the rest of the world it is not considered shameful to be in a natural state with others. We would be happy if you all wanted to go natural during this trip."

He then approached my wife and took her hands and brought them to her side. "There, that's better. It seems unfair that nature gave you an overabundance of beauty. You look beautiful and are beautifully formed." Cathie giggled a bit over that. I was stunned that she had not gone below immediately. She was generally modest. Somehow this stranger (he seemed like a salesman) had put her at ease at being naked in front of two strangers. I suppose I should have said or done something, but to my astonishment, I felt myself getting aroused. Cathie sat down for a moment. Her modesty took over quickly and she soon got up and went below, blushing furiously.

As I thought about it, I suppose it made some sense. Cathie was indeed beautifully formed -- a voluptuous woman with large breasts, child baring hips, a shapely butt. However her coming of age was in the time of Kate moss, a skinny, board flat model. Some girls and women were indoctrinated into believing this was the ideal form for a woman. My wife certainly was not like that. She was not stunning either, but still good looking. But she lacked self-esteem and self confidence in her appearance. In fact, when I met her, she would dress to conceal her figure and continued to do so; thinking men would not appreciate her womanly form. My compliments on her body and appearance were shrugged off because I was her husband "and she thought I had to say that."

Now, two seemingly worldly and experienced, older men were sincerely appreciating her physical beauty. She knew these men did not have to say anything unlike her husband who was obligated to compliment her. It had the effect of turning her head as they would say. It was such a change and she loved the ego boost it gave her.

A short time later, she came topside dressed in a blouse and loose shorts. It was apparent that she did not have a bra on. I guess we were free from normal constraints and she wanted to explore or maybe impress these men again and get more compliments. Perhaps the fact that she was a pleaser played into it. From our first meeting, it was apparent that Cathie was a pleaser , she avoided confrontation and she enjoyed the approval that resulted from her pleasing others.

I went about preparing dinner for them as they sat and the men drank beer and Cathie wine. Soon I was serving them as they remained seated with Cathie between the two men. I was like the third wheel, actually like a servant. George then solidified this concept. After serving them, I served myself and was about to sit down opposite them when George said, "While you're up, get me another beer. Actually, get us each another drink." This was not put in the form of a request. To my shame, I complied, thereby solidifying my status as nothing more than the server who would obey the commands of these men. It somehow seemed right. I never knew that I had latent submissive tendencies.

George continued to compliment Cathie and I did nothing but take it in, feeling a bit excited by it, and that caused a conflict within me. I should be asserting myself and protecting my wife, but failed to act again. I wondered what was wrong with me while at the same time finding all this somewhat titillating and arousing. Finally, we were calling it a night but George wanted "just a kiss good night." Cathie went to him to peck him on the cheek but he turned her head and kissed her on the mouth while pulling her close. Again, I did nothing as it was turning me on -- what was wrong with me? It was more than just a friendly kiss. Finally, Cathie broke away. George then said, "Don't ignore Lester. Give him a good night kiss too." This time it was not necessary to manipulate her head. Cathie just went in for a mouth-to-mouth kiss. Again it was held for more than necessary for a friendly kiss.

Cathie and I had a hot session in our bunk that night in our berth Cathie was so wet I slide all the way in without friction and had to pump her hard to get a feeling and work up to ejaculation which pleased Cathie as I lasted ages longer..

The next day we set out for a secluded cove on an uninhabited island where we would have lunch and a swim. We weighed anchor and manoeuvred to open water. All the while our two passengers sat back and watched. Once sailing smoothly on open water, they went up to the bow to sun themselves. Cathie joined them as I had things under control.

I could only hear bits of their conversation. I heard the word, "lotion," and heard Cathie say, "OK, that's enough" but it was said with a bit of a giggle. What was going on? I could not see them and was left to wonder.

Finally, we arrived at our destination. I called to Cathie to be my lookout in the bow as there was a coral reef protecting the cove and to let me know when she saw the break in the reef that would allow us to enter without problems. I saw that as she got up, she was tying her bikini top. Had she been topless with these men?

In any event, we made it safely through the reef and as I was turning the bow toward the open water to anchor, the engine cut out. Fortunately, we were barely moving and I called to Cathie to drop the bow anchor, which she did. The incoming tide pushed us a little to the shore which helped the anchor secure purchase on the sandy bottom. I opened the hatch in the cockpit leading to the engine and could not immediately divine what the problem was. I knew it would take time to resolve the issue and told our guests (or leches) and my wife that they should go ashore and enjoy it and I would swim in when I was finished.

They took off in the rowboat and I jumped down into the engine space. Not long after, I heard splashing of water and shrieks of laughter and protest. I looked up and I could see my wife and the two men frolicking in the water. It was mildly arousing. I thought this was getting out of hand, this arousal whenever I saw my wife interact with these men, these strangers.

I went back to working on the engine, which took quite a bit of time. I stood up straight to take some strain off my back and looked towards the shore. I could see below the rail on which the grill rested. What I saw surprised Me., not the empty wine bottle but I saw my wife on a blanket, on her back, supported by her elbows, and she was topless. She shared the blanket with George. Then George leaned over to her and kissed her. While kissing her his right hand came up and caressed her left breast. This brought no reaction from my wife. The kiss lasted for a while. Then, suddenly, Cathie broke the kiss and sat up straight and directed her eyes towards the boat. She appeared to have a worried look on her face as though fearful that I would see the scene. However, I was well hidden from view and she did not see me.

Although she could not see me, she got up from the blanket and walked to the water. George followed. He put his hands on her shoulder and turned her turned towards him. He said something to her and wagged his finger in her face as if scolding her. He then pulled her toward him with his hand on her ass and kissed her again. This time, my wife did not break the kiss but passively accepted it nor did she do anything to make him remove his hand from her ass. Soon, Lester appeared. Apparently, he had taken walk down the beach. When he approached them, George said something to Cathie, and she bent over and kissed Lester, who took the opportunity to hold her breasts in his hands.

What had gotten into my wife? Was it being in this beautiful place with warm weather, removed from the conventional constraints of our life back home that had freed her libido? Was that it? Or was this just a manifestation of a latent sexuality which had been kept in check by our very conventional marriage? Was it that she had a latent submissive streak and George was bringing it out? She was not exactly a prude, but she never would have displayed her breasts nor allowed other men to feel her up before this trip.

My sense of obligation as a husband barely won out over my arousal, and, as I had finished repairs on the engine, I stood up and let the hatch slam closed and walked forward to start the engine. I did not look to the beach so as to allow everyone time to collect themselves. They did.

I swam to shore and but did not stay long as I thought we should get back to the boat and get organized for dinner before the sun set. Cathie and George got in the dingy first and sat in the bow. Lester held back meaning for me to sit in the middle next to the oars. What was new? I was to row them back to the boat. So, I did.

Obviously, my back was to George and my wife. Halfway to the boat, I turned to make sure I was heading on the right course. When I did, I saw George and Cathie break from a kiss. But George continued to hold Cathie's left breast. Cathie's head was opposite George's so I could not see her face but George turned to me slightly and smiled. To my shame, I said nothing. When I returned to my duties of rowing, I noticed Lester smiling at me. It was as though they had taken the measure of me and found me wanting.

Once back on the boat, Cathie and the men went below to shower and change. I remained in the cockpit. Soon, I heard sounds of laughter and Cathie's voice saying. "Stop" but with no conviction to it. I heard other ineffectual protest from Cathie like "that's enough, oh you're so naughty," and finally I heard her say, "You can't do that I'm married." Then I heard George say, "Your husband doesn't mind." Cathie, who obviously knew I could hear what was going on, called up and said, "Is that right, Chris?"

This was a moment of truth. If I were to tell the truth, my position as a beta and servant to these men would be solidified. I would be openly saying that these men could take my most precious possession for their own use. I had already been serving them and now this would be the ultimate, sealing our relative positions. I would openly acknowledge them as the alphas and accept my place as their inferior. Also, this would change my life forever; I would be a cuckold forever. There would be no going back just as one cannot reclaim her virginity once it is lost. So, I sat in silence with many thoughts running through my mind and many emotions battling with each other.

There was complete silence on the boat with everyone awaiting my answer. So, Cathie restated her question "is George right, Chris? You won't mind?" Of course George was right. He knew I had seen him fondling my wife's breast and I did nothing nor did I say anything. My cock outvoted every other emotion and feeling and to my utter shame I said, "yes, George is right."

Cathie said, "What was that, Chris, I didn't hear." She was going to make me say it again to reinforce my abdication of my marital rights. So, in utter humiliation, I repeated my shameful admission in a louder voice, "Yes, dear, George is right. I will not object."

Even though I could not see what was going on or what had gone on, we all knew what my admission meant. After that, I heard George say, "let's get this off you and let's head to the bedroom." Cathie (now I reckoned she was nude as the only piece of clothing she had on was her bikini bottoms) called up to me and said, "Better hold dinner for at least an hour." The "bedroom" that George referred to was our cabin which was right below the cockpit.

I could hear the sounds of sex in the cabin as the portholes were open.

Finally the two men and my wife came top side. They were all nude and I could see that, even though not hard anymore, the men had reason to act cocky. They were cocky, even though not erect, their wet cocks were well above average and they had big ball sacks as well. I could see my wife was leaking sperm from her pussy! They had not even had the decency to use condoms!

They sat together in the cockpit and George said that "now that we have worked out our relative positions," he had worked out a schedule to avoid any friction. He said he would be my wife's acting husband through the next day and then Lester would be my wife's husband the next day and they would alternate. The day would start at 8 a.m. and end the following day at the same time.

As weak and pathetic as it sounded, I asked "what about me."

George laughed and said, "You're kind of selfish. You've had her all to yourself for years and when this trip is over you will again. But we have her only for this week. More importantly, your wife just told us that we provided her with the best sex of her life and you want to interfere with that and give her sub standard sex while she could have much better, Very selfish. For these reasons, you are not included in the rotation. Lester and I will be her husband’s for the rest of this trip. Certainly, the husband can decide to share her, but I am not sharing her with you while I am her husband and I assume neither is Lester.

You really have nothing to complain about. When you said that you did not mind if Lester and I took your wife, you sealed your fate. You have forfeited your rights as a husband to us; and, now, we will take on the role of her husband with all the rights that go with it. This is the consequence of your surrendering your husbandly rights. You also need to get used to your role as a cuckold, which means other, more worthy men, have the right to your wife and you must stand aside.

Also you have other duties to perform for us. I do not want you distracted from your duties of serving us and taking care of the boat and making us dinner and drinks. I do not want you distracted by thinking of what you will do with your wife when your turn comes. That is where all your efforts should be directed -- in serving us. So no, you are not included in the schedule to share your wife.

When it was Lester's day to be my wife's husband, George decided that there should be a little ceremony. He took off my wife's wedding ring and gave it to me to hold as the "ring bearer." He also gave me another ring for Lester.

George decided to preside over the ceremony and had Lester and Cathie stand side by side in front of him.

"Lester, do you take this woman, Cathie, to be your wife from now until tomorrow morning, to have and to hold, to assume all marital rights to her, to have her sexually service you as you want?"

"I do," said Lester.

"Cathie, do you take this man, Lester, as your husband from now until tomorrow morning, to love, honour and obey him, to be completely his, to make yourself available at all times to service him sexually as he desires, forsaking all others, including your former husband, Chris, except as Lester may permit?

"I do," said my wife (although she was now my former wife since she had taken marriage vows with another man, who also clearly excluded me).

George said to me, "Boy, present the ring to Cathie's husband," To my utter shame, I did.

Lester slid our wedding ring onto my wife's finger, saying, 'With this ring I thee wed."

Then George told me to present the other ring to Cathie. I did but could not look her in the eye. Cathie put that ring on Lester's ring finger and said, "With this ring, I thee wed." That hurt!

George was not finished. He looked at me and said, "Since you are the ring boy and witness, you should acknowledge what took place here. I am requiring you to acknowledge Lester and me as your wife's husbands for the week and to acknowledge your own lack of standing, your lack of status by acknowledging that you are not Cathie's husband for this week and have no right to have sex with her without our permission."

I did as I was told.

So this was our great voyage of discovery. I suppose that discovering Cathie's latent submissiveness could have been foreseen given her need to please. However, discovering my own submissiveness and need for humiliation was a surprise to me. Yes, I had always been laid back and went with the flow of what was going on, which is something others would typically decide, but I was still stunned to discover how turned on I was by the whole turn of events and how the humiliation I experienced turned out to be a thrilling humiliation.

Without further ado George demanded Cathie suck his cock and she did so without complaint or hesitation, I stood and watched shame faced. Soon Lester joined in saying it was his wedding night too as he groped her tits and helped her climb onto Georges big fat cock and rode him well as Lester had her tits as she rode soon they swapped places before lubing her arse and giving her first DP which caused some pain which soon was forgotten as she was overwhelmed with pleasure and several orgasms as they fucked her until late I woke up to find they had gone to bed below but only George was fucking her now so I crashed out.

Most men would not be aroused by what aroused me, which is the watching my wife with other men in this case older dominant men. And most wives would not be willing to go forward with something so far from what is considered appropriate in a marriage especially not with old men. But I was aroused, and she was willing, and tonight another man will pleasure my wife. And not just another man, but an older  man. A man who is more endowed, who has sexual strength, and a man that enjoys both my wife's company and his dominance over me. I want to feel the humiliation and submission inherent in my wife surrendering to that man. As I lay in bed I relived what I saw Her fingers barely touched as she grasped the base of his hardening dick. "Oh my god," she breathed. "Your cock is fucking huge." She looked up at me, and reiterated. "Can you believe the size of his fucking cock?"

She seemed immeasurably excited by his girth, but intimidated at the same time. She began at the base of the shaft and licked slowly, tracing her tongue upwards to the head. George let out a guttural sigh of pleasure as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck. And that was how it started daily until we left for home, we were both changed forever and I did not know how or if it would end, also on arrival at home I found out my wife had gave or email to them and the nerve of the guys , they said they would be back in England next month and would Cathie make sure she is ready for us and get done what we discussed with her. I asked Cathie what they meant? She dithered before answering that she agreed to some piercings, where I asked? She said nipples and clit hood and they want me to wear a chain on my ankle so everyone knows I’m married to a cuckold. She made an appointment for the piercings and had them done and they looked good and they would be healed in time for their visit which meant no sex for me until they left and she bought the chain with a disc on it engraved in small writing “ HOT WIFE”  So now we are well and truly under their spell and I and my wife are surprisingly enjoying this journey but with one small complaint, that is I don’t like licking out my wife with their cum in her..


Written by BoredJen

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