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Carried away in Vegas

child free time so a couple heads to Vegas for a good break

Here in England the last Covid restrictions were finally gone. Just like everyone else it had been a long two years for us as well. My name is Ellie. Between home schooling, work at home, and all the restrictions, our eight year old daughter was thrilled...

Home help

Anything else I can help you with, sir?

'Anything interesting happen at Mr Forbes? You were late home last night.' It was unusual for her to be late home and that combined with the splendid breakfast she had served up on this, a weekday; suspicions is not really the right word. Interest. You kn...


My slide into cuckoldry gathers pace

A REAL CHEATING WIFE (Part 3) This is the third part of my introduction into becoming the cuckold I was and now am, my thoughts, the resulting issues and my part in them. Although this part is shorter than some of the others they all collate to the end re...

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How we came to share Nancy with Stuart

I watched Stuart's arse rising and falling as his big cock plowed my wife's pussy.

Stuart had always been a lover and not a fighter, so it wasn't surprising when he turned up at our house, and not for the first time, pretty banged up. Unlike Stuart I had the reputation of being a bit of a bruiser and offered to sort the individual out....

Nice View For The Dog Walkers - 25/04/20

The real life experience of a guy trying to coax a faithful, loving, wife into cuckoldry.…

In the morning she picks out the crotchless knickers that she asked me to buy her, she holds them up, smiling, and says: ‘I can’t wear these to work, can I?’ I say ‘I dare you.’ She laughs, takes off her bed knickers, and throws them at my face. ‘There yo...


Watch the birdie

I help a woman in need and then help myself

I had fancied the pants off the married woman who lived 6 doors up the road from me. She was in her early thirties and had a slightly cuddly body. I had often dreamed what it would be like to be between those tits of hers. You know the type, they appear a...