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Doggy style Stories

doggy style

Meeting Cameron

This is the story about when my partners step father came to stay and the story of how his first marriage ended

Greg and I are very much outdoorsy people. We love hiking, wild camping and pretty much everything else that is out doors. We live in a croft on the north coast of Scotland which was hidden away in the middle of nowhere, or it was before the NC500 was cre...

Lonely Lady Biker And Her Friends

We meet her friends in their motorhome

Sarah and I woke early and quickly showered and got ready to leave. Her friend Tammy had already text her and said that she was now in Koblenz for the next couple of days. Sarah asked if I could take her to Koblenz, she’d already cleared it with Tammy tha...


My Hometown Lady

Part 1 but does go to Part 3

Trawling the internet I found this lady from my home town some 20 miles away and we got chatting, basically we arranged to meet in Manchester City Centre as she worked down there and being self employed I could be anywhere I wanted, we met in this little...

Joan and I

A day in Cheshire

Joan and I started swinging together 3 years ago. We had meetings with other couples around Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cumbria, and Cheshire. One memorable meeting was in Cheshire. We arranged to meet John and Margaret in a Tesco car park...


Pure Lust Part 1

1st time meet and an unexpected surprise

Finally the day arrived when Paul and Claire were to meet. After several messages, texts and phone calls the playing field was set and finally the day arrived for Paul and Claire to meet. Paul arrived on time and had instructed Claire to wear a dress with...


Janice paid in kind and continues to pay even now.

Richard watched as I told his girlfriend to get on all fours and then I was fucking her.

I had known Richard most of my life. He had some pretty bad breaks in life. His family were poor and although he had a couple of good jobs, he got made redundant twice in a short period of time. He had met a nice girl, Janice and it looked like he might b...

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It cured her depression

Denise hadn't had sex for five months since her husband had dies, that all changed.

This all started a long time ago in the 1990's. Angie and I were in our early twenties and had an open relationship. I would pick out a chap and suggest that she give him a good time, most times she did and she would also select young, and on the odd occa...

Trevor D

Mistake that ended in great sex.

I suggested that as she had already cheated that she should suck me hard again and enjoy another good fucking.

I was sat in the pub with a few mates when I noticed a pretty woman sat in a corner of the pub on her own crying. At first I just watched her. She was typing on her phone and calling someone and not getting answered. Eventually I went to see if she was ok...

Not so lazy Sunday

With the stormy forecast we decided not to go to the beach but take advantage of an empty house

Dodgy and I have been lovers for about 3 months now and we are usually able to meet about once a week or so. Sometimes only for an hour, sometimes more. We’ve struggled recently to find as much time and as we were both free we planned to spend the morning...


bull really fills her up

her boyfriend can cum for england !

my wifes younger fit boyfriend has been fucking her for many years now and i get to watch or join in. he has always cum on her boobs or bum etc, never in her even though i have told him to. we met again after lockdown and think it changed him as he said h...


My girlfriend is a slut

Trudy was on all fours with a cock in her mouth and the thick man's cock plowing her pussy.

I had recently broken up with my girlfriend and as most of our friends were hers, I found myself in need of making new friends. I decided to go ice skating as I hadn't been for a while. I was soon on the ice and skating. I noticed a big bunch of people ha...