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Husband watched Stories

husband watched

My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring.

"My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold"

My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring. Lily enjoyed 'denying' me sex and said "My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold" Lily has now realised some men like to use her arse and she ha...

The Plan - Day 2 – Rose makes Michael’s Breakfast.

Michael eats a hearty meal that leaves Rose twitching and trembling

I woke early having gone to bed more or less straight after we finished on the patio the evening before. We both slept well having gone to bed with the taste of cum in our mouths. I woke up and looked for Rose’s beautiful face on the pillow next to me. Sh...

Mr big D

Pregnant wife And the resort photographer

Wife makes husbands fantasy come true

A few years ago After a drunken night I admitted to my wife that I wanted to see her fuck another guy.. every great while my wife remind me what I said to her and would ask me if I was serious I still wanted that to happen. One night we were at a party an...


Watching my wife with the neighbor

Watching my wife with the neighbor

This night happened a couple of weeks ago. Me and my wife and two young kids live in an apartment complex. Me and my wife are in our early 30s, we are your average couple. my wife has blonde hair about c- cup boobs and a nice ass and great legs. My wife h...


I learnt what dogging was

Maria wanted me to take her dogging and I had to google it to find out what it was.

Hi I’m Brian. I was looking online at personal ads as I was getting desperate for a fuck. At thirty-six my wife up and left me. Up until then I thought we had a great life together. We got on well together and the sex for me was great. I guess it was the...


wife watching at the cinema

seeing another couple groped at the cinema encouraged me to try it with my wife.

One night, I stopped by the local adult theater, a couple came in behind me, the guy dressed in jeans and shirt, the woman in a sweater dress that left her shoulders bare. After buying tickets, we headed in together, after looking at the choices, they wen...

Breast lover

Adult breast feeding

My wife told me to go have a feed from Rachael, and if she wanted more to give it to her.

I had always had this yearning to be breast fed. Now at thirty-two I decided it was time to do something about it. My wife couldn’t have children and that was one of the triggers that made me want it all the more. She was aware of my yearning as I had mad...

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Real good friends

Tommy knew I was sleping with his wife and even sent her to me.

In 2001 is was twenty six and living and working in Dubai. The day after the twin towers came down the atmosphere changed and westerners and Americans started to be treated differently. I decided it was time to return home. Having no family left in the UK...

Hubby & Slutwife

My wife at the swingers' club

3 Strangers wanted to fuck my wife, and they did!

I have enjoyed watching other men fucking my wife for over 20 years, starting when she was 35 years old. It began with me watching her with one man. This progressed over the first couple of years to watching 2 men fucking her at the same time. As my wife’...


Baby sitters

Ben was happy for me to have an affair with Marsha

Jenny and I were saving to get married and I was fed up with being permanently broke. Also we struggled to get time alone and as you can imaging a pair of twenty year olds have needs. It was Friday night and I was on my way to collect Jenny for the evenin...