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British wife Stories

British wife

Double penetration at a masquerade party

Fucking strangers in India.

True threesome. Whilst working away in India, my wife's friend introduced us both to the wonderful world of swinging, initially Lois was far more up for it than I, that is until the masquerade party in Mumbai. Lois worked as a locum in a variety of cities...

John Boucher

Island holiday

The fisherman needs a friend, a dream I had.

I had a holiday dream last night, slightly embellished but this is the gist of it. We were in a rum bar, it was late on and a quiet night. There was only one other guy in there. An elderly black male, he told us he was 75, originally from Senegal, we got...

Back after heart surgery

Wife picked up on train

True story. I have not posted any stories about my wife for about a year, I have been recovering from 2 heart operations. She has still been active with my mates and some strangers I arranged for her, but I have not been taking a full active part. The mos...

Two in a very happy Saturday

Make hay while the sun shines...

Like many other fellas and couples on here I dip in and out, and from time to time pay attention to the personals/meets section. Saturdays are pretty much covered for me on the sex front as I have my feet under the table with a gorgeous, very petite crack...

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Debs is back for black - Part 1

Meeting a big lad in the gym and knowing he’ll fill Debs to satisfaction!

Debs has a taste for chocolate, and not just in boxes and bars! She said to me she fancied some more black cock as it’s been a good several months since her last. The only question was where to get her some new prime beef? I asked Debs’s what kinda man sh...

John Boucher

The Authors som

Gets a look in

Don’t forget I’m out tonight she said. Oh ok, I had, where you off too on a Wednesday night? It’s Jenny’s book launch in town. Who’s Jenny? Oh - do you ever listen to a word I say, she’s that author I’ve been organising this for for 6 months that’s all. O...


You're the Wife Now!

A message from an older house wife who wanted me to be her replacement in more ways than one...

This is not a story as such. It is a message request I received from a lady from this site who is part of a couple. Ever since I received it, it has become my biggest fantasy. I had been on a different swinging website for a few months and found the exper...

John Boucher

Trip Home

My wife visits her past

I was a special birthday for my wife, let’s call her Jane, leaving her 40’s behind so I thought I’d book something nice to do. She comes from a small Market town so I thought it would be a good idea to take her back to her roots for the weekend to reminis...

Todays use of my wife - 2 sessions

update #2 to Wife group training

This is another update to "Wife group training" about training my wife to be a willing slut. A friend, Colin, is helping me with this. see other stories. I am writing this update on Colins laptop at his house he's telling me about todays exploits and to s...

UPDATE to Wife group training

A bit more about her training

This is an update to my previous story "Wife group training" I was interested as to why my mate, who is trying my wife to help fullfil her slut fantasy, kept opening her legs and squeezing her lips/clit to get her to agree to things. It appears that, prev...