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Flashing Stories


You may have read about June /Susan. we changed to June after there was some possible recognition. But this is me, first sexual experiences were with copies of Health and Efficiency, whilst at school, there was a taxi office that would sell to us. I and m...

She was a bigger slut than expected Part 1

Continuation of Finding me a new slut.

I was feeling euphoric after my first DVP fuck, but the posture was tough on the knees, so I was getting uncomfortable. A glance at my watch confirmed I needed to leave soon, the wife was expecting me home for a dinner party, so, still totally hard, I sto...


Helping out a friend

When a friend told me about his and his wife's slump our offer to help goes further than planned

On a night out with a good friend having a few drinks he'd explained to me about how he and his wife had really hit a slump although there are only married a year they've been together for 7 and after the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon wore off t...


It wasn’t that hard to finally persuade Lucy, my girlfriend, from going out without her bra on. Her tits bounced around beautifully in her loose blouse giving a treat to all who saw it or them. The following week it was a little harder to get her to go ou...


Naked pussies

As I measured her feet I couod see right up her skirt to her naked pussy

There I was your typical broke student. I was struggling to pay my rent, food, clothing and beer bills. Then I got a lucky break. Besides the two bar sessions that I was doing I was told that a shoe company wanted assistants. I was straight down the high...


A night out with the girls

The alcohol took control

It had been a few months since my encounter at that country pub . Ever since then have been on a high . I have’nt been able to help myself that when ever my husband and myself would go out on any social occasion . I would dress as seductively as I could ,...

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Spitfire Mk 1

Slut wife got spit roasted

My wife was into flashing and I never knew.

It all started for me one Saturday morning when I was out shopping with my twenty three year old wife. I hate shopping so when Rhian suggested we go into the coffee shop I jumped at the chance. I was surprised when she removed her coat, and put it on the...

Amy goes shopping for clothes

Not your everyday clothes shop though

People tell me what a lucky man I am, often when they’re looking at my wife’s tits, and I couldn’t agree with them more, allow me to explain. Amy is most of the time an attractive but fairly normal woman, 5ft 7 inches tall, a slim size 10/12, 36a tits, or...

Indian wife in a sex shop

Young indian wife has fun with guys in a sex shop

This is a story how my wife and I visited and played in a sex shop many years ago, we hope you enjoy. The story happened about 20 years ago when my then GF was in her early twenties. She is a sexy Indian girl 5’4” with amazing tits with big long nipples a...

Dave K

Naughty flash

wanking over wife

Earlier on last year - Myself and My wife Jackie both 52 ( Jackie looks a lot younger) were out one day sat having a drink in a bar and a young lady was sitting opposite us and probably she did not know; that her skirt was open and both me and the wife go...

Train and shopping centre flashing escapade

Lou flashes her charms to passengers on the train between Nottingham and Sheffield followed by some changung room deliberate exposure.

This is another account of an adventurous day that Lou and I had back in the early naughties. You may have read about our encounter in Oxford or our session at Chameleons. Lou and I have a long distance relationship that we spiced up with meetings around...

A recollection of a night at Chameleons

Fuck buddies get together and visit Chameleons on a couples night to share, watch and be watched.

This follows on from the recollection of our Oxford liaison posted the other week and covers our visit to Chameleons in Birmingham. This happened about 15 years ago but remember these events like it was yesterday. I have a slim build and am average in hei...