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Innocent photo session turns husband cuckold

"I was loving all the attention that I received"

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Hi I’m Sally and my cuckold husband is Michael .

He wasn’t always cuckold inclined, but he did always pester me into having sex with other men , but at first it was something that never really interested me , because Michael was always able to satisfy my desires and the sex was always great .

We always tried many different ways to spice up our sex life . So that we didn’t get bored with each other.

We would make our own porn movies , as well as Michael taking erotic photos of me in different forms of undress . I would also masturbate in front of him using my large collection of dildos and vibrators .

The activity that we enjoyed most of all was me wearing very erotic clothes and flashing. This would be on the motorway, exposing myself to lorry drivers as well as in public places such as shopping centre’s and pub’s.

I think this is when Michael started to succumb to his voyeuristic ways .

I think it all began in around 2010 .

It was a beautiful warm day, when I suggested, that it would be a great day to get dressed up and go for a drive and do some flashing . Michael smiled and said what a great idea .

So off I went and jumped in the shower and shaved my vagina so it was nice and smooth and shiny for when I put it on display .

I finished my little chore and went to select my outfit for the day . I went though my wardrobe and selected a white transparent blouse with ruffles . I picked out a short black skirt and to set it all off I picked out a pair of black stay ups , with a pair of see through pantys .

I laid them out on the bed and called my husband in for his approval .

He looked at them and suggested that they should turn plenty of heads and will make some beautiful photos with me wearing them .

I quickly got dressed because it was now early afternoon . Michael grabbed his camera and we were about to walk out the door when it became to much for him . When he grabbed me pulling him towards him giving me a passionate kiss, soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths . His slipped his hands inside my pantys and began fingering my vagina , which was by now getting very moist. I could see where this was going and pulled away telling him there would be plenty of time for that later .

So we jumped in the car and headed off and then onto the motorway .

We weren’t on there long before we came up to our first lorry . I quickly undone my blouse leaving my breasts in full view and then pulled my skirt up around my waste , I then placed my hands inside my knickers and began rubbing myself .

As we pulled along side him I could see he was a quite older guy , but wasn’t looking our way . So my husband beeped at him to get his attention. He looked over to see my body on full display for him . I then removed my knickers to show off my smooth vagina.

He blew me a kiss and we drove on to make some other drivers happy . Which we did because the were a lot of lorries out today.

We had driven for over an hour when we spotted a nice little pub so we turned off to go and have a couple of drinks.

We pulled up at the back of the pub . I was about to put my pantys back on before we went inside , but Michael told me not to because he wanted to take some pictures of me by the car .

He grabbed his camera and we got out the car. He got me to lean on the back of the car and get my breasts out so they were in full view . He pulled my skirt up and told me to finger myself , all the time worrying that someone may catch me. That thought also made me quite aroused , so I put on a good show for the camera.

It was now late afternoon so we finished up and I put my knickers back on and done up a couple of buttons on my blouse, still leaving my breasts partially exposed and with my nipples being so hard the were pressing against the material of my blouse, making them easy to see.

We entered the main bar which only had 4 young guys sitting at a table watching the football on the Television . They looked at us as we walked in , that soon turned to a stare as we sat at a table behind them.

They were unable too take their eyes from me , giving me a real good going over.

Once I was seated Michael went to the bar and got me a glass of wine and a pint for himself.

When he sat down with me he suggested that I have a 4 young admirer’s .

I drank my drink quite quick, I think because of the attention I was getting from my admirer’s was making me a little nervous.

Michael went and got me another wine, he had only part way through his drink and didn’t need one . When he came back and sat down he placed his hand on my thigh and whispered , let’s give these young fellows something to look at and pull my legs open some they could have a better view of my pantys and by now there would have had a wet patch quite visible.

He then told me to undo more buttons on my blouse, so my breasts were on full display for our young friends.

I discreetly undid them and open the blouse up just enough for them to have a good view of my breasts. My nipples were still as hard as they have ever been, probably because I don’t think I have ever been so aroused .

I was so nervous I quickly finished my glass of wine wine and gave it straight to my husband for a refill , he immediately went and got me another one . While he was getting it for me, I heard one of the guys say too his mates that he thought I looked as hot as fuck. With him saying that , this made me feel really good and the fact that I was at least 10 years older than them .

Michael came back with my drink and by this time I was starting to feel quite tipsy.

He sat down and I told him I needed to go to the ladies . I got up too go , then realised my breasts had fallen out of my blouse giving my admirer’s a full view of my breasts. I quickly covered myself back up and went to the ladies .

I had to walk past the table where my friends were sitting and on the way past, one told me how nice my breasts looked. I just smiled and kept walking. Once inside I locked myself in the cubicle and had my pee but my pussy needed some attention. So I slid my fingers down onto my clitoris , which was really sensitive by now and proceeded to give it a rub , to bring myself to orgasm . This only took a minute or two before my Pussy was was cramping violently . It felt so good that I could feel my love juices dripping from my vagina .

I then wiped myself , then bent down to pull up my pantys , but decided to take them off and give these guys a good view of my smooth vagina.

I went straight back to our table and handed Michael my very damp knickers and told him that now they don’t have to guess what my vagina looks like, because it will be on full display for them to see . (Lucky the pub was very quiet).

Michael leant across and gave me a kiss and then told me I was a naughty girl and that he was loving every minute of it .

The lad’s couldn’t take their eyes off me , so I blew them a kiss finished another wine .

A few minutes later Michael suggested that it was time for us to go home but he needed to go to the loo first . When walking past their table he stopped and said something to them and went off .

He had no sooner left their table and they all walked over to me. Two of them pulled up chairs either side of me and began telling me how beautiful I looked . They said they told my husband on the way past how beautiful I looked and he told them to go and tell her yourselves.

By now I was very tipsy and asked them if they enjoyed looking at my breasts and vagina. They all agreed that it was better than watching the football .

It was then I felt a hand on my inner thigh and worked it’s way up too my pussy . He then slid a finger into my now very wet hole.

The other guy on the other side slipped his hand into my blouse and caressed my nipple .

I was by now very nervous because I never expected my flashing to go as far as this.

I tried pushed their hands away but didn’t want to take no for a answer .

I looked up to see Michael coming back with a big smile on his face. The lads quickly pulled their hands away. Michael when reaching our table said that it was time for us to head home.

He told me to meet him at the car and gave me the keys , he was just going to take the empties glasses back to the bar .

I walked out and headed back to the car with the guys just behind me , but thought nothing of , just thinking they were going home themselves. But when I got to the car they were right behind me .

The lighting where we had parked was very poor.

My admirer’s walked behind me all the way to the car.

When I got there , the guys thanked me for the afternoon’s entertainment . They then asked if I would give them my phone number , but there was no way that was going to happen.

Then one of them asked for a kiss . He then took hold of my arm and pulled me to him and began kissing me passionately . I couldn’t help myself and reciprocated by kissing him back with our tongues darting in and out of one another’s mouth.

Then I felt hands all over me and at this stage didn’t care with the state I was in.

Soon my skirt was pulled up over my hips and hands were pinching my bum , then one of them was delving their fingers deep inside my vagina.

My blouse was removed and my nipples were being sucked.

I had let them go this far what was I going to do .

Where was Michael too help me .

A couple of them now had their cocks out and were trying too fuck me .

It was then I made my mind up that no one is going to fuck me . I told them to stop and pushed them away and told them that there will be no fucking , but I will give each one of them a blow job . Because I did want to feel their cocks and the best way without having sex with them , was to give falacio to each one of them.

I got on my haunches and asked each one to be patient and I will suck them off one at a time.

I started to wonder where Michael was, looking around the car park and there he was only a few meters away filming all of this on his phone . He had been there all the time watching these young men trying to have there way with me. The thing that was a bit disturbing was that he was masturbating while watching.

He looked at me , smiled and nodded his head for me , to go ahead and suck my admirers cocks .

I waved each one over individually and began sucking and wanking them at the same time. I also was fingering myself with my other hand .

It didn’t take long for each one of them to start cumming in my mouth and I tried to swallow as much of their semen as I possibly could , with the excess running down my chin and onto my breasts.

After I finished them off and they had gone , Michael lead me by the hand to the front of the car and gave me a passionate kiss , then bent me over the bonnet and fucked me like a man possessed telling me how erotic it was watching me giving these young guys falacio . He then began fucking me even harder , then deposited his sperm deep inside my vagina.

When we finished and was in the car heading home , I asked him why didn’t he come and help me when they were trying to take advantage of me.

He replied that he would have never let anything happen to me and he was enjoying , watching them having their way with me . He said that he enjoyed it that much, that he hoped that one day he would be able to actually watch and film me being fucked by another man or even two.

The thought of this did turn me on slightly because I did love the attention that was given to me today by those young guys.

When we got home we laid in bed and watched my performance on Michaels phone, apart from the quality , it was as stimulating as watching any porn movie. We made love all night .

When I woke the next morning I didn’t feel ashamed of myself , because I did enjoy it and had enough restraint not to let them have intercourse with me . The reason for that was because we had only been married three years at that stage and I loved my husband very much and still do , but wanted to remain faithful to him . But the thought of making love to another man or better another couple with a Bi female and with his permission did slightly appeal to me.

That did happen a couple of years later after we were introduced to a swingers club and went to one of their functions. Which I will go into with another story later.

Bye for now 😘😘😘😘😘love you all.

Written by Cuckcouple74

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