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A night out with the girls

"The alcohol took control"

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It had been a few months since my encounter at that country pub .

Ever since then have been on a high .

I have’nt been able to help myself that when ever my husband and myself would go out on any social occasion . I would dress as seductively as I could , wearing short dresses , making it easy to flash my suspenders and stocking tops . I also make sure that I wear one with a zip in the front or one with a plunging neckline so that I could show off plenty my breasts as I wished .

I worked as a floor manager for a large fashion chain. I had three other girls working under me . We were all the same age and we are all very good friends.

Unbeknown to me , My a tier at work was beginning to be a bit risqué.

The girls and myself would go out for a drink, on a Friday evening after work.

This one Friday evening when we were sitting around having our drinks . Tina said that she had noticed that I had been dressing very seductively for a while and was wondering whether My marriage was ok .

Then Mandy and Wendy said that they had noticed it as well.and said how they had all spoken about it, but was unsure how to bring it up.

I felt slightly embarrassed that I had been unknowingly been dressing that way , coming to work .

I went quite for a while . Then decided to tell them what had happened and after that . How I enjoyed showing of my body .

I drew a deep breath and proceeded to tell my friends what happened on that fateful day and how much I loved it . I told them how I love the attention , when guys young and old are unable to take their eyes from me .

I then asked them whether any of them had exposed themselves to complete strangers.

You could have heard a coin drop . As they didn’t know how to respond .

Mandy and Tina were the first to admit that they both loved flashing lorry drivers on the motorway and how it was a real turn on and have exposed themselves on a number of occasions . Mandy was married and her husband was into it as well. Tina was now single but her last boyfriend introduced her to it as well.

We all looked at Wendy waiting for her response. She then looked up at us and told us that her and her husband are both swingers and how they are regular visitors to adult parties and have been for a couple of months .

We asked her how it came about and she replied that she was given a invite by one of her friends and told her that she should give it a go .

Anyway the conversation for the next hour was all about sex . Not a lot of drinking just talking . Before we all left we had decided to go out next week on a girls night out at one of the pubs nearby that played music on a Friday night .

We all said our goodbyes and went home.

When I arrived home , my husband had dinner cooked for me , with a bottle of wine too enjoy with it .

Over our meal I told him how I told the girls about our pub encounter , after they had all noticed how provocative I had been dressing. He asked what sort of response I received .

I told how Tina and Mandy also loved flashing their bits . Then I went into detail about Wendy and how she frequently visits adult parties and has had multiple partners.

I then told him how us girls are going out next Friday night for a girls night out , which he had no problem with and said how us girls , should do it more regularly.

The following Friday so came around and all day we spoke of how much we were going to enjoy ourselves and how It was good that it was only us girls . We also decided that we all wear a short skirt or dress for the evening and see what attention we get.

Shop closing time came and we couldn’t get home quick enough.

I had my clothes laid out on the bed before I left that morning . It was a short tight body hugging red dress with a full zip in the front to adjust the level of cleavage I want to expose . I had known intention of wearing any underwear, just a red Lacey pair of suspenders and silk stockings , with high heels .

I raced through the front door and jumped straight into the shower and before I got out I made sure my vagina was perfectly smooth , because if I’m going to put it on display I wanted it looking good , I did hair and went to the bedroom .

I yelled out to my husband to call go and get car ready and wait out the front for me . I quickly changed into my outfit and sprayed plenty of Michael’s favourite perfume on myself .

I quickly raced out and jumped in and we headed off . While on the way Michael told me that I didn’t have to worry about what time I called him to pick me up , especially if I’m enjoying myself .

We arrived right on time and the girls were already out the front waiting for me . I gave Michael a kiss and he told me to make sure that I have fun with my friends .

They all looked very beautiful and seductive, in there short dresses . Tina and Mandy both wore black dresses that just covered their bum’s with plunging necklines . Wendy looked absolutely stunning wearing a pink dress , with matching pink stockings and pink heels. She also had a zip up front, that was undone well down her chest , exposing plenty of cleavage , so not to be beaten , I undid my zip even more . I had to be careful that I didn’t move the wrong way or my breasts would spill out.

We all kissed and hugged telling each other how beautiful we looked.

We took each other’s arms and escorted one another inside. We followed the sound of the music through another door, into a large room with a dance floor .

We decided to get our own drinks , which I ordered a pink gin and sofa . We then found a large table out of the way of everyone and sat down with our drinks. It was a good table because we could see what was going on in the entire room . To the back of us was an entrance to the beer garden , which appeared to have no lighting .

The night was starting to get on and we were all beginning to get very tipsy . For most of the night the conversation was about our sex life’s and our adventures . But of course, Wendy was getting grilled about what went on at these parties .

She told us how they would go away for the weekends so that they could visit different ones . She went onto say how all the couples that visited these clubs were always very friendly and respectful of any new couples that visited. She told us how you have to book and pay your entry fee prior to going.

The biggest surprise for us was when she told us how her and her friend regularly visit dogging sites , where she can have sex with up to 12 complete strangers . We asked what does her husband thinks about you going by yourselves . Wendy replied with that he encourages it , because when I return home he licks my cum filled vagina and we always have the best love making session’s ever .

He also told her to go out tonight and have fun with her friends . He said that he won’t be sitting up late for her to come home so she can make love to as many men as she likes , because he will get the rewards when she returns home.

After that we all needed another drink. While walking up I noticed a group of well dressed elderly gentleman checking us out , it was on the way back to the table I realised why .

I noticed that Wendy and Mandy’s dresses had ridden up and they were showing a lot of thigh . Plus I was also showing my stocking tops and suspenders , but I made no attempt to cover myself either and had no intention of telling the girls about how much of themselves were on display .

When we sat down back at the table I told the girls about our admirer’s . By now I was so fucking horny and I told them how I was going to give these gentlemen a better view . So I turned and faced their table , I then pulled my dress up a bit higher and spread my legs , exposing my vagina for them to see. I then proceeded to unzip my dress more and let my breasts spill out .

The other girls also give them a view to remember and spread their legs as well .

Wendy had no knickers on the same as me. Tina and Mandy both removed their knickers so they could expose themselves as well .

Wendy unzipped her dress further until her breasts were in full view .

This resulted in three of our gentlemen friends coming over to talk to chat with us .

They looked to be in their late 50’s to mid 60’s . When the gentlemen reached us , they introduced themselves and then commented that how beautiful and seductively we all looked and asked if they could sit with us .

Wendy and myself had made a attempt to cover our breasts slightly but still ensuring there was ample still on display as well as closing our legs a little . After they sat down the bartender brought over some more drinks for us, complementary from our friends . They picked up the chairs and positioning them so they were sitting along side one of us girls.

They were very flamboyant and well spoken guys, telling us how they had been here for most of the week on a business conference .

We were sitting there for a short while , when I felt a hand touching my inner thigh , I glanced up to see him with a smile on his face . At this stage I was getting too drunk to care . He then ran his fingers all the way up and began playing with my vagina .

I looked across to see the one sitting along side Wendy had the same idea and she was now looking a little flushed . It appeared that the other girls were getting plenty of attention while watching Wendy and myself being fingered . I got from up from my seat and told the girls that I’m going out to the beer garden for some fresh air and won’t be long .

I walked outside over to the darkest part of the garden with my friend right behind me .

I stopped near a outdoor setting and my friend grabbed me and pulled me towards him and began passionately kissing me . By now the alcohol had taken away all my inhibitions and was so aroused . I began kissing him back , our tongue’s were darting around inside one another’s mouths.

He then took hold of my zip on my dress and pulled it all the way down , then unhooked it , letting it fall too the ground , leaving me standing there in just my suspenders and stockings he then lowered his hand down to my vagina he then pushed a couple of his fingers inside .

I couldn’t help myself I put my hand down the front of his pants , I unzipped them and put my hand in and pulled out his now rock hard cock .

I couldn’t believe the size of it , I could hardly get my hand around it . As it fell out I could see just how big it was . It was only 7 or 8 inches long but was nearly as thick as my wrist.

I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue all over the head and started licking it like an ice cream . I then tried putting it in my mouth , I pushed it further in , as my jaw started to relax , I began to suck this cock .

It wasn’t long before he to trying fuck my mouth , so I knew was getting closer to cumming .

All of a sudden he pushed my head away , he then lifted me onto the outdoor setting , he spread my legs and got between them , I was thinking he was going to fuck me , but instead dropped to his knees and buried his face in my fanny and began licking it and he was very good at it .

While he was licking and sucking my clitoris , he pushed three of his fingers in and started finger fucking my vagina at the same time .

I could feel a orgasm starting build and began pushing myself down so his fingers so they would go deeper inside of me .

Soon my orgasm started to erupt inside me and my love juices were oozing deep from within my love tunnel and he started lapping away at my sweet nectar.

After he had his fill , he stood up giving me another kiss , letting me taste my juices . While kissing me he stepped forward with cock in hand and slid his cock slowly into my now very wet cunt , I could feel my vaginal walls stretching as he eased his way in .

To my surprise it slid in quite easily . Once he had buried his penis as far as he could deep inside of me , he started fucking me with long slow deliberate thrusts and then began to fuck me faster and harder , this soon brought me to my second orgasm rushing through me .

He certainly had some stamina because he fucked me at that pace for another 5 minutes and then deposited every last drop of his semen deep inside of my love canal .

I got myself dressed again and went inside to see how my girlfriends were going hoping they were still there . But I could see them being snogged by these older gentlemen and Wendy was getting plenty of attention by two of them, obviously another one of their friends wanted a piece of the action as well , with them sucking on each one of her breasts as well as fingering her .

The guy that just fucked me , suggested that we all go back to his room , where it will be more private .

Mandy said that she had better go home , telling us she didn’t want to stuff it up for another time and she will ensure that she want be going home early that night and miss out on all the fun , she gave us all a kiss and headed off .

We all then went back to the room , on the way there Tina said to us that it didn’t matter how old they were , she wasn’t going to miss out on this , because it had been that long since she had sex and she was dying for it .

Once inside the room we were told to remove our clothes and get on the floor on our hands and knees , we all let our dresses fall the ground and got down on the floor with our pussies facing them .

We could here our friends removing their clothes . They then got down on their knees behind us and buried their tongues deep inside our vagina’s and the forth one got on his knees and pushed his cock which looked to be a good size inside Tina’s mouth and began fucking it . Once the other finished licking our pussies , they then pushed their penis’s deep inside us . I heard Wendy give a little squeal , so I knew who was making love to her . They fucked us like animals , then filled us full of their sperm .

As soon as they had ejaculated , they would then move along and have their way with the next one of us .

By the time they had all made love to all of us and left their seed inside of us , their semen running freely from our vagina’s . After they had finished having their way with us , we decided that we were were more than content with the fucking we had just received.

We all got ourselves dressed , I went and called my husband to come and pick us up from the front of the pub .

So after straightening ourselves up we went out and stood out the front . It wasn’t long before our ride pulled up . Tina and myself walked over to the car and got in , I told Michael that we had to drop Tina off on our way home . We pulled up out the front of her place and when she got out she thanked me for the best girls night out ever , I wound my window down on she gave me a kiss good night , I could taste the semen in her mouth .

As we drove off Michael said that it sounds as if you girls enjoyed your evening and then placed his hand between my legs and stroked my labia , that still had sperm oozing from between them . Nothing was said all the way home .

I opened the door and looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly 3 am . I went straight to the bedroom, where Michael was now sitting on the bed waiting for me to come in , he called me over in front of him . He ran his hand up my thighs , which were both wet because of the cum still running from my vagina and slid two of his fingers inside , then pulled them out and stood up and put them in my mouth for me to lick them clean . He took me in his arms passionately kissing me and said that he was glad that I had enjoyed myself and explored different men .

I undressed and got into bed , I had dried sperm over my body . He rolled over and began kissing me again , we finished kissing and he said asked me if my girlfriends had enjoyed themselves as much as me , I replied that they enjoyed it more and we hope to do it again soon .

He then climbed onto me and slid his cock into my cum filled vagina and then asked me to tell him of all the details that happened tonight . I think he always had suspicions that something like that was going to happen tonight . I went into all the details of what happened and he was all the time making love to me . As soon as I finished giving the description of what happened . He deposited his load with all the rest of the sperm inside me

We laid there for a while talking and I told how Wendy and her husband would go away for weekend trips visiting different swingers parties , I told Michael how I wanted us to do that as well so that he can enjoy himself as well .

All of this talk was giving him another erection so he flipped me over onto my hands and knees and pushed his penis deep into my rectum and began fucking me again .

I love anal sex and told him to fuck me as hard as he could and it wasn’t long before he started filling my rectum full of his semen . He leant forward and whispered , that he was happy that I enjoyed my evening out and not to leave it too long booking us in to one of those adult parties .

The following week at work I got all the details from Wendy where to find out when these parties are happening . She told me of one coming up at the end of the month that would be good to go too and it would make a good weekend of it going away . Wendy told me that she will call the place and book us in as well as pay for it , that way she can vouch for us .

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Michael , but the next month did drag .

But that’s another story.

Love you all


Written by Cuckcouple74

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