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A Night Out

"Two older guys get to see between my legs"

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"This is my first time submitting to Stories"

At the weekend hubby and I decided to go out and a meal followed by a few drinks. We are both in our late 30s and between 5'5 and 5'7 tall, I have brown hair, and some would say small boobs (b cup), a lovely bum and nice curves. I decided to wear a black patterned mid-thigh length dress that also showed off some cleavage, with a matching black bra and small black lacy thong and some trainers (we were walking into town). Hubby decided on a polo shirt with jeans and trainers.

Once we had walked to town, we had a lovely meal along with a couple of cocktails which we often have when we both go out together. Then we decided to continue the night (about 9 at this point) at a local cocktail bar across the street. Here we grabbed a table with two sofas’, one either side facing each other. We kept the night going with more cocktails until we were very drunk and were joined at our table by a couple of older guys (50's from memory) as there were "no other seats" they said, they kindly continued to buy us drinks. They were lovely guys and things started to get flirty with them asking details about our relationship and we may have over shared (I can't believe I told them about my toys).

When there was a break in conversation and the guys were chatting amongst themselves hubby whispered in my ear that he wanted me to take my thong off in the ladies, I giggled, then he asked again, so I nodded and left the table. I remember thinking "what am I doing" as I try to walk to the ladies in a straight line fighting the effects of the alcohol. Once in the ladies I quickly removed my thong checked how I looked in the mirror and started my journey back to the table. I had never done anything like this before. I had my thong scrunched in my hand as I wanted to put it in my hubby's pocket without letting anyone else see, however this didn't go to plan. As I was returning to the table one of the older guys was at the bar which I had to pass, he saw me walking past and quickly grabbed me so I could help with the 4 drinks. He gave me 2 cocktails and in my drunken state I involuntarily just held out my hands to take the drinks totally forgetting I had a thong scrunched up in one. The thong just fell to the floor right at his feet, he immediately bent down to pick it up saying "oh, you dropped this..." stopping as he realised it was my thong. I have never been so embarrassed. He just looked at me then down at my waist and legs then back to my eyes and smiled. He put my thong in his pocket and turned to pick up the other 2 cocktails. I was bright red and just felt like he could see through my dress. I snapped out of it when I heard him tell me to "come on" while nodding towards our table, he then followed me to the table, and I could feel his eyes staring at my bum.

At the table the older guy with me insisted I sit next to my hubby (I had been sat across from him) and he now sat across from me. Now these sofas were the kind that when you sit down your knees are higher than your bum, well used some would say. This meant that both older guys had a very good chance of seeing my pussy, which they did multiple times as we drank another 2 cocktails before leaving. On multiple occasions they caught my eye letting me know that they both knew, and they had seen between my legs.

When hubby left to go to the men's leaving me with them both, they both told me what a nice pussy I have and how they would love to do things with me. I remember feeling so embarrassed however I was also getting very turned on with what they were saying to me, I knew they would fuck me there and then if they could.

Hubby returned to the table and obviously the subject changed. Poor hubby didn't know that the 2 older guys opposite me had seem my pussy and 1 of them even had my thong, the thong hubby asked me to take off.

It was then time to leave which I was pleased about but also felt a little disappointed which surprised me. They also left the cocktail bar and walked to the taxi rank with us, making sure to put their hands around me and on me at any opportunity to "keep me steady" they said. Before getting into the taxi they gave me a hug, making sure to feel my bum and give me a kiss me on the cheek. Followed by giving my hubby a handshake and thanked him for a great night, to which I knew the real meaning.

When we got home, hubby and I had a lot of fun together and I had some amazing orgasms which I guess were down to what had happened.

I eventually told my hubby about what really happened the next morning, which he was shocked by but found it a turn on. I never did get my thong back and who knows if we will see those older guys in town again. If we do, we both know they have seen my pussy now.

Written by JustLookingAgain

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