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Slutty wife Stories

slutty wife

Reunion with uni mates

Wife reluctantly enjoys reunion and pays outstanding “debt”

“Hey honey, you’ll never guess what arrived in the post this morning! An invite to the 5 year uni reunion” I knew what was coming , he would want to go, not worried about the fact that it would mean leaving our 4 month old daughter behind. “Come on we hav...

A fancy dress night out.

A wife out with her girlie work friends go fancy dressed but does not return home with them.

All us girlie friends had decided that a fancy dress night out was due. Having thrown some themes and ideas about we all decided on slags and slots and I set about sorting some clothing for Saturday night. It helps that I'm that person that never throws a...

Movie night

During a night shift a colleague downloads a porn movie that got quite interesting

It was a warm night and I wasnt looking forward to another boring night shift. I'd been there several hours when Tom couldn't stop telling me about a porn movie he'd seen online recently. Tom was a perv and always watching dirty movies. The lady in it was...

Holiday excursion.

The crew aboard the yaught makes sure the wife is looked after and entertained

It was long over due when my husband and I decided to book a holiday and found a perfect package to Turkey. After what seemed like ages we were eventually flying out for a well earned rest. We had been there several days, when we decided to take a walk in...

An old friend and our life changes

How a couples life changes completely after an old friend enters there life

The evening had arrived when Dave's 2 friends were due to arrive. We were all sat in the living room, the TV was on but I was far to nervous to watch it, my mind was racing ten to the dozen, wondering what these two friends would be like and what my poor...

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Taxi home

Rachel didnt expect her night to end so well

It had been a great night out with the girls in town but I had work the next day so kissed my girly friends goodbye and headed out of the club in search of a taxi. It was a warm night, I was wearing a black mini skirt, satin vest top and heels, for a 50yr...

An old friend takes over my house and wife

A husbands fantasy is going pear shaped

Dave my old mate from the past, was actually becoming a regular visitor to our house. I admit that I owe him loads, if it wasn't for Dave, my sex life would have become quite mundane, since his last visit he really has opened our eyes with the introductio...


Bitch in Heat

How did I end up in this cage?

How did I end up in this dog kennel writing my story on a laptop computer? Well, it started when I went on the pill. I don't know if it was mental or physical, but I became very horny on the pill. I never wanted to fuck anyone else, but I constantly begge...


How we ended up getting into swinging

Dorian set my wife up with two men and then took advantage of me

I'm about to tell you how my wife Cathy and I got into swinging. My wife had a friend that didn't fit with us so I was surprised that they were such good friends. Her friend who I will call Dorian after Dorian Green in "Birds of a Feather" for those of yo...