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Taxi home

"Rachel didnt expect her night to end so well"

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It had been a great night out with the girls in town but I had work the next day so kissed my girly friends goodbye and headed out of the club in search of a taxi.

It was a warm night, I was wearing a black mini skirt, satin vest top and heels, for a 50yr old I didnt look that bad having retained my athletic looking body.

I was stood at the edge of the road when a black cab van pulled up, I asked the driver if he was free and he told me to jump in which I did.

Having told the driver my home address he pulled away. A few minutes into the journey he told me that he was picking up another fare on route.

Minutes later he pulled over and the side door slid open and in poured 4 very rowdy lads.

" ah ah lads looks like this taxi comes with entertainment "

Shit I thought trust me to choose this taxi.

I asked them if they've had a good night to which they said they had but it appears it going to get a whole load better.

The lads introduced themselves to me as Mick, Ben, Gav and Will.  Told them i was Rachel. They told me they'd been out celebrating Will's 18th
Mick asked if I was going to give Will a birthday kiss.

Not wishing to be a prude I lent across and kissed Will thinking that would suffice, fuck me that was definitely the wrong thing I could have done, it was like a green light for them.

" hey dudes it seems Rachel's gagging for it" they all started laughing and I was going red.

" it was just a birthday kiss that's all " I protested.

Ben and Mick moved over and sat either side of me and they all started asking me questions.

" I can see by the wedding band your married wheres hubby?"

" Hopefully fast asleep " I replied

Mick said " I certainly wouldn't let you out if I was married to you, I'd be permanently banging the back side of you"

Again that got an around of applause from the others.

The questions started becoming more and more suggestive with Will asking me if my tits were real or fake.

I asked him what he thought,

" Hard to tell without inspecting them "

Ben told me to pull my top up for Will to look, I hesitated but figuring these guys were actually harmless I pulled my top up, that got another round of cheers.

" Nah still to hard to tell under that bra"

" That's to bad " I told him whilst laughing

Gav who was sat opposite me suddenly spoke up" I do love a woman who wears matching knickers and bra"

" How the fuck do you know that dude"
" well she just showed us her bra and from where I'm sat you can see her snatch"

The others quickly fought for Gav's seat and lent forward looking up my skirt.

To this day I have no idea why probably the alcohol, but for a tease I quickly opened my legs and closed them again

" Fuck me your right dude" Ben said and they all laughed.

" Will still needs to let us know if fake or real"  mick said

Will lent forward and asked if I minded but before I could reply Will's hand was up my top and squeezing my tits.

Mick seeing that I hadn't protested lent forward and started snogging me, then all hell broke loose.

I felt hands pushing my skirt up and grabbing the top of my knickers which were pulled down and off and then my knees being parted.

I gasped as I suddenly felt a tongue probing my pussy lips, mick was still snogging me like it was going out of fashion and to be fair I was as well I was that turned on, I was snogging back just as bad.

I felt someone tugging at my top, presumably Will as he was the one that was groping my tits, I reached up and my top was soon removed quickly followed by my bra.

" Yep definitely real " I heard Will shout
as he started to bite my nipples in turn.

I was pulled from the seat and turned around where i saw Ben sat infront supporting a huge erect penis.

I instinctively grabbed his cock and lowered my mouth over the tip, I could taste some pre come, it was obvious he was getting pretty excited, I continued to suck and wank his cock when I felt the head of another cock nudging the entrance to by pussy.

I looked back to see Will thrust into me, I gave out a loud moan as Will started fucking me from behind.

Knelt either side were Gav and Mick both had their cocks out, I reached out and started wanking both at the same time.

Who would have known my night would have ended like this.

Gav moved over and sat on the seat. He pulled me up from the floor, he didn't have to say a word I turned around and lowered myself as Gav positioned his cock towards my pussy, as I bounced up and down on Gavs cock Will produced his cock to my face which I grabbed and started to suck hard. Will grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me hard, I found myself gagging and thought at one point I'd throw up, luckily I didn't,

Will soon climaxed shooting his come into the back of my throat.

I could feel myself reaching an orgasim which when it came I couldn't help but shout it out.

I moved across and without any invitation sat on Ben's cock where I gyrated back and forth gaining speed as I felt myself reaching a 2nd climax.

I seriously can not remember the last time I had two orgasims but this was great.

I felt the taxi stop.

"We're at your destination lads" shouted the driver

They all kissed and thanked me before leaving me sat there totally naked and exhausted. But feeling pretty good.

As the taxi pulled away I looked around to retrieve my clothes and all I found was my skirt and vest top, no bra and no knickers, the little fuckers had taken some trophies home.

The taxi stopped again and the side door opened with the driver getting in and closing the door.

" My turn now " as the driver lent across grabbing my boobs through my top.
I watched him drop his trousers and produced the smallest penis I've ever seen.

" What am I supposed to do with that I said"
I turned around and lifted my skirt the driver who I could hear breathing heavily, not sure if was because he was excited or that he wasn't very healthy.
Glad to say the driver didnt last too long before coming in me, he then got out and continued to my address.

As I exited the taxi I was preying my husband was asleep as I looked a right mess, spunk still dripping down the inside of my legs, my hair a total mess, no bra missing some knickers but my preys were answered and following a quick shower I slid into bed next to hubby and fell asleep one happy lady.

Written by Lonely_H

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