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How we ended up getting into swinging

"Dorian set my wife up with two men and then took advantage of me"

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I'm about to tell you how my wife Cathy and I got into swinging. My wife had a friend that didn't fit with us so I was surprised that they were such good friends. Her friend who I will call Dorian after Dorian Green in "Birds of a Feather" for those of you who don't know, real name Lesley Joseph, not only looked a little like her but most definitely behaved like her. She was man mad and through her teasing had made numerous passes at me. I like Cathy had always been faithful up till this event. In fact neither of us had much sexual histories to talk about. Cathy had been my third woman and I was her fourth, but none of the previous relationships had meant anything or lasted very long. Back to Dorian she was at ours teasing me and telling Cathy of her latest sexploits. I was glad when she finally left so I could drag Cathy to the bedroom and fuck her silly with the thoughts that Dorian put there still invading my thoughts. A few days later Cathy was off out with Dorian to a new club that had just opened. I was never keen on Cathy being out with Dorian, but they were best friends so what could I do. They had been gone for a little over two hours when the back door opened and in walked Dorian. I was surprised not to see Cathy and asked where she was. "Dorian laughed saying that she was being looked after." I knew what that meant in terms of Dorian, but wanted to know what was happening to Cathy. Dorian informed me that she had left her with some friends at the club and decided to come home by herself, then half way, decided to keep me company. She went to my cabinet and poured two large Brandies and handed me one. I sat in my chair and Dorian just sat on my lap telling me that this was cosy. Not the word I would have chosen. The next thing was that her tits were in my face. She did have a pretty big pair. Her hand was running through my hair and rubbing my face in her tits. I could feel my cock growing and being trapped between my legs and Dorian's arse. I have to say it did feel sexy. Then she pulled my face away and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I confess I didn't fight her off, instead I found my hand going under Dorian's skirt and up her legs. It didn't surprise me in the least to discover that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was already wet and it took no effort at all to slip one then two fingers in her pussy. It wasn't long before we were naked and in the sixty nine position sucking and licking each other. Then I was on top and banging away at Dorian's pussy. I lasted pretty well or so I thought before pumping my cum into Dorian's pussy. Shortly afterwards she dressed and went home. I lay in bed regretting what I had done and cheated on Cathy. It was nearly two hours later before Cathy came in. She looked like she had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Her hair was a mess, her tights had a hole in them, her clothes looked ruffled and she reeked of alcohol. I went to confess and apologize, but so did Cathy. I let her go first and this is what I remember of what she told me. At the club Dorian met up with a group of people, she knew. They were all males. Two in particular took a shine to Cathy, spurred on by Dorian. Every time her glass got low one or other of the men replenished it. Dorian was off dancing and flirting with several men. Cathy said Dorian was quite outrageous with the touching and stroking of the men she danced with. The two men with Cathy wanted her to dance with them, but seeing the way Dorian was acting and being treated by the men, she decided it was better and safer not to. Then Dorian disappeared and Cathy assumed she had gone off with her latest conquest. Cathy found that she was abandoned and deserted with two men that looked as if they could devour her at any moment. Then the drink started to kick in and they seemed far more attractive. As the disco slowed for the evening, one of the men suggested that they would have to bring Cathy home. Stupidly, she told me, she got into their car. One of them suggested a coffee to sober up a little. She thought that sounded a good idea and agreed. The next thing she knew was she was in a strange kitchen and being given a coffee. She suddenly realized that it was laced heavily with alcohol. The next thing she knew was that one of them was kissing her. She said it felt good. and it was several seconds before she realized that the other man was undoing her blouse and bra. She was now naked from the waist upwards. She went to complain but one of them joked that it was no different to being on the beach topless. Something that Cathy has done many times as she has a very good and sexy body. Then one of them was sucking her tits. She said she knew she shouldn't let him, but it felt so good. then she realized that her skirt was falling to the floor and a hand was in her tights and panties. She tried to push the hand away, but it was so good she ended up holding it in place as two fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. She said her head was swimming and the feelings were delicious. Then she found herself on a bed and one of the men was pulling her tights and panties down while the other one who was almost naked was pushing his cock into her mouth. Cathy had always enjoyed sucking my cock so it did not shock me when she said she couldn't help it, but she sucked him in deep. Then her legs were being opened wide and she felt slight pressure on her pussy and then a cock penetrated her deep. She said she was sorry, and she thought it was just instinct, but she found herself humping back at the cock in her pussy as she sucked on the other cock. She said the cock she was sucking was quite large and when the first man groaned and pulled out the man with the bigger cock took his place and resumed the fucking she was getting. Again she was saying she was sorry that she was enjoying it and humping back at the bigger cock. She said she thought that it had gone on for a long time before the man in her groaned and came. She thought it was over. But the first man had got hard again and she found him turning her over and she was now on all fours as he slipped his cock back into her pussy from behind. She said he was lasting a long time and she remembers coming as he fucked her. Then he was coming and soon slipped out. The second man said something about having some more of that slut just before he slammed back into her quiet hard also from behind. Then she heard a different man say something like, where did you get this slut from. She said she realized that the slut they were talking about was her, but she couldn't and didn't want to stop the feelings inside her. Then the second man came again inside her. She thought that was it, but found herself being turned onto her back again and the third man had her feet wide apart and high in the air as her slipped his cock into her soaked pussy. She said she could hardly feel it until he brought her feet back together above his head. Then she said his fucking was getting her close again and she was urging him on to get her over the top. He did just that and then pumped yet another load into her pussy. After a rest she found one of them dressing her and bundling her into a car. He was talking to Dorian asking where she lived. Then he was driving her home. Just before he let her out of his car, he fingered her pussy as he kissed her. Then he was telling her that he would see her again and then helped her out his car and left her at our front door. I asked who the men were and she told me that she had no idea who they were or what their names were or even where they had taken her. What she did remember and apologized for was that she could remember that it felt good and she had enjoyed herself. By this time she was in bed with me and I had noticed the love bites on her tits. She asked what had I got up to on my own. As I apologized to her and told her that I had fucked Dorian, I wasn't sure if she had heard me and then fell asleep or fall asleep without hearing my apology. Next morning when I touched her well used pussy, the one that had as much fucking in the last 24 hours as it had before we met, she complained that it was sore. I wasn't surprised as she had been fucked five times by three different cocks in a short period of time. She was saying sorry again and then suddenly she stopped and said, "You fucked Dorian!" I told her I was sorry, but I had and unlike her hadn't enjoyed it that much. Dorian was ok, but wasn't as good a lover as I expected from someone that seemed to be in other men's pants all the time. We came to the conclusion that Dorian had set Cathy and I up. Cathy with some of her men friends and while Cathy was busy with them she came and had her way with me. We had a long and hard talk about it and decided that it hadn't hurt our relationship. Cathy had discovered that she liked other men, and whilst Dorian wasn't the catch I thought she might be, I had still enjoyed it. The question was would we do it again. We agreed that if we did we would do it together. A month later was our first swing with another couple. That was twenty seven years ago, and we have never looked back. I never fucked Dorian again although she tried to get me to on lots of occasions.
Written by Rob

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