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A fancy dress night out.

"A wife out with her girlie work friends go fancy dressed but does not return home with them."

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All us girlie friends had decided that a fancy dress night out was due.
Having thrown some themes and ideas about we all decided on slags and slots and I set about sorting some clothing for Saturday night.

It helps that I'm that person that never throws anything out and hunting threw the vast drawers and wardrobe of clothing came up with a pretty good outfit.

Saturday I spent a few hours transforming myself doing my hair and make up first before slipping on my outfit which consisted of a white blouse with the front tied in a knot ( no bra underneath ), showing my pierced belly button, a red tartan mini shirt, red satin thong, black self hold up stocking and red stiletto heels. After looking and admiring myself in the mirror went down stairs yo get my husbands approval.

Hubby looked at me and smiled.
" Blimmey is town ready for you lot tonight, have a good time."

I was driving over to Jesse's where we were all meeting and then getting a taxi into town.

We were all in Jesse's and we looked a right bunch of misfits non of us under the age of 50 but all of us if I don't mind staying still looking good for our ages.

We headed first to a pub where we good a cheer from some lads in there before heading off to a club.

I was surprised how busy the club was and took a while to reach the bar so we decided to get several drinks at once and found an area on the far side to stand.

Jess and I decided to go onto the dance floor and had been there around 5 min when suddenly I felt a hand brush my arse under my skirt, I spun around despite being surrounded by many people dancing nobody stood out as responsible, I passed it off as just an accident and continued dancing.

A few minutes later a felt a hand again, stroke my arse, fingers thus time running up between my bum cheeks.

I again looked behind me, there was a group of lads behind me who had to be responsible but weren't showing any signs of guilt.

Next time some arms wrapped around my waist and one of the lads who I had suspected started dancing with me from behind.

" Sorry for the cheeky gropes but your arse looks amazing."

This lad continued dancing behind me pulling me in close and when he started kissing my neck I pulled away turning to look at him.

" Hey I'm old enough to be your mom"

" To be fair you're probably old enough to be my nan" he replied laughing.

Looking at him he was probably right, I laughed, " Suppose you've won the bet with ya mates then"

" What bet? I can assure you that there was no bet. You could say it was lust at first sight, I'm not shy in saying I love the older lady and you are fantastic."

I laughed nervously and told him that I was flattered but I was going back for a drink with my friends. I kissed him on the cheek as I made my way off the dance floor.

I was feeling quite smug, knowing that a 20yr old looking fit lad found me attractive. I continued having a good time with the girls when I decided to have another dance.

I had been on the dance floor for around 10min and found myself feeling rather disappointed with no sign of that lad again.

I couldn't say how much time had passed before someone grabbed me once more from behind.

" My prays were answered " I heard.

It was then same lad from earlier, which made me smile, but even though I was hoping he would return I played it cool.

I turned to face him " you don't pray for much then do you"

" Ow I do, so I'm hoping my other prays come to fruition" as he started laughing.

We danced and talked, it transpires his name is Sid, works as an electrician for a building firm, he's 21yrs old and still lives with his parents.

I can't lie I was enjoying his company, he had a great sense of humour, not to mention extremely good looking and I was enjoying the attention.

Sid leant forward and kissed me on the lips and I couldn't help responding with kissing him back. We snogged for a while until I told him I was going to get a drink.

" if you're interested I'll be over there" as he pointed to where his mates were all stood.

As I got back to my friends Julie came up to me

" You little devil, we're only supposed to dress like slags and sluts you know" as she laughed.

" All seriously though, that lad Sid....
She knows his name I thought.
... is Beckys son you know"

" Wholly fuck no way, you serious?"

" Certainly am, I've known him since he was 5 " Julie told me laughing

" But what a great thought though, snogging Beckys son." She said

Becky was a supervisor where I work and a right bitch to everyone, brown nosed to all the bosses and made everyone's life a misery.

This was when the devious side of me showed.

" See you later, I'm going to seek some fun so don't wait around for me " I winked at Julie as I headed off.

I headed over and started dancing on the dance floor very near to where Sid was drinking, it wasn't long before he spotted me and came over kissing me straight away as he reached me.

" my friends are off shortly, but I've told them to go off without me" I informed him, Sid was supporting a huge grin.

We started dancing whilst talking and laughing, before I cupped Sids face in my hands and kissed him long and deep on his lips, Sid responded by kissing me back, placing his hands on my bum pulling me in close to him.

As we kissed I could feel Sid becoming aroused.

" Something is waking up" I whispered in his ear giggling

" What fid you expect, I told you that you are very sexy"

Sid, whose hands were still on my arse started to grip and massage my bum cheeks while we continued to kiss.

Starting to feel aroused myself I found myself starting to rub my crotch into his as we kissed.

" Fancy making my dreams come true and coming back to mine? " Sid asked

" What back to your parents!"

" They'll be in bed asleep, come on be adventurous" as Sids hand slipped under my skirt and rubbed my pussy over my knickers, this sent a shiver running through my body. Which felt amazing.

Sid managed to get us a taxi to which the driver certainly had a show, surprised he never crashed. Sat in the back we continued snogging, I was rubbing Sids cock through his trousers which certainly got my imagination running wild as it felt huge and impressive, Sid on the other hand had one of my tits out and was playing with my nipple.

Luckily hubby wasn't expecting me back as I'd arranged to stop at Jesse's that night.

We pulled up outside his house. I had no idea Becky his mom lived in such a huge house and I was excited to see what it was like inside.

As we entered the house was as impressive inside as it looked outside, elegantly decorated in a floral design and the place was quite minimalistic.

I turned at the same time jumping at Sid, wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing him hard on the lips before telling him hoe badly I wanted him.

Sid carried me upstairs and along a landing, passing several doors where I wondered which was his parents bedroom.

Sid carried me into the furthest room where he threw me on the bed, that's when we both so over whelmed at this point with lust, lost it.

We both started tearing at each others clothing, my blouse was ripped open and I felt Sid start sucking vigorously on my nipples whilst he was ripping my thong clean of me. This was definitely the wildest start to any sex I've ever experienced and it was electrifying. Whilst Sid was now fingering my pussy I was desperately attempting to release his cock, I had managed to unbuckle the belt and was starting to unbutton his trousers when he stopped, dropped them for me before crouching down towards my pussy.

" Fucking hell, your pussy looks devine" he spurted out before I felt his tongue dive deep Into me.

I screamed out with pleasure " Fucking hell yeah, keep licking me, put your fingers in me as well, Ow God yes, yes"

Sid was really sucking hard on my clit and was fingerfucking me at the same time, I felt I was in heaven but at the same time  desperately wanted to see his cock.

I managed to pull Sid up and told him to lie on the bed as i got rid of my skirt and straddled his face to his delight, he didn't waist any time muff diving my fanny again.

I was now staring straight at a truly magnificent cock, it was absolutely perfect, easily around the 9 to 10inches in length with an impressive girth it stood rock hard with a slight curve back towards sids body.

OMG I thought as I gripped it in my hand and started to suck the beautiful purple head and wanked it at the same time slowly taking more into my mouth as my head bobbed up and down on the shaft.

Sid was still eagerly eating away at my pussy and I could feel a wave of sensation starting to ripple through my muscles, I knew there was no way in fighting this orgasim and it came with an explosion

I found myself screaming loudly as I had my first and certainly won't be my last orgasim of the night, I sat on Sids face wriggling trying to get even more pleasure from his mouth.

I turned around lent forward and we started snogging again, as we did I reached under taking hold of his cock and guided it towards my pussy where I sat back on it feeling the huge dick start to stretch my pussy wide.

The feeling was like no other, I can truely say I have never seen and definitely never had such a huge cock in my vagina before and I was loving it, I slowly worked Sids cock deeper and deeper on each thrust until it really was hitting the back of my pussy and the feeling was ecstasy.

I started riding Sids cock who was lying there with such a look if excitement that made me smile. I was starting to moan again with every thrust my moans growing louder and louder, Sid too was moaning and he had started thrusting up intime with my rythem. We had built up a pretty impressive rythem when Sids moans started to change and I could tell was reaching a climax. I increased the intensity by using my vagina muscles to amplify the pleasure and started to really gyrate my hips on his cock when I felt him tense and felt him unleash a torrent of come into me, the feeling was to much and I too started to climax again screaming out for him to keep fucking me whilst grinding hard on his cock.

I was aware of how loud I was screaming out shouting at Sid to fuck me harder and to come in my pussy, the truth be known I wanted to wake his parents, I wanted his mom Becky to hear her son being fucked hard.

Sid and I fucked for quite a while, I throughly enjoyed it when I got Sid pulling my hair whilst fucking me hard and calling my a dirty slut, I kept encouraging him to fuck me harder and was also shouting at him to finger my arse.

What with Sid fucking me hard whilst fingering my arse under my instructions I couldn't help think that his mom was lying there listening to all this, there is no way anybody would sleep through our screams of pleasure, I even visualised his dad lying there with a hard on listening and wondered if Dad's cock was as big?
These thoughts were enough to bring on another very noisy climax, where we both collapsed on the bed.

Sid cuddled and spooned up behind me and we talked, during which he was massaging my tits and had started to rub my pussy again.

" Sorry but your tits and pussy are just the best"

I rolled over and kissed him. Spreading my legs Sid rolled onto me and in the missionary position he entered me once more, this time with no urgency and we began to make love, slowly fucking me whilst we kissed, I preyed that this would last a long time as the feeling was beautiful. It did but eventually the rythem increased along with our breaths and we simultaneously climaxed together.

We fell asleep in each others arms until we woke to the sound of people downstairs.

Sids parents were up and wee banging around downstairs, I figured I'd better get dressed before kissing Sid good bye, telling him we would have to do that again some time soon. I made my way down stairs and bumped into his dad coming through from the kitchen, couldn't work out if he appeared shocked or not but he soon supported a grin and was clearly proud of his son, I must admit his father was a very attractive man.

I smiled and winked at him as I passed, looking across into the kitchen were Becky my supervisor was cooking something, I so wanted to  pop my head around the door and tell her how fucking good her son was last night but bottled it and started the walk of shame tk get a taxi back to Jesse's house to recover my car and hope hubby had gone to work.

Written by Lonely_H

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