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An old friend and our life changes

"How a couples life changes completely after an old friend enters there life"

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Author's Notes

""This is a forth in the old friend series, please read in order An old friend stops the night An old friends comes knocking again An old friends takes over my house and wife."

The evening had arrived when Dave's 2 friends were due to arrive. We were all sat in the living room, the TV was on but I was far to nervous to watch it, my mind was racing ten to the dozen, wondering what these two friends would be like and what my poor wife would be subjected too.
Dave and Rachel didn't have a care in the world, they were sat on my old seat kissing with Dave fingering her pussy.

Dave stopped kissing my wife and told us that his friends are just 10minutes away and he would be shooting off himself almost straight away and that his trip has been extended now too 4 days not 2.

Fuck, If these 2 are bastards like Dave what hope is there for Rachel.

The door bell went, I was feeling sick with worry but was ordered to go and let them in.
As I opened the door I saw 2 huge black geezers stood on my door step, any ideas I might have had with overpowering them and rescuing my wife just went straight out of the window.

I let them in and took their bags whilst leading them through to the lounge, where Dave introduced the pair to us.

" Shane, kam so good to see you, I'll assure you she won't disappoint, that's a promise dudes"

Both were rather large black males not fat just very muscular, both clearly hit the weights, Shane was the tallest at around 6foot 6 he had to duck when walking through the doorways and Kam I'd say was a little over 6 foot 2 both I hate to say good looking.

Dave introduced my wife as his little slag and me as the little prick.

Dave gave his apologies stating he had a long drive and was shooting off straight away.

My wife and I were in the house now with two brutes of geezers, with out a clue if we were safe or not in their company, worried was an understatement, I was shitting myself.

Shane turned to me and asked quite politely if there was any chance of a coffee, white no sugar and Kam shouted up
" make that two"

I was taken back as I just presumed they'd be like Dave complete arse holes but on first impression and yes I know that can rapidly change but for now it was nice to be spoken to as a human.

As I walked into the kitchen I heard one of them ask my wife what her real name was

" Rachel"

I must admit her voice sounded shaky, it was clear she was nervous, but it sounded like Kam told her not to be scared.
"Where just huge teddy bears really, we will look after you"

I began relaxing slightly I had a good feeling about these two, no idea why but I did.

I took the coffees through and sat down out of the way, Shane and Kam were talking with Rachel who was becoming ever more relaxed as the minutes passed.

" So Rachel, I would like to see you naked please" Kam said
I thought, here we go their true colours coming out, haven't been here 30 minutes and already itching to screw my wife.

Rachel discarded her gown and removed the wig.

" I bet Dave got you that outfit, he does love screwing lawyers "

The pair of them laughed.

" Please dont be shy and do us a twirl in the centre of the room, which she did, Kam got up and approached my wife, he ran his hand through her hair, looked and felt each tit, ran both hands down the side of her body whilst lowering himself at the same time until his eyes were level with her pussy,

" Fucking hell I see Dave has not been very good with you, you're looking slightly bruised down there"
" Dave has been great I love him but the other night was a bit rougher than normal"

Kam asked my wife to turn around  and touch her toes which she did, Kam still crouched was now feeling and inspecting her arse.

" Dave told me your were 50, are you?"

" Yes closer to 51 actually "

" Blimmey, well Shane I can honestly say this is the fittest 50 year old we have seen and had to date. Her tits are real and pert and still quite firm with nipples you just want to play with, as you can see her figure is just perfect and her arse is still pretty firm and her pussy, well that's just a delight, clearly never had kids. We'll definitely do well with her Shane."

Do well? What do they mean by do well with her? My stomach was churning again as my imagination started running away again.

" Rachel you couldn't knock us up something to eat could you please"

" No problem, is there anything that either of you can't eat or don't like?"

" Nope we both eat anything and certainly looking forward to you"

Shane laughed and my wife told them she couldn't wait either.

Shane pipped up " Rachel could you please remain naked only we want to observe how you move walk ect"

Rachel made a lovely Italian dish and we actually sat around the table to eat.

" Did Dave tell you anything about us?"

" No nothing " Rachel replied

Shane started telling us all about themselves. It transpires the pair run UK,s largest and most successful porn site and clubs, they had plans for Rachel to be there next star.

I'm sure our life couldn't get any worse, now my wife is going to be a porn star.

Shane went on to tell Rachel that she is going to make them very rich and in turn she will be extremely well off too.
Kam told Rachel that people pay ridiculas money for a night with the top porn stars and they're planning on Rachel being in that class

I couldn't help but speak up. "So shes going to be a prostitute for you, is that what you're saying?"

Shane looked at me " I'm so sorry I spoke please forgive me" I was sure my numbers were up

" Why you apologising mate, you are her husband so part of Rachel's decision making process"

"Thank you" I replied

The pair went on to explain that Rachel needs some work and as she was going to be a valuable asset they would train her up to be the best.

Rachel wanted to know how this would affect her job.

" Love, if this goes to plan and there's no reason why it won't you will have more money than you've ever had before"

Tomorrow your lessons begin.

" I'm presuming you'll be sleeping with me tonight?"

" we will but only cuddles, you can suck our cocks if it pleases you but you have the night off from sex"

Shane looked at me" Some films you will be part of too, being her husband you'll come across as a genuine cockhold in the scenes mate, this also pays well dude think on it"

We retired to bed, my wife leading them to hers and myself heading to the spare room,

I recalled Dave telling me about the monitor in my room coming on for 10minutes in every 30.

I lay in bed and the monitor flicked on. On the screen I could see all 3 naked in bed with my wife in the centre, Shane and Kam certainly did have great bodies.

Shane was casually kissing my wife, not snogging just laying there and casually kissing like couples would. Like I used to with her. Kam was actually reading a book, this looked so bizarre.

The morning soon came around and I was the first up, thought I'd rustle up some breakfast for them all to give Rachel a break.

It wasn't long before Kam, Shane and my wife emerged, Rachel was still naked and they sat down and ate there breakfast.

Shane told us that he had telephoned Dave, told him to stay away the week and that they had arranged for some young lads and women over to help prepare Rachel later in the week.

" Most of your scenes will be with younger lads and girls, being 50 you'll be portrayed as a milf and a mom, shagging your imaginary sons friends and daughters boyfriends etc."

Kam was sat on the settee when Shane told Rachel to go over and seduce him, he wanted to see if she could act all natural or how much work was required.

Rachel slowly minced across the room brushing her hand along the back of the settee and stopping right behind Kam.
She lent over and started talking to Kam

" I've been watching you for several days now and I was wondering, are all your muscles as big as your biceps? "

Kam started laughing " Sorry you definitely need some training but to be fair put on the spot that wasnt to bad and no, one particular muscle is much larger"

Rubbing Kams left ear and running her right hand over Kams pecks starts to softly talk into his ear

" Well is it strong enough to do multiple reps on me then"

Rachel continued to run her hand down Kams chest and onto his crotch where a bulge was rapidly growing.

" Wholly shit that's better, reckon teaching Rachel will be a breeze Shane."

Rachel didn't stop there she continued to rub Kams cock.

"I reckon  Its about time you released that animal of yours "

Rachel started to unbutton Kams fly and then tugged an enormous cock from within.

" Fucking hell " Rachel spurted out
As she started to slide around the settee refusing to let go incase it disappears, she then knelt in front of Kam and started to kiss the helmet to his cock.

" Ow my,  hubby, why can't your pathetic little excuse of a dick be as magnificent as this monster, I bet you know how to treat a lady hungry for cock"

" She's gonna make us a fortune Kam, let's see how much of your cock she can consume dude"

Rachel who is still playing with his cock starts to sink her head down on kams Shaft taking more and more on each bob of the head until almost all of it is down her throat and she isn't even gagging.

Rachel then gets up spitting on her hand and rubbing her cunt lowers herself down on Kams cock.

" Arrr this is so much bigger than your cock hubby, after this you're never gonna satisfy me ever again"

Rachel is bouncing and rocking on Kams lap telling him to bite her tits whilst screaming in ecstasy, Kam who was clearly enjoying this started to grab her tits and started squeezing and pinching her nipples, it wasnt long before Kam started grunting as he spunked up my wifes pussy.

Rachel climbed of Kam lay back on the settee, inserting her fingers and then licking them.

" Hubby come and do your duty and lick my pussy clean please"

I wasn't sure if Rachel was serious or not, fuck it I thought it's my chance either way to get a chance to eat my wifes shaved pussy for the first time since we ever met.

I got up and crawled across the floor and spread my wifes legs before licking her clean, this was the first time I'd ever tasted both female juices and spunk together and I was loving it.

Rachel turned to Shane.
" So when do I get to inspect your stunning master piece?"
Shane smiled
" Tonight my dear, you'll definitely have some fun with both of us that's for sure"

At that my wifes eyes lit up.

Whilst Kam and Shane were sorting some buisness out Rachel came over to me sat on my lap and gave me the longest kiss I've had in a long time, whilst kissing I seized the moment to caress her tits before sliding my hand down to start fingering her cunt, at last I get to play with my own wife.

Shane came in and just told us both that when we were finished they'd be upstairs but no rush.

I was liking these two more and more and hoped Dave would never return.

Rachel got up kissed me one last time before telling me she was off to see how good Shane and Kam were.

I watched her skip up the stairs tits jiggling about before I too went to my bedroom.

Once inside it wasn't long before the monitor came on, Shane and Kam were already naked lying either side of Rachel both supporting huge cocks, Shane was kissing my wife and Kam was sucking on her tits whilst also rubbing her pussy, Rachel was stroking Shane's cock.

Kam slid down the bed and using his fingers spread my wifes fanny lips apart where he then started flickering his tongue across her clit, even though my wife was kissing Shane you could here her start to moan,  i really have come to enjoy listening to my now quite vocal wife, Kam still sucking on my wifes clit started to insert 2 fingers into her pussy which he slowly thrusted into her.

Shane had sat up now positioning himself so my wife could start sucking on his cock. As she started to take more of his cock Shane who was holding the back of her head had now started to gyrat his hips pushing his cock further in presumably seeing how much of it she could take, Rachel was getting pretty good at giving blow jobs and it wasn't until it was almost fully in that she started gagging slightly, this totally impressed Shane who started face fucking my wife faster.

Kam mean while had finished sucking on my wifes clit and was pulling her up onto her hands and knees. Rachel still sucking on Shane's cock opened her legs so Kam who was now behind her could slid his cock all the way in.

Shit the monitor went off and I'll have to wait now 30min until it comes back on.
When it did Rachel was now reverse riding Shane's cock who was lying underneath her and she was sucking on Kams cock who was stood infront of her.

For the next 10minutes I watched my wife ride Shane's cock like shes never rode a cock before, all the time giving out loud moans of joy whilst still having a 10inch cock in her mouth.

Fuck the monitor went off again, this sucks Dave is a real wanker.
I wondered if they had locked the door, so I crept down the landing, they hadnt even closed it so I crept up and starting watching from the door.

Watching I realised and appreciated how attractive my wife was who was still gyrating ontop of Shane at some speed and listening to her breaths was about to come.

Rachel screamed out as she climaxed. Kam lifted my wife up and carried her over to a table in the room where he laid her down on her back, holding her legs out straight he lifted and parted them wide, very wide causing my wife to Yelp

" we'll work on your flexibility my love"

Kam then without any hands to help, guided his cock into my wifes pussy and started ramming it hard, his balls slapping my wifes arse on each stroke.
Shane had come across and had took hold of my wifes hair whilst guiding his cock back into her mouth and once again was face fucking her.

Again Rachel between the gagging was having another climax and so was Kam who was grunting and clenching his buttocks as he spunked into my wifes pussy

Shane pulled Rachel from the table spun her around and kicked her legs apart stood behind her he grabbed her hair before ramming his cock straight to the hilt.

" Please pull my hair harder pussy your not rough enough"

Shane pulled hard to the delight of my wife who was shouting obscenities at him Still pulling my wifes hair Shane was really thrusting hard fucking my wife faster and faster until he to was impregnating my wifes pussy.

I was jerking off furiously before shooting my load into my hand. I made my way back to the spare room, feeling very happy I fell asleep dreaming about Shane and Kam shagging my wife, wondering what tomorrow will bring.

The next day Shane told Rachel that he had a hairdresser and someone else which I thought was a bit vague coming in the next hour.

" To make it and get a following you must stand out from the crowd in a crowded buisness"

I was sat just staring at my beautiful wife who was sat on Kams lap talking to him in between them kissing.

The doorbell going made me jump, I went and answered it, stood outside were 2 females one covered in tattoos both carrying large bags.
I invited them in who both walked upto Shane giving a big hug and kisses.

I suddenly realised I was due back in work soon, there was no way I could go in so decided to ring in sick.

The pair was setting up the one woman was clearly the hairdresser. But still no idea who the other was, but she went into the kitchen talking to Kam.

The hairdresser who I discovered was Trish took Rachel into the dinning room where Rachel took a seat.

" Well Rachel I have instructions from Shane to make you stand out from the rest, I'll make you look irresistible"

Kam came through to the lounge to me,

" right then, we own several clubs around your city who are due a visit, well leave your wife in the hands of Trish and Estelle while we go clubbing"

" I can't call you little prick what's your actual name?"

" H mate"

" Right then mate, we'll go and have some fun whilst the girls transform your wife"

I set of with Kam expecting the clubs we were attending were night clubs, how wrong was I, the first club we arrived at was a glorious looking period building, turns out to be a very exclusive gentleman's club.

We were greeted by a very attractive middle aged woman dressed very smart in a black buisness suit.

Kam introduced me and told this lady to have two look after me for the next several hours while he was in a meeting.

I was expecting 2 bruisers to baby sit me but how wrong was I when two young say in their early 20's females arrived took my had and led me away.

One was Chinese the other looked possible arabic both extremely stunning.

They took me into a beautifully furnished room, that had a four poster bed and a lovely chaise longue setter and other furniture making the room look a million dollars.

" Hi we've been told you're a very important man and require some very special treatment "

Before I could correct them I was being undressed, the Chinese girl started kissing me while the Arabic girl was removing my trousers and under wear.

I was led over to the bed and told to sit, whilst I watched the 2 girls strip each other in such an erotic way I thought I would explode there and then.

They both came over to me and pushed me down onto the bed where the chinese girl crawled along my body and straddled my face. I then felt a warm mouth on my cock, OMG what a turn of events for me, the Chinese girl was gentle rubbing her pussy across my face whilst I licked it. I was aware that the Arabic girl had stopped sucking my cock as I felt her straddling me, god that felt so good as her tight pussy started sliding down my shaft, she then started grinding her hips gyrating back and forth, that was to much and I couldn't contain it any longer reaching climax with such an explosion I've never experienced before.
I continued to fuck both girls for quite sometime and I was loving it. Loving the attention and the experience.

There was a knock on the door and the lady that greeted us upon arrival popped her head around and told me that Kam was leaving soon.

I quickly dressed and the 2 ladies took me back to the reception were Kam was waiting.

" Enjoy yourself? Did they look after you well?"

" Extremely well thank you "

We went onto the 2nd club were again I was looked after very well and if the truth be told wasn't ready to leave but we were soon heading back home. Outside was dark and hadn't realised just how long I'd been at both clubs.

" I wonder what your wife looks like now" Kam asked.

I didn't reply, I sat there looking out of the window just visualizing my wife, a very attractive 50yr old, long brunette hair, and an athletic build, wears minimal jewelry albeit I think she has each ear pieced once but rarely wears any earrings and her wedding ring.

We pulled up on the drive and I was feeling nervous and excited all at once.
I opened the door and let us in, Kam was on his phone and went through to the kitchen but stopped dead in this track as he passed the dinning room,

" Wholly shit, you look fucking amazing, thank you girls, yet again you absolutely delivered on this one"

I went into the lounge to scared to go and look at my wife, as it was, Rachel came to me.

" Well how do I look honey?"

I slowly tuned around, there was my beautiful wife stood in the doorway. I could feel tears forming in my eyes, they had taken my beautiful wife and transformed her into a goddess she looked amazing, stood there in a black long maxi dress.

My wifes long brunette hair was a much darker shade that had crimson red highlights, on the right side and top her hair was long but as it ran around the back and to the left side it tapered shorter and shorter until just passed her left ear where it was cropped short almost shaved, I must admit it looked brilliant. whilst looking at her hair I noticed that her left ear had now 4 piercings running down her ear and a dangley one at the bottom. I also clocked that her nose was now pierced. They had also given her a full make over and her eyes looked brighter and larger if that was at all possible.

" you look amazing, a million dollars, are you happy with how you look?"

" Totally honey, I'm so happy you like it. There is one more thing for you to see."

I watched my wife slip out of her dress which fell to the floor. I just stood there starring.

" Do you like it? because I love it"

My wifes snatch had now been totally shaven, I was now looking at a extremely decorative and fine lined tattoo of flowers and leaves in a heart shape on the mound of her pussy and I've gotta say it looked fantastic also running up her left side starting from her left hip then curving into and around her left breast was a fine lined floral design of miniature flowers, which too looked amazing, it was clear that the artist was extremely talented.

My wife came across the room and kissed me, I can safely say today had turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

Shane popped his head around the door and summoned us both into the kitchen and stay naked Rachel only because Kam hasn't fully seen your transformation yet and for me because you're giving me an erection.

In the kitchen Shane informed us that tomorrow 2 younger males and a younger female will be coming here, Rachel will be shooting her first mini movie and if its good will go straight to release. The males will be you're sons friends and you'll seduce your sons girlfriend in a different shoot, we might shoot a further scene where the girl is your baby sitter and both you and H will seduce her.

My wifes eyes lit up with excitement

" Really wow this sounds so exciting I cant wait, I'm that excited I want to fuck you all right now"

We all laughed. Shane told us both that there was something they needed to run past us.

" You'll have to forgive us but Dave works for ourselves, we pay him to find new talent and this time we needed a mature female, we leave it upto him as to how he achieves this so were sorry H in how he treated you, we are aware he can be a bit of a prick but Rachel I hear you were actually pretty fond of him"

Kam then piped up

" We have been talking and your wife who is going to be a well sort after porn star, which we have full claim over, is going to make us all of alot of money so we have to appoint her a manager to represent our interests, Rachel inadvertently told us that you are a buisness manager for an outstanding company, we did some research and you're actually a very talented person so we want you to quit your job as you're going to be Rachel's manager what do you say?"

I looked at Rachel and saw a twinkle in her eye, I knew straight away, turning back to Kam and Shane and told them yes.

Our new life begins!!

(Apologies for a long story but cant wait to write the next one in the series)

Written by Lonely_H

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