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An old friend takes over my house and wife

"A husbands fantasy is going pear shaped"

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Author's Notes

"This is a third in the old friend series, please read An old friend stops the night and An old friends comes knocking again first."

Dave my old mate from the past, was actually becoming a regular visitor to our house.

I admit that I owe him loads, if it wasn't for Dave, my sex life would have become quite mundane, since his last visit he really has opened our eyes with the introduction of a 3 some with my wife Rachel, but things were starting to chang now.

I had finished work slightly earlier than usual, so decided to pick up a bottle of wine and some flowers for Rachel.
I pulled up on the driveway and entered the house.
" Hey dude, your home early, sit down and have a drink with me." I was greeted by Dave.
" Mate I had no idea you were dropping by again so soon, but you're always welcome you know." I told him.
" You didnt have to buy me flowers and wine though" as Dave took them from me tossing the flowers across the floor and returning to his seat with the wine.

I was just about to ask how he had got into the house when Rachel appeared from the kitchen.
" Hi honey, your home earlier" she said whilst kissing me on the cheek.
" Look who met me at work and gave me a lift home, isnt he a gentleman."

Dave was sat infront if the TV grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Rachel had cooked us all a nice tea, after which we sat around talking and having a few drinks.

It was getting late and we made our way upstairs to bed, Rachel told me she had made the spare bed up as Dave was going to stop the night again.

I found myself getting all excited again at the thought of another possible 3 some with Rachel.

As we reached the bedrooms Dave suddenly tapped me on the shoulder.
" Where do you think you're going mate?"

The question threw and confused me.

" To bed mate why?"

" Yes that's true you are going to bed, but you're going to the wrong room mate, thats your  bedroom dude over there"

Dave was pointing to our spare bedroom, I turned back to watch my wife and Dave disappearing into our bedroom, as soon as the door closed I heard a door bolt being locked across.

When the fuck did our bedroom door ever have a lock on it?

I stood there for what seemed like ages just staring at our bedroom trying to make sense of it all before eventually turning around and heading into the spare room.

It wasn't long after getting into bed that I started to hear the all to familiar sound of Rachel and Dave having sex.

I had left the door to the spare room open but even if I hadn't it wouldn't have made any difference, the pair were not  being quite or discreet by any stretch of the imagination.

I lay there listening to the familiar sound my bed made when Rachel and I was having sex but the only difference now well several but the main difference was that Rachel was being very vocal.

I lay there listening to my wife moaning loudly and telling Dave what she wanted him to do with her. I was both angry and excited at the same time and I was soon jerking myself off.

I had no idea how long they were going at it but I'm guessing well after I'd fallen asleep having heard Rachel having at least her 4th climax.

My alarm woke me the following morning and I headed off to work. I seriously couldn't concentrate all day and tried calling Rachel several times but each time I had a message stating that the number I was trying was no longer available

I was so relieved but at  the same time nervous and scared when it was time to head off home, was Dave still going to be there or like before he would have gone off again, I would soon find out.

I was some what relieved to discover my front door key still worked in the lock.
As I entered my house my heart sank.

" Hey dude you're back nice and early mate,  take a seat Rachel was just about to make a drink "

" My wife was here" I asked

" Yes your 'wife' ( said in a sarcastic way) decided to book a few days off wishing to spend it with me before I have to leave "

" so your off then soon"
" not for a few more days yet mate, you can't get rid of me that easily dude"

Rachel came in with to mugs which she handed to us, Rachel ever since we've been married has never failed to give me a kiss upon returning home from work until today, nothing but a smile.

Dave shouted over to Rachel " There's a parcel over on the table for you honey, go into the bedroom and go try it on

I watched my wife collect the parcel and disappear up the stairs.  Dave was smiling looking all pleased with himself.

Rachel soon returned wearing a very revealing naughty maid's outfit.

" WTF Dave shouted, why are you still wearing your fucking knickers and bra in that outfit, now go and take them off"

Rachel hurried off back upstairs.

" She definitely needs better training that wife of yours, but don't worry I'll soon have the slag sorted and turned into a slut"

Rachel emerged in the outfit minus any underwear. I must admit she looked hot,

" Nah there's something not quite right, come into the centre of the room"

Rachel did as she was told and stood in the centre and did a twirl for us.

" what do you think mate? "
" Looks pretty good to me Dave "
" Nah I'm not sure, Bingo it's her snatch it's far too hairy " as he laughed.

Dave reached down the side of his chair and produced a bag, which he threw over to me.

" Catch, you'll find everything in there to rectify this problem "

Dave then told Rachel to go and lie across the dinning room table and spread her legs.

I looked inside the bag and pulled out some clippers, a razor and shaving foam.

" Go on then and get creative dude, but I don't want it totally bold mate

I looked across the room and watched Rachel climbing on top of the table.
I got up and went over to her, I can't believe I'm about to shave my wifes pussy and to be fair I was getting pretty excited about doing it, my cock was becoming quite uncomfortable in my trousers.

Rach looked at me smiling and gave me a wink before opening her legs and pulling up her costume for me.

I started by clippering her pubic hair with a number 2, I then lavered up the brush and started applying the soap all over her snatch.

I was that turned on I thought I was going to spontaneously come in my trousers. I asked her to bring her knees up to her head, figured I'd start by shaving between her arse and fanny before moving onto her crotch.

Soon Rachel was supporting a lovely slim Brazilian strip.

" That my friend is a job well done,  I love it dude, I'm that impressed I'm going to allow you to kiss your wifes pussy"

Allow me, who the fuck does he think he is, I never said that of course but I did go down and kiss her cunt, the smell of her juices were just too much and like an animal I started lapping away at her pussy.

Dave started laughing

" Wow easy tiger, I just allowed a kiss mate"

I have no idea why,  but I found myself apologising and going back to the settee.
Rachel jumped down from the table and started parading around infront of us both.

Dave wolf whistled his appreciation.before telling her to go and rustle up some food for us all.

We watched some TV after dinner, Dave had my wife sat on his lap stroking her pussy mound.

"I'm must say mate you really did do a cracking job on your wifes pussy"

It was getting late.
" Suppose we had better go to bed it's late and as a treat for a job well done on your wifes pussy you can come into our bedroom tonight mate"

Our bedroom! Fucking cheek but I wasnt going to turn the offer down though and we made our way upstairs.
I couldn't help looking at my wifes cleanly shaved pussy as she ascended the stairs ahead of me. Dave had obviously clocked me.
" What a fucking lovely sight dude, makes you just wanna start eating her pussy right here on the stairs "

Rachel told him that good things come to those that wait, she was laughing and smiling whilst over mincing her hips as she climbed the stairs.

How the times have changed, it wasnt all that long ago our lives compared to now were so mundane and one could say boring albeit we didn't think of it as such then, why would we when we had nothing to compare it with.

We all entered the bedroom and as we did I just stood there looking. Wholly shit it was hardly recognizable, Dave had transformed MY bedroom into what I can only describe as a sex room.

Looking up there were a series of mirrors on the ceiling. The bed had been modified which now supported 4 small posts in each corner connected to which were chains and leather restraints. On the wall at the head of the bed were at least a dozen vibrators of all shapes and sizes.

The wardrobes were missing and in the centre of the room was some kind of bar, chains and restraints hanging from the ceiling all attached to a pulley, on the other wall were other sex aids whips, blind folds, masks, feathers and an array of strange looking items.

In the corner was a chair that resembled something they used for the death penalty it had shackles on the front legs and arms
And some kind of gadget rising from the back to wear the occupants head would be.

" I can see you're impressed dude, your wife and I have been busy collecting and setting up our fuck room mate"

I hadnt clocked at first but in each corner of the ceiling were a series of cameras
Pointing down into the room, these would capture every inch of the room.

" Ow yes glad you spotted them, good money to be made in porn mate"

Dave was laughing. I walked over to the bed,

" nah mate you're over there dude, I said you could come into our bedroom but I didnt say you were joing in dude"

Dave started pushing me over to the corner where the chair was, you'd better strip naked mate, I found myself complying to his instructions and as I sat down he ordered my wife to strap my arms and legs to the chair.

" Make a sound tonight dude and I'll gag you mate"

Dave turned and whistled at Rachel.

" Come over here and bend over sexy bitch"

Rachel walked across the room turned and bent over, Dave slapped her arse really hard making her cry out.
"That was for smiling at that man in the corner earlier. From now on you dont acknowledge him unless I say you can infact dont even look at that pathetic excuse of a man, now get over there onto the bed and spread yourself"

Rachel climbed onto the bed stretching out to the 4  corners where Dave began to shackle her limbs.

" which ones shall I use first he said" looking at the wall with the vibrators attached.

I watched him flick a switch and red light started flashing on all the cameras.
Dave reached up and got a pink medium sized vibrator stating he would start with that one and work their way up.

Dave switched the vibrator on which sprang to life.

" Hope your ready for this my little slag"

I watched from the ceiling mirrors, which provided an excellent view looking down onto my wife, is saw Dave start running the tip of the of the vibrator along my wifes crack.

" Fucking hell Dave that feels fucking awsome, omg this is just for starters she yelled in pleasure."

I continued watching Dave running it up and down her slit before slowly pushing it into her.

The sight of this vibrator against my wifes almost bold pussy was overwhelming and strapped in this chair unable to wank my cock was killing me.

Dave continued to slowly insert and withdraw the vibrator, Rachel all the time withering around on the bed screaming out and moaning.

After several minutes Dave swapped it with a much larger almost glass looking cock shaped vibrator that was covered in small nipples.

"Hope you're ready for this one, much more powerful and stimulating than the last one"

" Yes yes please hurry I'm dying for it "

Dave switched it on, blimmey he wasnt joking this thing certainly vibrates, you could see the skin on Dave's hand vibrating at a right rate of knots.

" Please please hurry I'm desperate for this one"

Dave lowered the vibrator resting it right ontop of her clit.

" Fuck fuck fuck OMG I'm coming already"

I watched as Rachel started screaming and withering around on the bed, watching Rachel it was clear that this was probably her most intense orgasim of her life.

" Fucking hell Dave that was so fucking unreal, why did it take you so fucking long to come into my life? Arr yeah keep it going you bastard "

Cheers I thought, if I knew I'd have got away with it I could have been like Dave, well sort off.

I continued watching Dave thrust this dildo into my wife who was screaming her head off and sweating like a pig, I've never seen anyone wriggle as much as Rachel was, not even on all the porn films I've watched.

Dave swapped that one out and told my wife that she better be ready for what's coming, I watched Dave remove a fucking monster of a dildo from the wall, which certainly lit Rachel's face.

" Shit Dave that's way to big for me, I'm never gonna take that in my pussy"

" Ow you will my little slag, I'll get it in there dont you worry"

Dave was laughing, Rachel did look apprehensive I must admit, Dave switched it on and I was surprised it wasnt as aggressive as the previous two, Dave started to work my wifes pussy with the tip of the dildo, slowly stretching and working this beast of a dildo into her cunt.

" arrrr fucking hell that's wide she was shouting"

" Want me to stop slag"

" No, please, I want it Dave don't stop till it's all the way in you bastard"

Dave continued working this huge dildo into my wifes pussy who was withering around on the bed.

I had a good view of my wifes pussy in the mirrors and I've never seen or believe it could actually stretch that wide, surely something will rop or tear.

I watched as this vibrator eventually slipped all the way in at at gasp and squeal from her.

" fucking hell that's bouncing off my cervixs Dave and making me want to piss"

Rachel continued to squeal and shriek whilst Dave pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy. I was trying to work out if that noise was of pleasure or pain, probably both I thought.

I was in hell, I so wanted to join in or at least have a wank, Dave must have read my mind, he took something from the wall and approached me.

" I've been a bit harsh on you mate so here's something for you dude"

Dave slipped this large conned shaped device snughly over my extremely hard cock. He then returned to the bed.

" What the fuck Dave, is that supposed to help me"

Dave laughing took out a remote looking device and pressed a button, fucking hell this device suddenly went into over drive, not only did it start sucking and I mean sucking there was more suction than a dyson vacuum cleaner, but vibrates with electrodes pulsing small electric shocks into my cock, well I can safely say I lasted a whole if 20 seconds before a mounting of spunk erupted from my balls with such force my balls actually ached like fuck after.

Dave laughing his head off unstrapped me, sending me back to my spare room, I heard the bolt lock their room behind me and Dave's voice telling my wife

" Now you're all warmed up it's my turn but first I've gotta lick that new designer pussy of yours"

I could hear my wifes pleasurable moans as I closed my door, deflated and frustrated. I lay in bed falling asleep dreaming about fucking my wife again some day.

Written by Lonely_H

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