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Movie night

"During a night shift a colleague downloads a porn movie that got quite interesting"

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It was a warm night and I wasnt looking forward to another boring night shift.

I'd been there several hours when Tom couldn't stop telling me about a porn movie he'd seen online recently. Tom was a perv and always watching dirty movies. The lady in it was fit as fuck and he was so jealous of the male actors.

" Wonder if it's easy to become a porn star, then you get to shag sheer gorgeous woman"

I laughed and told him that in reality it probably isn't that glamorous.

After doing the rounds I asked Tom if he wanted a drink?

" Yeah why not, then we'll watch that movie as ive just downloaded it on my laptop"

I sat down and Tom pressed play, The scene started within a plush looking house, you could hear voices and the camera flows through to another room where 4 males are playing cards.

They are drinking and laughing, one of the males then throws his cards down in disappointment and shouts his frustration.

" You lost again Ben" one shouted

" That looks like your pot is empty dude" another told him."

" I can buy myself back in"

Ben sternly told the others.

" With what mate, you're skint and we don't want your car it's shit" they all laughed.

Another male piped up

" I'll be happy for you to put your wife into the pot "

The others laughed and then one by one agreed.

" Yeah we'll accept your wife in place of money, she'll be the property of who ever wins to do with as they pleased."

" You're joking right?"

" Nope, but that's our terms, you might actually start winning, after all it's due."

You could see Ben thinking about it.

" Ok I'll bet my wife"

" You're gonna have to fetch a pair of her knickers to throw in the pot mate"

You watch Ben disappear and soon emerge back and throws a black silk thong onto the table, to the cheers of the others.

The game continues, suddenly the group cheers and you see Ben throw his cards and stand up.

" No way, you need to allow me to continue"

"Ben you lost again, Will won and you need to pay up dude"

" Now be a good boy and call your wife down, you need to settle your bets mate"

" I can't dude she'll kill me"

"You offered her up as a bet now honour your bet dude"

You watched Ben walk to the stairs and shout up, several minutes later a woman came onto the scene wearing a dressing gown presumably having just got out of bed.

This woman had her back to the camera when her husband informed her that he had just lost her in the card game.

" What the fuck you mean lost me? You being serious? "

One of the others piped up and confirmed that Ben had actually bet you after running out of money, he then held up her thong that was in the pot on the table.

" That's ridiculous, I'm going back upstairs"

At the point the woman turned to head off, you got an excellent veiw of her face.

Tom piped up with excitement.

" See I told you the woman was incredibly attractive, what a milf I wouldn't be playing cards if she was my wife as we'd just wouldn't get out of bed in the first place."

I was stunned into silence, I was fixed on the screen and felt paralyzed to look away, yes the woman on the screen was a very attractive lady, I knew that because I was looking at my wife!

No way I thought, this must be what they call a doppelganger my wifes double and I went with that scenario and started relaxing.

" I totally agree Tom, she's proper hot dude, a good find mate"

I watched as the wife went to walk off when one of the men grabbed her hand.

" Steady on where do you think you're off to, I think you need to sit with your new owner, after all Will needs to make sure you are in working order"

The others cheered apart from Ben who was sat with his head in his  hands.

The wife looking at her husband. Told the others.

" You're right, now I belong to Will I better show him that I'm in good working order "

That brought a smile to Will and a cheer to the others. Ben attempted to protest but was immediately shut down.

Will pulled the wife over onto his lap and as he did her her gown flapped open revealing her naked breasts.

" I'm gonna be sick " I told Tom running out and into the toilet.

I soon returned and Tom asked if I was ok?

Yeah my drink went the wrong way mate.

I looked back at the screen and saw that Will had the ladies gown fully open and inspecting her body to the delight of the others.

Any doubt I had was dashed, there was no doubt that this lady i was watching on a porn film was infact my wife Rachel. My wife has a unique tattoo of a Celtic pattern on her right tit and I was looking right at it on the screen.

You could imagine the amount of questions running through my head as I just stared at the screen.

Tom who was looking all excited over the partial nudity of 'my wife!'

I couldn't disclose this to Tom so sat there watching this film.

I was watching this actor named Will start fondling my wifes breasts telling the others that they seemed to be in order. He then told her to spread her legs to which my wife obeyed. Will then pulled her knickers to the side and with 2 fingers parted my wifes pussy lips. One of the other males told Will that her pussy certainly looked ok but he would help take a closer look for him.

Will accepted the offer and I watched this male kneel down spread her legs wider with his hands and start to kiss her pussy over her knickers.

" Well mate it smells delightful let's see how it tastes mate"

I watched this male rip my wifes knickers straight off.

At that he starts to lick and suck her pussy.

I saw my wife gasp and let out a moan and continued to softly moan. Will cupped my wifes head which she turned to look at him and they started kissing. One of the other men stood up approached and started caressing my wifes breasts.

I couldn't believe I was watching my wife on a porn film, my wife a porn star, WTF when did this happen and how the fuck did I not know?

I was torn with should I or should I not watch but arousal got the better of me and I continued watching.

Will got up bending my wife over the table and telling the husband.

" Let's take your wife on a test drive then and see how she performs."

The other blokes laughed as Will released a huge cock which he guided and started to rub against her pussy. The camera getting a close up shot of my wifes pussy starting to stretch over Will's cock.

I am sat here watching my wifes pussy like I've never seen it before. I watched as Will's cock slides all the way in as he starts to fuck her.

The camera pans back out and now one of the other males had his cock out too and was feeding it into my wifes mouth who appeared to be eagerly taking and sucking whilst at the same time wanking it with her hand.

I could her my wife moaning quite loudly still with a cock in her mouth and in time with Will's thrusts.

Will had quickened his pace and was ramming his cock into my wifes pussy as her moaning intensified and increased in volume.

My wife started gagging as the male whose cock she was sucking grabbed her hair and started vigorously face fucking her until he came in her mouth.

My wife started shouting to Will.

" Fuck me harder and please push your thumb into my arse hole."

Really! push your thumb into her arse! I seriously couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was not my quiet and innocent wife I knew at home and married.

I watched as Will started probing my wifes anus with his right thumb, whilst still shagging her from behind.

The camera once again panned in showing Will's thumb being pushed into her arse and my wife screaming out with pleasure.

Will by now was really shagging my wife hard and you heard my wife start to climate with a very noisy orgasim soon followed by Will

My wife was then man handled and turned onto her back where one of the other males lifted and parted her legs wide, the camera once again zoomed in showing spunk oozing from her vagina before the 2nd male pushed his cock into her pussy and started instantly fucking her hard whilst asking her pretend husband if has any other bitches he wanted to bet with? This amused the others.

I continued watching my wife get fucked several times by each of these males and by the end she looked a right mess.

Will told the husband that his wife would be going home with him where he will shag and abuse her over the weekend.

The film then cut.

" What do you reckon? I told you she was fucking fit, I think I'm in love with her, what I'd give to have sex with her."

Great I better keep her away from any works parties in the future I thought and do I tell her I know?

The next day i booted up the computer to start researching my wife to see how many other films she stars in, it appeared she went under the name Zoe Heaven and i was shocked to find quite a few films,  several of which I watched whilst wanking at the same time, finding myself extremely aroused watching my wife on film being destroyed by strangers.

Written by Lonely_H

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