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Carribbean night club

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It was our 20th wedding anniversary, we were sat drinking cocktails on a golden carribbean beach.

It was the first day of our holiday, lying there in the sun, drink in hand, next to my wife and love of my life and thinking that I was the luckiest husband in the world.

" Toni the bar man said there is a cracking club in town, tourist safe, fancy checking it out tonight?" I asked my wife Rachel

" Yeah why not, fancy a good dance"

We eat early and started getting ready, Rachel takes much longer so I told her I was going down to the bar and get a drink whilst waiting.

Toni was working behind the bar, I told him that we were off to that club to which he told me that when we were ready he'd get us car to take us.

I'd been at the bar talking with Toni when Rachel appeared.

" wow you look amazing " I told my wife.

Rachel entered the bar looking stunning, her jet black hair and been styled with long loose curls, face nicely made up but not over done as her face has a natural shine, she was wearing a white cropped top, shortish light floral skirt and sandals.

Toni looked up and whistled.

" You're gonna steal zi night my princess" he told her.

Toni made a call and soon after a car pulled up to take us to the club.

Toni introduced us to our driver Troy and told us he would look after us and told us he might see us there later if we were still at the club.

We got into Troy's car and headed of to the club, which only took 10minutes.

" you's gwan have a blarst in ze club" Troy told us as he pulled up outside.

We paid and entered a pretty impressive club, which was nothing like anything we'd experienced back home in the UK. The club which was split between an indoor and beech venue with Soul and reggae was blasting out.

As I looked around I did notice that we did look like the only tourists there but just shrugged it of as we were early.

What i didn't notice was the fact there weren't many females either with the men out numbering the females at least 5 to 1.

We went and got a drink, I had a rum cocktail infact most of the drinks on the menu was rum in some form or another.

We were having a great night drinking and dancing, Rachel was attracting some attention on the dance floor. I told her her was popping to the bar to get some more drinks.

Whilst at the bar I got talking with a guy called Zeek who first paid compliments to how beautiful my wife looked then started asking me questions about back home and about his island.

As we spoke I kept glancing over to my wife who was now dancing with a pretty muscular man wearing just shorts.

Now I know its just their culture but started feeling a little uneasy with how intimate he was dancing, but shrugged it off as harmless when my wife looked at ease and was laughing.

I continued talking with Zeek giving the occasional glance over to Rachel, only this time she was sandwiched between to quite large men, both gyrating into her as they danced. Rachel still laughing had somewhat nervous expression on her face but wasn't sure so wrote it off, blaming the lighting.

Watching my wife, I was surprised she was still sandwiched between these two men, ordinarily she's quite a shy person.

Zeek noticed me watching my wife.

" Yo bro, mi cee yah wife is propa mashing up da dance floor wid da Captain and the Soldier boy"

" who's the captain and Soldier boy?"

" Dem the main dudes in da place bro, dey av de best girls in the house and dey ramping up ya girl."

"They're only dancing mate." I told him

Zeek looked at me and laughed

" mi dink yah need more rum dude"

Looking at Zeek laughing, thinking what he said and looking over at my wife, I started to have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Zeek had got me another large rum and coke and as we sat there couldn't help but keep starring across the floor over at my wife.

Now was it just my imagination playing tricks or was the one Zeek called the Captain, the male behind Rachel kissing my wife or whispering in her ear? I couldn't tell but then I thought I saw her tilt her head away and then her body flinch.

Why would she flinch like that? I started asking myself. I continued watching and yes she is definitely flinching moving her body as if trying to avoid something, but what?

Soldier boy who was stood In front of my wife placed his arms around her holding onto the Captian as if to create a barrier preventing her from escaping or at least that's was my perception.

I saw Soldier boy lean in and kiss Rachel on the lips, which appeared to be reciprocated back.

All three of them stopped dancing and walked off towards a raised roped off section within the club.

I got up and with my drink headed over to where they had gone only to be stopped by two large blokes, telling me that it's a VIP area and I had no invite.

I tried explaining that my wife was over there, whilst pointing in her direction but all to no avail, they were not going to let me in there.

I stood near by drinking my rum and watching carefully in case Rachel needed my help.

For a while Rachel was drinking and laughing with the pair and I even watched her take a few drags on what appeared to be a spliff, fucking hell she doesn't smoke I thought.

The Captain took my wife's hand as they stood up and they started dancing again, he started twirling her around and then embraced her again from behind where they gyrated again into each other.

I watched my wife flinch again like before as if moving her body in response to something she wasn't sure about only this time I was better positioned to see.

The Captain who was kissing my wife's neck had his right hand up under the front of her skirt and was clearly rubbing or at least attempting to rub her pussy, I seriously couldn't believe what I was looking at.

I approached the two bouncers again and pleaded my case that my wife required my help, the one looked over towards my wife then back at me.

" Mi Dink ya girl is luving it " he responded laughing

I sloped back off to my previous viewing spot where I continued watching.

The Captain and my wife where still in the same position moving in sync with each others body, to my relief his hand was nolonger up her skirt, he was still nuzzling her neck but then clocked his left hand was was in fact squeezing her left breast and as I watched he moved from groping over her blouse to sliding in from her neck line and grabbing her right tit.

I stood there watching and waiting for my wife to loose her shit and storm off, only this wasn't looking likely anytime soon.

My heart skipped a beat when Soldier boy came dancing back up to the pair, backing into my wife who put her arms around him, Soldier boy took her hands and slid them down his body and onto his crotch area and started rubbing his cock with her hands. I watched then as he slid her right hand inside his waist band and let go. I was expecting Rachel to instantly remove her hand but she didn't, instead from the movement she was actually rubbing his cock.

Soldier boy had started moving his hips in a thrusting motion and was laughing.

I hadn't noticed probably to busy watching Rachel playing with Soldier boys cock but The Captain had pulled Rachel's skirt up and was rubbing her pussy over her thong, still whilst grinding into her.

I went to try and protest to the bouncers once more but hadn't even taken a step when I saw the one looking at me wagging his finger.

I'm stood there watching a stranger rubbing my wife's pussy who in turn has her hands down the shorts of another male, how the fuck is this happening and powerless to intervene.

After 20yrs of marriage you'd think you knew someone and I'd bet my life on the fact my wife would never act the way I was witnessing.

My attention was drawn back when Soldier boy pulled his shorts down revealing a huge thick cock made to look even larger with my wifes small hands wrapped partially around it.

Reality hit home, my wife was wanking another man's cock and in the view of the entire club. Looking around hardly anyone was paying any attention.

Looking back at the three I saw them leading Rachel back over to their booth where they sat down my wife in the centre.

The captain pulled my wife's left leg up and over his legs exposing her crotch for all to see, Soldier boy who was sat to her right, minus his shorts and still supporting a huge erection pull Rachel's head down towards his cock.

That's the line she won't cross, my wife does not do blow jobs, never has only I was watching as Rachel started kissing the hug head on his cock.

The fucking bitch despite trying and trust me I tried Rachel has never sucked my cock and here she was kissing the head of a strangers cock, shit she was nolonger kissing, I was now witnessing my wife actually taking this cock into her mouth.

I became scared when the captain produced a knife, which he used to slice threw the straps of her thong and pulled it clean from her, exposing fully her neatly trimed pussy stretched wide open. The Captain then starts to finger her pussy occasionally licking them.

This is killing me so decided that enough was enough so marched over to the bouncers, well all I can say it didn't go to well for myself as I picked myself up of the floor, tail between my legs and retreated.

Looking back The Captian had repositioned himself and was now licking my wife's pussy who was really going at it on Soldier boys cock, who in turn was holding the back of Rachel's head and appeared to be pushing down on it.

The music in the place was too loud to hear them but I could see Soldier boy laughing and talking with some other blokes nearby.

Soldier boy lifted Rachel's head and stood her up bending her down to the Captains lap where he slid his shorts off revealing a cock just as impressive as his mates.

The Captain grabbed Rachel's head and pulled it down onto his gock as she began to suck away.

Soldier boy stood behind my bent over wife started rubbing his cock against the crack of ger pussy. No no no please don't I was telling myself watching on helplessly as Soldier boy stopped probing her pussy and had inserted the tip of his huge cock into her pussy and was gradually working it on deeper and deeper.

My wife my beautiful wife was being used and it appeared loving it.

Zeek came over.

" Yo bro, mi man's proper banging ya wife, soon ya all gonna be banging her hard, bi a long night dude"

"All banging her, what fo you mean all"

" Ti's a prize seeing a lovely willing white wife in de place, so all mi brothers will want der turn. "

"Mate I'll pay you to stop it"

" More dan mi life worth and tiz me go soon with da wife" he said laughing.

Soldier boy who was holding her hips was really fucking Rachel hard from behind and I could see her gagging on the cock in her mouth.

All of a sudden Soldier boy stopped thrusting and held it in deep, the bastards just come in my wife, he pulled it out wiping his cock on her arse and skirt, the dirty bastard.

My wife was literally picked up and placed on her back on the table where the captain spread her legs wide and without introduction rammed his huge cock straight up her pussy, I watched as my wife arch her back as she struggled to accept such a large cock in one thrust.

A totally different guy approached who already had his cock in hand guided towards my wife's mouth who appeared to eagerly take it and start sucking at it.

Another man approached who literally tore Rachel's blouse open and cut her bra from her leaving her tits totally exposed and he began sucking on her nipples.

I saw that the Captains arse cheeks start to tense and new he too was about to impregnat my wife's pussy.

I slumped down as I saw my wife helped from the table and onto a waiting to cock, the bloke lying on the floor, his huge erect cock was eagerly awaiting my wife's pussy which she guided in as she began riding yet another man's cock.

I saw Zeek approaching my wife, his cock in hand, which she griped and started sucking and wanking at the same time, Zeek himself was swinging his hips in time with the reggae tune that was playing.

A group had formed around my wife, waiting their turn some were dancing a couple were wanking furiously beside her with one grabbing and turning her face, he said something to make her release Zeeks cock and turn to face him at the same time this male came across her face, I watched my wife suck his dick clean before returning back to Zeeks.

Rachel was working Zeeks cock hard and it wasn't long before he too pulled it from her mouth and wanked himself all over her face.

My wife was starting to look in a prity nasty state, she was still riding that huge cock when she started climaxing. Her speed and rythem instantly increased her legs started to tighten against his body her face told it all and even over the music I heard what I thought was a very loud scream and moan.

How had this night come to this and even more my wife obliging and willing and certainly enjoying this gang bang. I started questioning if she had infact been fucking others behind my back.

I went and got another drink leaving Rachel getting further fucked, over in the VIP area even the 2 bouncers had gone in and had their way with my wife.

I had no idea what the time was but it was daylight outside when Rachel was brought over to me with some kind of dress draped over her, no knickers or bra and I was told she's all mine and that a car was outside to take us back to the hotel.

We got into our room, Rachel had masses of dried come in her hair and all over her body, her pussy was still oozing come, dribbling down her leg.

We hadn't spoke all the way back until back in the room.

" I'm so so sorry, I have no idea why but was so overwhelmed with sexual pleasure on the dance floor just went with it, I had no idea I was going to be fucked by so many huge cocks but it was addictive and I just couldn't stop I really couldn't, it was like ecstasy to my body and I didn't want it to stop"

After my wife came out of the shower, I don't know what came over me but I had to make love with her and we slowly and passionately had some wonderful sex, during which I couldn't stop picturing her with lots of large cocks in her, deep down I was secretly turned on.

Written by Lonely_H

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