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Mmf Stories


Meeting Cameron

This is the story about when my partners step father came to stay and the story of how his first marriage ended

Greg and I are very much outdoorsy people. We love hiking, wild camping and pretty much everything else that is out doors. We live in a croft on the north coast of Scotland which was hidden away in the middle of nowhere, or it was before the NC500 was cre...

Ruined by huge cock

my wife ruined by huge cock and owned

I had this fantasy about seeing M get ruined by a really huge cock, and here is how it came true. I got chatting with Mark on SH in the ‘fuck my wife’ chat. I shared pics of M, and he shared pics of himself. It was huge. A real monster. I immediately imag...

Dominated wife

Meeting at the pub turns into total domination

We met at the pub near us, M and I sat on some high stools around a small table set back from the bar - both a bit apprehensive and excited. She was wearing black heels, black lacy underwear, and the short black silky dress that I had shown you online and...

Friday evening whore

He shows me what a total whore she can be.

I found this guy on SH that you liked the look of, We invited him round for drinks on a Friday evening, It was a little awkward at first, But we had a bit to drink then sat down to watch a movie on the sofa with you in the middle, I couldn’t wait for thin...

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As things build-up our couple split!

Aw! Have we got to the end already? Not quite. Here is part 5a of the story as things are winding-up and winding-down as the tale of Martin and Michelle begins to cum…I mean come to a close. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it thus far. And just as a warni...


The young couple are slowly being caught in the swingers, web.

And again we are back on the trail of another sex story, this time featuring innocent couple, Martin and Michelle who are starting to surmise that the passengers on this voyage might be a tad up to something. Anyway, it’s part 3 now so as ever, enjoy. THI...


For our young couple the cruise gets more interesting and more dangerous

Here we are again with another sprawling sex-story, this time inspired by the words of someone on this very site who discussed going on a swinging holiday on a cruise. I don’t know who it was who mentioned that but whoever it was…Thank you. THE SHIP’S OPE...

Swinging - MMF - making me faithful

My swinging door: my door to swinging

I have told you about Keith. I don’t know if you remember, but he was an early dalliance of mine. Well, we kept on meeting occasionally for an afternoon of sex in various hotels, and there was the one time we flattened some foot-high green shoots of wheat...