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A Turkish massage pt1

"How one experience can change a person"

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"A husband is shocked when a masseuse changes his wife for ever"

Rachel my wife and myself had decided that this year we would try out Turkey for our holidays, this is one destination we had never been, Rachel was reluctant at first having heard some stories from others how intrusive the males can be towards the females but she soon came around to the idea.

We arrived at the hotel around midday and it was hot, very hot so we decided to fully unpack later choosing to grab our swim wear and head for the pool.

My wife is 50 but looks alot younger and has always maintained a very good figure, even though she is very sociable but when it comes to sex she is very prim and proper not adventurous at all and only having sex occasionally to my annoyance.

We had only been by the pool less than an hour when one of the hotel staff approached hard selling us one of their Spa packages, consisting of two hours in their mineral pool and a massage of your choice. This employer looked very professional so Rachel and I agreed and booked a slot for the next day.

Tomorrow came and I was quite excited with our spa package especially because I'd never had a massage before and after breakfast we headed on into the spa.

We were greeted at reception by a very stunning mature lady who provided us with towels, slippers and instructed us to walk along the corridor where we will see 2 doors one labelled men the other ladies, inside there will be our masseuse waiting.

I entered mine and was greeted by a really lively brunette called Shabi.
Shabi made me feel at ease before telling me to remove my clothes and to tie the towel around my waist.

I was Instructed to lie face down on the bed before Shabi started working on my back, we entered into small talk where she informed me that her co worker Mo next door was really good but had a bad reputation for seducing his clients.

Shit I thought that ain't going to go down well with Rachel and as I lay there I just wondered how long it would be before I would hear her scream.

Time went on and still nothing so I presumed Mo wasnt attempting his magic on my wife.

Shabi told me that there were covert hidden cameras in the other massage room and she could turn the large TV on so I could check on my wife, I told her that would be appreciated and from a remote the monitor came on.

I could see my wife also face down on the bed and Mo working her shoulders. Not only were there cameras, but they also had built in mics and I heard Mo explain to Rachel that he would have to lower her towel inorder to massage her back, worded so professionally Rachel didnt hesitate and allowed him to remove the towel which he then placed across her bum.

I continued to watch Mo massage my wifes back and arms working his way down her body. Mean while Shabi was doing her magic on myself.

Mo left her back and started massaging her legs starting with her left leg. I watched as he made his way up her leg until I saw Rachel move her hand stopping him going any higher. Boom I knew she wouldn't tolerate Mo's advances as my wife is just not adventurous at all.

Mo bent down and whispered something in my wifes ear, I had no idea what he said to her but what ever it was relaxed Rachel who moved her arm and Mo continued massaging her left leg with his hands disappearing under the towel.

Noo way would my wife allow anything funny to happen so I was satisfied that he was stopping short at the top of her legs.

Shabi had asked me to roll over onto my back so she could start on my front. I continued watch my wife, who too was asked to roll over, I was pleasantly surprised that after rolling over Mo didnt replace the towel and more importantly Rachel did ask for it.

Shabi noticed my puzzled look and told me that in all the years she has worked with Mo he has never failed to seduce any of his clients. I told her that my wife would most definitely be his first failure then and she laughed.

Mo had started massaging the front of Rachel's shoulders before working down to her chest area, again Rachel flinched but once again Mo whispered into her ear and again I watched my wife relax.

I asked Shabi if she knew what Mo was whispering to my wife but she just smiled and continued with my massage.

Mo was now pouring more oil over Rachel's breast which he then started to massage rather to well for my liking but I found myself transfixed on the monitor wondering how far will Rachel allow Mo to go before putting a stop it all.

Mo started to massage each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting them until they became swelled and erect. I seriously couldn't believe that Rachel was allowing this but Mo then moved on massaging her stomach then onto her legs.

I thought that Mo wasnt going any further than that as I watched his hands move from her legs onto her pussy.

It was if someone had flicked a switch my cock suddenly sprang to life at the amusement of Shabi who looked at me and said I told you Mo has never failed to seduce a client.

I couldn't believe what I was watching, my wife who is so prudish, I cant even get her to give me a blow job or even ride my cock is lying on a massage bed whilst a complete stranger is massaging around her pussy.

I suppose at least Mo was just massaging around her pussy until all of a sudden Mo slides a finger along her crack before disappearing into her cunt.

Noooo surely Rachel will now protest and get up but no she just lay there, in fact she actually spread her legs slightly so Mo could finger her better.

Shabi started laughing I told you as I felt her grab my cock and start to wank it, I looked away from the monitor and at Shabi and my cock, this is why i put the monitor on Mo does all the hard work and i reap the awards with there partners, makes my job so much easier.

I looked back at the monitor in time to see Mo spreading Rachel's legs and positioning his face where he started to lick her pussy, I could clearly here Rachel moaning softly as she is not the vocal type when it comes to sex.

I watched Mo at work and noticed that he was also removing his own clothing and soon he was completely naked and supporting one heck of a circumcised cock, it was huge and wide.

Mo didnt ask Rachel he actually ordered my wife to roll over onto her stomach again and as she did he walked to the head of the table where he told her to open wide. I knew that this was a bit too far for Rachel, who has never sucked a cock in her life stating to me many years ago that she doesnt do blow jobs.

Imaging my shock when Rachel took hold of Mo's cock and started licking around the helmet first before starting to take Mo's cock into her mouth.

Bitich I thought to myself all these years you have refused to suck my cock and here's Mo within 30minutes has his cock in your mouth. Shabi was now sucking on my cock but not as vigorously as Rachel was on Mo's.

After a few minutes Mo pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted her clean from the bed spinning her around like a rag doll and holding her upside down where he again starting sucking and licking at her pussy, without any instructions Rachel had already got Mo's cock in her mouth sucking hard again.

I'm lying there watching a complete stranger holding my wife upside down in a 69 position, my wife who only ever does the missionary position!

Mo then turned Rachel back around and threw her belly down onto the massage bed with her feet on the floor, which he kicked wide apart. I knew exactly what was coming next and I'm sure Rachel did as well, Mo grabbed some oil and dribbled it over his mammoth cock before thrusting it straight up my wifes snatch until his balls slapped her arse, there was no romance in this Mo just started thrusting into Rachel like a savage animal and Rachel was loving it, infact I could clearly hear my wife telling Mo to ram it harder and even told him to pull her hair.

WTF my wife that barely makes a sound when we have sex is telling this bloke to ram it harder and to pull her hair, this was just too much for me and without warning Shabi I shot a load into her mouth.

Rachel at this point was quite vocal calling Mo a bastard and pussy as he wasn't fucking her hard enough. I had no idea where all this shit Rachel was shouting was coming from, I clearly had no idea my wife was even capable of this.

I could hear Rachel reaching an orgasim which was not by any means quite and I certainly didnt need any mics to hear her as she was loud enough to transmit through the walls. Mo soon followed and unleashed his sperm into my wife, it was at that point seeing his spunk dribbling from her pussy I realised Mo had gone bare back on my wife.

Mo told Rachel to thank him for his services which she did a begged him for one last suck on his cock, Mo told her that the only way she was going to suck his cock again was to book another session with him before he walked off out of the room.

Shabi stood there looking at me and smiling, what did I tell you, Mo always wins them over, she told me to book again and next time she would ride the fuck out of my cock for me.

I met Rachel in the pool and asked how her massage went, she told me that it was quite refreshing and that shes booked several more over the coming days to help with her packing back.

Written by Lonely_H

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