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Holiday Sex Is The Best Sex

"The things we do on our holidays."

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My partner, Michelle, and I had been seeing each other for about six months when we decided to go on our first holiday abroad together. After looking through many holiday brochures we decided on the stunning Koh Samui in Thailand. Neither of us had been there before, but it looked so inviting we decided to give it a go.

We landed, got to our hotel and spent the first day relaxing and getting over the jet-lag.

On the second day we decided to stay local and just explore the hotel and its facilities, among which was a pool, a spa and a sauna.

Day three of the holiday was also my birthday and while we didn't have anything specific planned, Michelle did treat us both to a spa day followed by a visit to the sauna.

Michelle was short and petit, with bright blue eyes, short blonde hair and a body to die for. She was wearing a stunning black bikini and showed of her amazing, petit body.

As we sit in the sauna, our bodies covered in sweat Michelle rests one of her legs on my lap.

Her legs are open and inviting.

I start to gently run my fingers up and down her leg, feeling the wetness of her skin.

I start to gently run my fingers up and down her leg, feeling the wetness of your skin.

I feel further upwards, inching every closer to her inner thigh. I'm teasing her with my touch and she closes her eyes as I put my hand between her legs and gently start stroking her pussy.

Michelle moans in pleasure. She likes being teased. I start rubbing her pussy faster and faster and she enjoy it so much she opens your legs wider, inviting me to continue.

I get down on my knees and slowly pull the bikini bottoms to one side, exposing her shining, smooth pussy.

I lean forward slowly. Her eyes are closed so she doesn't see what I'm doing. But I can tell from her breathing that she knows something is about to happen and the excitement of it makes her whole body shake.

I inch my face closer between her legs, open my mouth, stick out my tongue and give her open pussy a slow and gentle lick.

Now she knows what I am doing and she puts her hands on the back of my head and pushes my face deeper into her inner thigh.

I lick some more, making sure to lick and suck her clit.

With your hands on the back of my head she puts both legs over my shoulders and buries my head deeper into her body.

I eat her beautiful pussy more and more. Going faster with every passing minute.

She can't take it anymore and her body goes all tense and tight. Her legs wrap tighter around my head as she screams that she's about to cum.

Her pussy explodes, her pussy juice takes sweet. There's so much of it it starts dripping down my chin.

Once she's cum she unwraps her legs, grabs my shoulders and lifts me up to her. We kiss, our mouths open, our tongues in each others mouth. She can taste her own cum in my mouth.

I can't take it anymore. I pull my pants down, exposing my hard erect cock.

Her eyes are closed as we kiss so she can't see what I'm doing now.

The surprise of me suddenly thrusting my cock in to her pussy causes her to take a shape breath.

She's in ecstasy! Her pussy is so wet my cock slides in with ease, but it's still tight enough that I can feel her warm cum inside as I enter yer.

I go in as deep as I can, so deep she can feels my balls slapping against her inner thigh.

Michelle begs me to fuck her. I start slowly at first, teasing her. With each inward thrust of my cock she can't help but moan in pleasure.

Her pussy is now so wet we can both hear the wetness of it.

With each thrust I go slightly faster and faster and harder and harder.

She puts her arms around my head and shoulders and holds my face against the side of her face.

With our mouths close to the others ear we can hear each other breathing heavy and deep and the knowledge of knowing how much we're both enjoying it turns us both on.

She wraps hers legs around my waist and then puts her hands around my butt and forces me deeper into her.

It's very hot and steamy in this sauna and our bodies are covered in sweat.

I fuck her harder and deeper and I'm trying so hard to not cum yet.

Unable to talk because she has no breath left she whispers into my ear that she is going to cum again.

Her whole body is shaking and she is so breathless she can't even scream in pleasure.

I decide to surprise her and when I feel her hot cum erupting from her pussy like a volcano I shoot my hot, thick cum as deep as I can into her pussy.

The sensation of feeling her own cum and mine inside her takes her by surprise. Her eyes and mouth are wide open. She's unable to breath at the sensation of our juices as we cum together.

Her eyes roll back in the head. She's in heaven.

Finally she is able to breath again. She lets out a long, deep breath and rests her head against the sauna wall.

With her legs open as far as they can I slowly and teasingly pull out of her.

Michelle looks down. First at my cock, which is still rock hard and then at her own pussy.

She can see our mix of juices dripping out of her pussy. Using one of her fingers she reaches down the collect some of the cum and then puts her finger in her mouth and tastes our juice.

We make eye contact with each other. Our faces both covered in sweat. Our eyes are intense and full of passion.

I can't stop looking at her angelic face. So sweet and innocent and yet so messy and covered in sweat.

I am hypnotised by her beauty. How someone who looks so sweet and innocent can also be so wild and animalistic.

With every second I spend looking into her eyes I fall even more in love with her.

We sit in silence for a while. Her head resting my shoulder and our hands holding. All we can hear is each other slowing breathing. We close our eyes and enjoy the sound.

After a few minutes have passed we get up and leave the sauna. We shower, lay on the bed beside each other and slowly start to fall asleep.

Written by Anonymous

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