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I imagined that you were sitting alone in the sauna, when suddenly a couple of people came in and sat across from you. They started kissing, their hands wandering. You wondered whether to leave or stay. As he slid off her bikini top and started kissing her breasts, she looked at you and smiled, so you decided to stay.

He teased her nipples with his mouth, and she stroked his thighs and placed her hand on the bulge in his trunks. His erection was conspicuous. The woman embraced the penis and began to fuck him through the material. After a moment, she slid her hand under her swimming trunks and pushed them down, exposing a hard member. You realized that your hand had unknowingly wandered between your legs and was resting on your clitoris. You made sure the couple wasn't paying attention to you and started to push them lightly. Your tension immediately rose.

In the meantime, the girl knelt in front of him and kissed his testicles and the base of his penis, while massaging the shaft with her hand. The man threw his head back and closed his eyes. Without taking it out of her mouth, she reached down and pulled down her panties. She immediately started massaging her clitoris and slipping her fingers into her wet pussy. Looking at them, you too were getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly the girl stopped sucking and straddled his lap. She slowly lowered herself onto the erect penis. As she rode him, she fondled his nipples with one hand and rubbed his clitoris with the other.

The faster they moved, the faster your hand worked. You finally noticed that the man tensed up, coming inside her, and she moaned in her own orgasm.

Without further ado, the couple donned their swimming trunks and exited the sauna, leaving you in a frenzy not knowing if this just happened or if it's just your imagination.

Written by rado_shot

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