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Monthly Ritual

"Usual monthly visit gets exciting"

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It was my usual monthly tradition, the first Friday of the month. I’d left work, heading home to shower, got dressed (jeans and a tee) and drove into the city to head to the only sauna around. I found some free parking nearby as always, mouth dry from a mix of nerves and awkwardness. I quickly drank a half bottle of water, locked the car and headed in. As always once inside I completely relaxed, paid my fee and headed through to the lockers, the changing room was empty, I stripped off, put my clothes in the locker and decided to leave the towels there too. I’d come to be well used tonight and wanted everyone to know it. Someone else walked in off the street just as I shut my locker, an awkward nod and I headed towards the cabins. A quick look through them showed my a couple of old guys wanking each other in front of some bi porn on the screen. There was a TS stood at the edge of a cabin, dressed to impress, she was good looking, her outfit showed her implants off nicely. With her cock fully exposed, the best of both worlds I thought to myself, if I’d had no luck in an hour or so I’d come back and find her. I headed to the next zone, the wet area; a couple of guys in the hot tub, they didn’t even look up when I went past. However the showers were much more pleasant, washing himself off was a very tall, and very well hung black guy, I stood for a moment and watched him shower, he looked up and our eyes met briefly. I left him to it, knowing with my larger frame I’d be lucky to even get close. I headed up stairs and into the dark zone, the glory holes were full and busy, as was the workhorse and sling, I watched around for awhile, getting turned on as guys blew there loads through the holes only for someone else to take their place. I went for the dark room and found myself alone, I sat down on the bench, just out of the light from the door. A few moments later a young skinny guy walked in, cock in hand and unable to see around the room asked if anyone wanted his load, as the only one there, I obliged and took his already hard cock into my mouth, I kissed the tip and ran my tongue all over his shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth and just before he found his pace he pulled out and came over my face. I caught my breath and cleaned him off, he left abruptly. I sat for a moment feeling his cum on my face, before deciding to wash it off, the night was still early after all. As I headed downstairs towards the showers I found the staff giving them a quick clean, I was unable to use them for a few minutes until they were done, with everyone looking at my with a heavy load on my face, I headed to the cabins to be less awkward as it was a little darker there. I stopped outside one that had the door shut, and suddenly and very vocally I heard someone moaning in pleasure, I looked around and realised the TS was not around and figured she was getting very lucky. Turns out I was just in time to catch the big finish, with a loud grunt I heard a guy finish and the door open. My hulking black guy came out, took one look at my face and smiled and motioned me in. I didn’t think or hesitate, I stepped in and saw the TS trying to compose herself, my black guy told me to eat her out, my face was already covered so some more won’t make a difference. The TS bent over for me to eat her ass out, I took a deep breath and stuck my tongue into her gaping hole, lapping his cum out of her. After a few minutes she began to moan and I felt her cock twitch getting hard. He noticed and told me to swap places so she can fuck my mouth, we did as we were told. She grabbed my head and forced her cock down my throat. I began to choke and gag. I brief let up before she did it again, with no let up this time she used my mouth until she came. After this the black guy left and headed for the showers, we both sat there for a moment and she apologised. I asked her why she was sorry. She told she doesn’t really like having to top a guy, I told her not to worry and that Id actually loved it. I told her I’d come to be used like that. She smiled and kissed me briefly before cleaning the cum off my face with her tongue. She went to pull away and I pulled her closer and kissed her, we swapped cum for what seemed like ages as we kissed, before we split the mouthful and both swallowed. We laid there for a moment before I asked her what he was like, rough and relentless she told me, that he made her agree once he’d started he won’t stop till he finished, no matter what. I thought it sounding amazing but she said she’ll head home now, she didn’t think she could take anyone else tonight now. I asked her if she came here often, which she did, she asked what locker I was and she’d leave her number, I told her and we left the cabin together, she went for the lockers to change and head home and I went for the showers. I stepped out of the shower feeling clean but very curious about the black guy that was in the hot tub, I noticed he was watching me as I dried myself off. And with my mind racing about what he could do to me, I headed off upstairs, only to find one of the glory holes were free. There was only 3 of them, the two end ones just had the one hole to the opposite side of the door, however the middle one had a hole on both sides, one the same way as the others and one on the other side on the door. It was never my favourite one, I’d always get someone on both side and have to keep switching. But i came to be used and figured I’d try and focus on one side, no sooner was I in and my tongue out the far hole, did a cock come through. I started to suck his earnest and it wasn’t long before he blew his load, it caught me by surprise half in the mouth and half on my face. He pulled away and another one came through at the higher hole (there was a couple of holes at different heights, so you could kneel or stand, or for height I guess). I stood up and began again, been at this height meant my ass was against the door as the cabin is very small (all part of the atmosphere) as I tested my gag reflex once more tonight and suddenly felt something warm on my ass, I went to wipe it and realised someone had finished on my ass through the hole. And with that distraction my main guy finished and came over my face and chest. I took a moment to compose myself and decided to see if any of the end holes were free, they weren’t! I went back in and found another cock waiting for me, I went to work and started to get jaw ache from been at the lower hole, the lower hole basically means your on all fours to keep low enough. When I suddenly felt someone stroking my ass. I quickly looked and found a guy in his thirties squeezing my ass, I hadn’t shut the door! He was reasonably good looking and he motioned to fuck me, this is what I’d come here for, just didn’t expect it at the gloryhole, it seemed my body made the decision for me, as I pushed my ass towards him and went back to sucking. I felt him, pour lube on my ass and rub his cock in it, them with a gasp from myself he was in me. I tried to focus everything on the one in front me, and with a lot of effort he finally came, I swallowed half, before an involuntary moan came from me, forcing me to drool the rest down myself. A few minutes later the second guy went very deep and held it there as he came. He pulled out quickly and I felt his cum begin to leak out and down my leg. As I went to turn and stand there was another guy wanting to fuck me also, he likes sloppy seconds apparently, I gestures for the cabins down stairs (they were a lot comfier) we started heading that way. Before he pulled me to the workhorse, I bent over for him, and he entered me quickly, with no extra lube needed due to the amount the first guy had used along with his load leaking out. He didn’t last long before dropping his load inside me too. Slightly weak in the legs from been bent over I headed downstairs. As I hit the bottom a guy walking past gave a friendly squeeze, universally known as he’s interested. I motion to the cabins and start to bend over, he asks if I could go on my back, as he’s into feet as well. Not the first time I’ve been asked for that so I oblige and bring my knees to my chest, he sees my leaking ass and asks if I’ve been popular tonight, I tell him he’ll be the third, and with that he slides right in. Once he found his pace he began to play with my feet, putting them on his face and licking or sucking my toes, his pace quickened every time he did. I notice a couple of onlookers watching, guess he didn’t shut the door to the cabin I thought. I closed my eyes briefly to enjoy been used. I opened them again to find a guy about to finish on my face whilst my foot guy is still working my ass, before I could object his load hits me in the eye and covers it entirely. My foot guy tells me I look so good like that. I open my good eye to see another guy motioning to do the same, I nod and he gets himself close to my face and I help with with my free hand blow his load on me, it covers my eye again creating a thick layer of it. With that my foot guy sticks his tongue between my toes and blows his load in my ass. They leave and I lay there to catch my breath for a minute, as I stand my dreamy black guy enters and tells me he wants me too. I look down at his already semi hard but very large member and tell him, I’m usually really tight, he might not fit. He asks if I’m willing to try, I pause and feel all the cum on my face slowly dripping down and the cum leaking further and further down my leg and let the though of it answer for me. I agree to try. He pulls me down to my knees and looks at me, I start to get to work with my tongue around his tip and shaft, and feel him grow, after only a few moments, it gets very thick and I start to use my hand to help him and realise he’s almost as thick as my wrist. He pulls me and twist me round to bend over, he looks at me and changes his mind, puts me back onto my back, a little relived I pull my legs up to my chest. And he rubs his tip around my hole and I suddenly remember the TS girl, he lines the tip up. He enters, but only the tip, allowing my body to prepare for what is about to happen. He pauses, teasing me, and asks if others can come in and use my face like before. With no hesitation I agree, and he pushes the door open, the tip inside me, teasing me, I’d agree to anything and he knew it. He tells me once he starts, he won’t stop, no matter my pain and do I agree. I pause before I answer and I feel him start to pull out, I agree, and pushes the tip back in, he asks if I’m sure, I plead yes, the tease is too much. I tell him to fuck me, fuck me hard, just fuck me... I gasp as he pushes half way in, I look up and see him smiling. He pulls back out before re entering and slowing slides balls deep, I feel myself opening up and my eyes popping when I feel his balls against my ass. With that he’s away pounding my ass like a jack hammer, tip to balls, tip to balls, tip to balls. He pulls out entirely just to ram it home again, my body can’t keep up with gasping and moaning. Onlookers hear me and start coming in to watch, my bull tells them to use my face and hands, with that a guy starts cuming on my face as I feel another guy start to use my hand, my head starts to blur trying to keep up with everything. After five or six loads more on my face, I hear my bull grunt and grab both my legs, the pounding getting harder and harder, it starts to become painful so I push my ass towards him. He grips my thighs like a vice with his hands and pounds harder and after a moment grips my thighs so hard they’ll bruise before slamming his balls into me and I feel him blow his load as I squirt my own over myself. He releases my thighs a little whilst we catch our breath. Deep red marks from his hands remain, as it starts to bruise instantly. I tell him it’s the best I’ve ever had. He pulls slowly out, and sits on the bed, looks at me then his cock, I roll over and lay on the bed cleaning him off. He tells me I took it like a pro and he’d like to use me again as not many have took it as well. I tell him I’d like that and he asks what I’m doing for the rest of the night, I tell him I have no plans. He suggests going back to his for another round if I want to, he doesn’t sound very hopeful about his request but lights up when I agree to. He lives a couple of streets over. We leave the cabin, my face still plastered with cum and as I stand I feel the rush of cum escape my gaping hole down both my legs, I make towards the showers and he stops me, telling me how hot it would make him, if I left with my face covered and leaking out of me. He promises me I’ll be used all night if I do. I agree, throw my clothes on and walk out behind him into the night of the city.
Written by Gingerswitch

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