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Thursday morning

"Part 1."

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Author's Notes

"I'm very curious if you liked my story and if it made you excited to read it."

Thursday morning. The alarm clock rings at 4.30 am, it's time to get up for work.

Well, another boring day, I thought. It's time to get up, I reluctantly got up from the bed, I was only wearing my favorite boxers, my little friend was slightly enlarged,  hmm, I must have dreamed something nice, I thought, but there's no time for that and I don't feel like it. I quickly jumped into the shower to cool down my emotions, lukewarm water flowed down my skin, arms, chest and stomach, drops of water fell on my shaved penis, it finally fell down, I thought, it would be a bit tiring to walk standing up. For a moment I thought about my ex, if she were here she would definitely not leave me like this, but sometimes relationships fall apart. It's been about three years since everyone went their separate ways, I just hope that everything is fine with her.

Yes, it's been three years, who would have thought... And for three years, nothing, no sex, not good, I'm hungry for a woman's body. Once, over a bottle of whiskey, at the suggestion of a good friend, I set up a dating profile, I think it was Tinder, but unfortunately it turned out to be a failure.

Maybe it's time to look for something more spicy and that's how I came across an erotic portal, to be honest, I completely forgot about it until now...

Time at work passed very slowly, I couldn't wait for the shift to end so I could go home and rest. It was already evening, I sat comfortably in an armchair, poured myself a drink to relax and watched Netflix to improve my mood. About 40-45 minutes have passed, how boring is Netflix, I thought, taking a sip of the cold drink that was right next to me. If my EX was here, hmm, it could be quite interesting and romantic, I thought for a moment. No, no, STOP, stop thinking about her, what happened in the morning happened sporadically - I'm not in the habit of thinking about her, that's it. Time to go to bed, to a damn empty bed...

- ping, ping, the voice of the phone rang out. It's probably nothing important, I thought, I usually have the sounds muted, but this time I somehow forgot about it. Oh well, I'll take a look later and see who wants what. Time to shower and get into my boxers.

- ping, ping I could hear the phone again.

I got out of the shower and dried myself with a towel.

- ping, ping, it was the phone again, it was lying on the cabinet next to the bed, the notification LED was blinking, letting me know that it was some kind of notification.

Okay, wait, it's not on fire. I turned off the TV and jumped into bed. What a silence I thought, if so, hmmm no, nothing will happen, no matter who.

- ping, ping again. Okay, now I see what's going on in my mind. To my surprise, it turned out to be several notifications from an erotic website.

Hmm, interesting, let's see what's going on there, I wasn't counting on a miracle, I'm no macho, that women would flock to me like bees to honey.

I logged in, I haven't been here for a long time, I thought, but now that I'm here, at least I can enjoy it before going to sleep.

A few unimportant notifications, a few activities on the home page, a few photos, a few videos, a few visitors. I have always been interested in eroticism and carnal pleasure, basically since puberty and when I was married to my first woman, there used to be only pornographic magazines and now everything is at my fingertips, I smiled to myself. Okay, you can check what's going on here.

Involuntarily, I started browsing the content of the erotic portal. I haven't done this for a long time. I watched couples having fun with each other and women caressing themselves, I always wanted to take part in homemade porn...

Every now and then I glanced at the couples, watched as their hard cocks entered their wet pussies, as the men poured streams of sperm over their partners' hot bodies, there was sperm everywhere. On the face, on the cheeks, on the breasts, on the hard nipples, on the stomach, on the wet pussies dripping with sticky nectar.

Each pussy was different, small, large, shaved or hairy, sometimes with only a slight stripe in the middle of the pubis, I must admit that I don't have a favorite look, each pussy is beautiful in its own way. Just like the penis,

Written by rado_shot

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