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Multiple orgasm Stories

multiple orgasm

Canadians, Toby and Candice love to fuck people whilst away from home and last September they were back in Preston visiting family when we arranged to meet. We'd met several times previous and it was always great fun, we'd chat in hotel bar, a few drinks,...

Thursday morning

Part 4 -last-

I look at your photo gallery again, your shapely butt is beautifully flexed, in the next photo you expose your belly, I look down and I see a beautiful pussy. She is very shapely, her lips close beautifully, I imagine you are in front of me, your legs are...

Silly Billy

I couldn't believe that my wife could take his big cock

I could see his cock going in and out with the remnants of a broken condom on it.

How stupid was I. I had all these fantasies about watching my wife getting fucked by another man. On telling Raven about them she just brushed it off, although it did seem to improve our love making that night and the rest of the week. Every time I raised...


I came home from work and entered our house and found baby being obedient as usual (she's a good girl), kneeling on the floor , collar on and naked, 'how was your day Daddy' she asked, 'Very good, have you been a good girl while daddy was at work' I repli...

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First Time Multiple Orgasms

Another amazing evening with my Dom

After meeting up with my Dom after what felt like a lifetime we made our way to our Fet Club. Once there we grabbed a quick drink and chatted about how things have been (I have been struggling with lack of contact due to am learning to copy with it better...