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Canadians, Toby and Candice love to fuck people whilst away from home and last September they were back in Preston visiting family when we arranged to meet. We'd met several times previous and it was always great fun, we'd chat in hotel bar, a few drinks,...


🚿 48

Fucked by Simon

We spent Christmas Day locked up alone and Boxing Day with Anna's family minus Lotty, who is still in her father's bad books. New Year we are spending with my family. Then a visit to Simon. "Are you still shagging Jane?" I asked Simon over coffee. "Christ...


Anna's Trip

A night of pleasure

I dropped Anna for her flight yesterday. I did have lunch lined up with a girlfriend, but she had to cancel. So I am here hoping for some meets in York next mouth and chatting online with Star Hyke on in the background. They are a ship full of sex mad wei...



Fucking proof

It was about a month after I arrived that I was surprised. The Master ordered me to his lower office, I knew what that meant. On this occasion I was surprised. I always prepared to meet the Master, he invariably wanted to fuck me and he liked sloppy secon...

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and a rewards

I had met Virginia on holiday, and continued the relationship back in the U.K. We had met Kay and Donald for a weekend of sex. Later we met again but when she found me fucking Kay's ass, Virginia demanded that I take her home. Later I messaged Virginia an...


In my room

They both had me

Edga led me from the hall towards my room. I knew he wanted me, and he was going to get me. Outside the hall were communal showers, we showered looking at each other. We dried ourselves and Edgar picked up his iGate. "You are 723, leave anything here you...


At the Club

she was my slave

Lyn went to collect Anna and Adam from Gatwick. I did not expect them to come but I'm very pleased. They found it cold here after years in such a warm location. I lent them both warm coats. Lyn and I flipped a coin, Lyn and Adam got the big bed, Anna and...


Moving on

I met her husband

It was my first Saturday in my new house, as I drove past 47 I had a wave from the intruder from two mornings before and it occurred to me that I never knew her name. She walked down and said "hi, fancy dropping in for a coffee? I think ours will be more...


A 3sum

but not the one I intended

I had shared a man with my friend Kim, but she asked me if she could share my boyfriend without a rubber. The thought of Tom filling my friend and me with his seed made me gooey inside, but the thought of asking Tom scared me. What would happen if he said...


Memories 2

From loving wife to spunk-bucket

In the weeks following our cautious entry into the world of swinging, when my wife sucked off another man, our sex life was regenerated. She was insatiable. I surprised myself with just how often I could give her what she needed. When I was unable to fuck...

Looking for 3rd

I admit to husband wanting a mfm

Meg & Luke here. Having been together since our teens and now in our 30's. One drunken night I let go of my inhibitions and told my husband I had a dream about being watched by another man whilst we were having sex outdoors, this lead to my husband saying...