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Memories 2

"From loving wife to spunk-bucket"

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In the weeks following our cautious entry into the world of swinging, when my wife sucked off another man, our sex life was regenerated. She was insatiable. I surprised myself with just how often I could give her what she needed. When I was unable to fuck, I wanked or licked her to orgasm. She also masturbated frequently. She still wanted more and urged me to contact the young man that we had invited to join us last time. I texted him and arranged for him to come over, nothing was arranged other than that. He was up for fucking her, but not happy about not using a condom. He said that she was not his only 'old lady'. Cheeky bastard, she was thirty-five at the time. We assured him that we were clean. This was the first time we had strayed from the path. He said that he always used condoms with his 'clients', but was still reluctant. My wife stood and peeled off her dress. All she was wearing under it were sheer stockings, supported by a lacy suspender belt. She moved so that she was sitting by his side and kissed him passionately on the mouth while groping his cock through his trousers. When she came up for air, she said; "I want to feel your lovely big cock firing spunk up my wet cunt." We went upstairs to the bedroom. She undressed him sensuously, kissing his hairless chest as it was exposed. Looking into his eyes, she undid his belt, unzipped him and pushed her hand inside. I was sitting about a metre away, I had stripped quickly, I held my throbbing cock in my right hand, terrified to wank it for fear of it going off. I could see her hand moving inside his pants. She removed her hand and pushed down pants and underpants together, allowing his erect cock to spring free. She seized it and sucked it into her mouth, he said; "If you want it in your cunt, go easy on that." She released him immediately and spread herself on the bed, fingering her cunt, spreading it ready for him. He disentangled himself from his clothes and positioned himself on the bed bewteen her legs, cock quivering. I moved closer, kneeling alonside the bed so that I had a clear view of the moment of entry. She guided him to her wet entrance, lodging the tip inside. He pushed slowly, she groaned as his vigorous young organ stretched her. He fucked her hard and fast, she cried out each time he slammed into her. He gave out a sort of strangled roar as he came, firing his seed deep inside. She clung to him, arms and legs wrapped around him as her own orgasm racked her body. He stayed inside her for only a few seconds, he was still hard as he withdrew. Spunk clung to his shaft, strings of it still connecting his cock to her gaping cunt. He moved back, breaking the silvery connection, spunk welled out of her ravaged hole. He must have pumped a huge amount into her hungry gape. I pushed him aside, it was my turn. My cock needed no guiding, easily finding her entrance, it knew the way already. I will remember the moment forever, it felt wonderful, so warm and slippery. In my mind's eye, I could see my thick shaft, bigger and harder than it had ever been, displacing his cum as it slowly pushed inside. I only managed a few slow thrusts before I was adding my contribution to the mix, spurt after spurt jetting into her. I kissed her once, then, still hard, pulled out. I wanted to see the results of my efforts. The sight did not disappoint, her entire genital area was smeared with cum, globs of it seemed to pulse out of her. Her eyes were closed, there was a look of utter contentment on her face. Her right arm was crossed over her body, cupping her left tit, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. But it was not over, far from it. Our new friend was fully hard again, or perhaps still? He was wanking himself enthusiastically. Without changing rhythm, he turned to me and muttered; "That is so fucking horny." He knelt back on the bed, the movement triggerered my wife to open her eyes. She smiled when she realised what was about to happen. He slid his boner back into her slot, I swear that I could hear the squelch. Again he fucked hard, but this time for much longer. She encouraged him, saying things like; "Go on, fuck me harder, fill me with your spunk." He did just that, grunting with exertion. This time, when he was spent, he rolled off sideways, panting, body wet wth sweat. She remained spreadeagled, spunk flowing back out. There was a big wet patch beneath her. She looked at me expectantly. I was certainly hard enough for a second go, but could I come again so soon? I had not ejaculated twice in such rapid succession since I was a teenager. But I was determined to try. I re-entered. What bliss. Her arms and legs closed around me as I began my thrusts. Now it was my turn for her encouragement, and she did a superb job, unlike her previous loud urgings, meant for me as much as him, she spoke softly; "Can you feel it? Can you feel his spunk? Is it still warm?. Wash it away with yours, flood me with it, I only want yours in me, fuck me, fill me." It took a while, but I eventually managed a second coming. I felt filleted. I rolled off, fighting for each breath. I had done it. He had dressed while I had been fucking. My wife showed him out, I could hardly stand. I realised that I was lying in a big wet patch. This was our bed, our bedroom. We had not anticipated that we could not possibly sleep in it afterwards, but then, we had not planned for four deliveries of spunk. Fortunately, the twin beds in our spare bedroom were made up. I fell asleep almost immediately. The next day, my wife waxed lyrical about the experience. She said that she was unable to sleep, she had not washed, she had spent half the night masturbating with spunk for lubricant. "Your turn next," she said. "I want to watch you fuck someone else." Easier said than done, when we advertised for a stud, there were dozens of applicants, our request for a female brought few results, most of which we rejected without even meeting them. We did meet two possibles, but neither matched my, probably too high, expectations. If it was going to happen at all, it was going to take time and effort. We discussed it in great detail, paying for it seemed like going too far, a professional would possibly allow my wife to watch, but there was the condom problem, she wanted to see me come inside her, it was unlikely that a pro would permit that, and even if she did, would I want to? Option two was a hotel pickup. We tried it. I was surprised at how easy it was, but as soon as I mentioned the spectator, it was a firm "No." Option three was to find a couple, it turned out to be the easiest option, but there was still the difficulty of filtering out the no-chancers, this time doubled because I needed it to be someone I fancied, and my wife had to fancy the male partner. During the lengthy process of finding the right couple, we had reviewed our home setup. We needed a room where we could fuck and another for sleeping. We had a four bedroom house, three of which were big enough, just, for a double bed. We bought a small double for bedroom three, moving our office, or study, into the smallest of the four. We clamped together the two singles in bedroom two, which was en-suite, to make a big fucking platform, we tested it rigourously. We equipped the room as a passion palace, with erotic pictures on the walls, dimmable lighting and a large-screen TV for showing porn. The only thing that was missing was someone to fuck in it. We also discussed Locum-cock's lack of pubic hair, my wife had loved it. We decided to try it for ourselves. On the web, we discovered that there was someone just a few miles away who provided 'intimate waxing'. My wife called and made an apointment. She went alone. She was delighted with the result, as was I. The technician, as she liked to be called, operated from the converted garage of her own home. Yes, she did men, but only from recommendations. I qualified for this, but she only did men when her husband was at home and he was currently away on business, I would have to wait. She and my wife had hit it off straight away and they had arranged to meet socially. I was not included. They met on two occasions before, at last, it was my turn. My wife came with me, we were introduced to her husband. Mei was Eurasian, her father was British, her mother Malaysian. She was stunning. Her husband, Steve, entertained my wife while Mei led the way to her studio. She left the room while I undressed. She returned wearing a short white overall with press stud fasteners at the front. Several of them were undone, allowing tantalising flashes of deep cleavage. She began waxing, back first. When she asked me to turn over, I was sure that another popper had been undone, when she leaned over me to apply the wax, I could see her nipples. My cock, which I had been struggling to control, won the battle and rose to full erection. I apologised. She simply said that it was normal, and besides, it was out of the way when it was, "standing to attention." She coninued with her job, but my little friend would not go away. It was still hard when she had finished. "Persistant isn't he?" She quipped. "Shows stamina." To my astonishment, she wrapped her hand around it. She was wearing surgical gloves. The final part of the waxing process, had been the application of some kind of emollient lotion, her gloved hand was still slippery with it. She wanked me off quickly and expertly, my spunk shot into the air like a fountain, showering back down onto my newly depilated body. She calmly cleaned up with tissues and left the room, saying; "You can get dressed now." I was still reeling, I had just been skilfully milked by a woman i had met only a hour ago, with her husband and my wife, sipping drinks just a few metres away. She came back dressed as she had been before my treatment. "Do all your male clients get that personal service?" I asked. She replied; "Only very special ones." Back home, my wife was keen to see the new, sreamlined me. I stripped for her. "How was it?" She asked. "Fine," I replied, I had been dreading it, but I like the result." "How did you get on with Mei?" Well enough for her to wank me off, I thought. Should I tell my wife? They had become friends, would Mei tell her anyway? "She wanked me off." I blurted. She grinned and said; "I know, she told me. I hope she left enough for me, because I really need fucking, right now." I was more than happy to oblige. Afterwards, she told me that Mei and Steve were swingers. My wife told ber about her experience with our locum-cock and our subsequent quest to find someone for me to fuck. They had both been very drunk, I remembered her coming home that night, the driver had helped me carry her indoors. "Would Mei do?" She asked sweetly. Mei would do very nicely, just imagining what was beneath that white coverall had given me an uncontrollable erection, to be able to fuck her… I asked my wife if she fancied Steve; "Do I! " She echoed. "He's gorgeous. And Mei says that he has a cock like a battering ram. I fancy him alright." She said that she would arrange something. What she arranged was generous and loving, mindful of the fact that she had enjoyed to solo sessions and that our cunt-quest had been started for me to be able to catch up, she had persuaded Mei to meet us without Steve. My wife would watch me fuck Mei. Bareback. Apparently Steve was frequently away from home, his company supplied military equipment to friendly foreign countries. They both played away, with each other's blessing, but always safe sex. Steve knew about the arrangement and had agreed that this could be what he described as "A live-firing excercise." As the arranged date approached, I began to have cold feet. What if I couldn't perform? What if I couldn't get it up? What if I couldn't come? What if I dissapointed her? After all, she claimed that her husband had a monster cock, suppose my tiny todger was not enough? My wife rubbished my misgivings, saying that I was more than up to the task. When Mei answered the door, I realised that I had been wrong, I could have fucked her on the doorstep. Go to any town in Britain on a Friday or Saturday night and you will be treated with the spectacle of young women tottering drunkenly on high heels, displaying their assets with low cut, tight fitting, bum freezer dresses. Mei was wearing such a dress. Her tits pushed against the tight, thin material, soft, natural. Her nipples were clearly defined. No bra then. We were shown into her living room where she openened a bottle of sparkling wine and pured three glasses, then she sat down opposite. The short dress rode up her thighs. She raised her glass and drank from it, slowly parting her legs. The dress rode up further. I was now looking directly at her hairless cunt. My burgeoning cock was trapped in my clothes, pointing down when it wanted to point up, I tried, covertly, to ease it. I succeeded in freeing it, but failed the covert bit. Mei looked straight at my crutch, nodded, and said; "You're ready then?" She led the way upstairs to what turned out to be their play room, the sort of thing that we had tried to create for ourselves. The centrepiece was a huge bed. It had a fitted sheet stretched over it, an abundance of pillows, but no duvet. There was also a small, two-seat sofa. Mounted on the wall facing the bed was a large TV screen showing a slideshow of stills from vintage porn mags. "Unzip me." Ordered Mei, turning her back. I slid the zip down to it's end at her waist, she peeled the skin tight garment off and turned to face me, deliciously naked. She was similar in build to my wife, slim, quite tall, curvey where it counts. Her tits were bigger, round and high. Her large, dark brown nipples erect. The cleft of her cunt was visible, dividing her prominent mound. Everything was wrapped in lustrous, pale brown skin. She stepped forward and kissed me on the mouth, undoing my shirt buttons as she kissed. I undid my belt and flies and pushed my pants and underpants down together, then sat on the end of the bed to remove them and my shoes completely. Mei told me to lie back on the bed, bent forward and took my straining cock between finger and thumb, moving it about like a joystick. She was inspecting me for hair regrowth! Apparenly satisfied, she pulled my foreskin back, revealing the shining glans, with a bead of my sap which she removed with her tongue. She leaned down further and took my cock into her mouth, causing me to yelp in surprise. There was a gasp from the grandstand seat, I turned my head to see my wife, now also naked, sitting on the sofa, legs spread, fingering her cunt. Mei began to suck. As skilfully as she had wanked me. As good as it was, I would not be able to take much of this without erupting. I gently warned her, she seemed to suck harder. I told her that I was about to come, still she sucked. I exploded into her mouth, coating her back teeth with precious cum, cum that I had hoped to pump intoher cunt. She sucked and gulped it down until I was spent. She looked up at me, licked her lips and said; "Nice?" "It was," I replied. "But I was saving it for another hole, I wanted to fuck you." "And so you shall," she grinned. "I'm sure that there is plenty more where that came from." She told me to move over and lay alongside me. My wife handed us each a re-filled glass, then lay on the bed next to Mei, saying; "We are going to make sure that there is." She leaned over and kissed Mei on the mouth, not a friendly kiss, a lovers kiss. Mei responded putting an arm around my wife. Really? Where had this come from? I rolled of the bed and sat on the sofa, erect cock in hand. Mei's hand was now squeezing my wife's arse, that kiss as yet unbroken. Mei rolled my wife over, now she was on top, tit to tit, now it was my wife's hands squeezing Mei's shapely arse. At last, Mei broke this kiss, only to move down so that she could kiss my wife's tits and suck on her long, pink nipples. My wife's eyes were closed, a look of ecstasy on her face. I was by now, wanking at full speed, very close to another climax. I slowed it down, knowing now that I would be able to fuck Mei and fill her cunt with my spunk. Tired of tit, Mei moved down, kissing my wifes belly. Would she..? Oh yes, she certanly would, showering my wife's mound with kisses before going for the prize. My wife's body stiffened as Mei's tongue found her clit. I had to stop wanking and think of the lawn that needed mowing, so that I didnt lose it. I was more than ready for a second coming and very close to making a puddle on Mei's bedroom carpet, I felt that the lightest touch would trigger an unco trolled explosion. I stood and moved closer, my cock leading the way like a cunt-divining rod, I love to watch my wife's lovely face as she comes, I can't do that when I'm licking her cunt and she says that her best orgasms are tongue induced. I felt a bit left out, one ready and willing cock, two beautiful women. More interested in each other. My wife sensed my presence and opened her eyes, smiled at me and mouthed; "Fuck her now." Of course! Why not? My wife's cunt was in use, but Mei's was available. She was on her knees, arse upwards, a hand on each of my wife's tits, feeding on her cunt. I moved behind. Beneath Mei's ripe peach of an arse peeped the inviting cleft of her cunt, shining with her juice. I knelt and showered her arse with kisses, then licked all the way up the divide from clit to arsehole, lingering on the latter, before aligning my cock with her hole and easing myself in. I stayed as still as I could, savouring her heat and her small movements, responding by clenching my arse so that my cock pulsed inside her. My wife loved this, she said that she could probable come from this alone, if I could do it for long enough. It never happened, I had neither the patience on the self-control. And that was my problem now. I was teetering on the edge of ejaculation. How could I think of england when my cock was deepinside the cunt of a beautiful woman and that woman was noisily sucki g the cunt of another? I couldn't. I managed only a few deep strokes before my precious seed pulsed into her. But it was an epic come, seven or eight spunky bullets fired in quick succession, deep inside Mei's cunt. I managed to stay hard inside her for long enough to enjoy the rapturous contortions of my wife's face as the enjoyed a massive orgasm. Only when she started to dome down from the summit did Mei raise her face from between my wife's thighs. What happened next was mind-blowing, but this was a night for surprises. Mei moved forward, causing me to slip out, then walked on knees, straddling my wife's body until her dripping cunt was over my wifes mouth. My wife opened her mouth to catch the drips of spunk and cunt-juice, the raised her face to Mei's gaping cunt. Mei came almost instantly. My hard, sticky cock was back in my hand. But could I? Three times? My mind was saying; "Yes, yes!" My balls were saying; "Forget is sunshine." Balls won. We dressed in and left, thanking Mei for a wonderful evening and agreeing to be in touch. Only when we were home in bed did I ask the question that was torturing me; "Where the fuck did the lezzie thing come from and was that the first time?" This, in her own words, was my wife's reply; "No, it wasn't the first time. I had experimented when I was at college, doesn't everybody? I liked the gentleness of sex with a woman, but soon decided that there really is no substitute for a real cock. When I went for my waxing, I was terrified. As you know, I wax myself, but only my so called bikini line. What I was about to have was everything off. You know as well as I do how sensitive those outer lips are. It was going to hurt to have them pulled out. Mei was confident and reassuring, I liked her immediately. But I was shaking like a leaf on the couch, naked and exposed from the waist down. She distracted me by saying that the coverall got in the way and would it be alright if she took it off. Well, you know how distracting her tits are. She must have sensed that I was attracted to her. It didn't really hurt much after all, but it stung a little when she was done. I said so. She asked if she could kiss it better, she could see that I was really wet. Before I could reply, her tongue was up me. Afterwards she told me about her and Steve being swingers, would I be interested?" Her story had me hard from the beginning, her fondling it helped. As soon as she finished her story, she mounted me and fed my cock into her. To the surprise and delight of us both, I came for the third time that day. It was the first time that that I had fucked two different women in the same day. It would not be the last, Mei and Steve drew us into the life-changing world of swinging. But that's a very long story. I have the time if you're interested, I am at home on my own, my wife had a better offer and left, I am working from home and swinging is a big no at present. Furloughed from fucking.
Written by Noreen

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