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My first mfm experience

"Recollection of my first ever meet with a couple"

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"It is getting on for 20 years ago now. True recollection of my first ever mfm with a lovely friendly couple."

OK, so having read through some of the recollections on here I thought I would take some time to recount my first mfm experience.

I was in my mid 20's and discovered online sites similar to this one, and enjoyed the chatrooms and looking through profiles. I eventually got talking to a couple reasonably local, initially the male in chat where he retold many stories of fun they had got up to before moving to my area.

He was nearly 20 yrs. older than his wife, who in turn was around 10 years older than me. We chatted online via msn and messages for a few days after pictures had been swapped. She was cute, long dark hair and curves and stood around 5ft 2. Chat flowed and we all seemed to be getting on, and they broached the subject of meeting, suggesting an evening they were kid free.

The evening of meeting came, I was nervous, do they look like their pictures, would I find the address ok, would we do anything, all thoughts going through mind as I drove towards the village, they lived in. They told me they lived at on old windmill and you can't miss it, and sure enough I couldn't. I knocked at the door, bottle in hand and the hubby invited me in, showed me to the living room where his wife was dressed in a black dress with black holdups, and patted the sofa next to her for me to sit down.


I sat next to her, I could sense a lovely smell of perfume, and a nervous kiss on the cheek as we said hello in person for the first time. Hubby still stood at the living room door asks us if we would like a drink, and leaves to fetch them as the small talk between myself and the wife began to settle the nerves.

Hubby was very chatty, and once drinks brought through sits on the floor against the opposite sofa. He again indulges me in some of their past fun and goes into a little more detail about what they have got up to in the past and what his wife enjoys which makes her giggle and blush, or was that some of the drinks doing. After half an hour or so, hubby suggests a snack and says he will refresh drinks and pop a pizza into the oven to let his wife - S and myself get more acquainted.


S (the wife) had now become much more relaxed, as had I as they seemed a genuine and easy-going couple. S brought her feet up across my legs and suggested I give them a rub as she had been on her feet most of the day. I duly obliged and rubbed her feet still covered in tights/holdups. She continued to chat in-between saying how she was enjoying the attention. By now I was expecting Hubby to return, but he must have been delaying in the kitchen on purpose.

At this point S tells me that I'd be a first for them. I question how, to which she informed me they had not entertained a younger guy or someone who had not met a couple before. At which point she moves and leans in for a full-on kiss and hands move to each other’s waist. As we break from kissing hubby returns, pizza in hand and comments how he likes to see their guest is enjoying the hospitality.


Hubby takes his position resting against the opposite sofa, and we snack on the pizza and have another drink over general chit-chat. Once done, hubby clears up, gets some more drinks and on his return opens up a small box that has been on the floor next to the sofa, and asks if I am comfortable enough and if I wanted to play a party game or two, which I say why not.

So, hubby brings out the first game - a couple of store cards glued together. With S sat between hubby and I, he duly explains that we need to suck on the card and pass it between our lips back and forth along the line, and whoever drops it has to kiss. They had obviously had some practice as they did it with relative ease, whereas I struggled and dropped it several times, meaning S and I had to kiss several times. I began to master it, do hubby brings out the next set of scorecards this time 4 cards, with some small holes drilled in. This they dropped occasionally, but I couldn't manage once, so there was plenty of kissing, and with each kiss hands strayed.


As the kissing became more often, and longer each time as the cards kept being dropped hubby decided we should move on to the next game. Out came two dice, one was your traditional six sided, the other has more sides. He explained the game, again going back and forth along the line. One of us would roll the dice, the next in line had to do whatever the list of items a laminated card said, depending on what numbers were rolled, such as if a 2 & 7 were rolled it would be suck/nipple. Because of the tasks on the card hubby suggests we are over dressed and should remove most of our clothes, leaving just our boxers on, S removes her dress, leaving just her hold ups and full-on lovely matching bra and knickers. We roll the dice and the tasks vary, but are all done with a traditional sand egg timer, from kiss a body part, to stroke an area of the person’s body whilst they are blindfolded. As the game progresses the timer gets forgotten about ad the kissing and stroking goes on for longer, before I finally get one that says suck nipples of S - I remove her bra and release her ample breasts, nipples already hard and begin to suck and kiss them as hubby joins in and does the same with the other. Both our hands stray down her body and find she has her hand in her knickers, so we assist and remove them for her. Hands move back up to her thighs and higher, to find a trimmed pussy that S is fingering. She grabs my hand and directs it to find out just how wet she had become.


Although I had relaxed and began to enjoy the evening I still resisted slightly, I looked at hubby who just nodded and smiled gently in approval and the resistance in my hand subsided as S smiled. Her legs parted slightly and our hands ran along the inside of her thigh before feeling just how excited she had become. Her hand guides my fingers to her slide in, which they did with little resistance and as I did this, I could feel my cock stiffening. By now her hand has left mine and I am fingering another man's wife just feet from him, and her hand that had guided mine has now found my thigh and is working its way to my cock, she cups my balls and begins to glide up to the shaft where she rubs my pre cum and uses it to lubricate as the speed of her hand increases, as does mine, and we both begun to make small groans of pleasure. I'd almost forgot hubby was there, and glance round to check, he had once again resumed his position leant against the sofa, also hard and slowly rubbing himself whilst watching us have fun.


After my momentary thought of what am I doing the reassurance, I got from seeing hubby both horny and happy watching on put me at ease once more as I turned back to S who was almost pulling me by my cock towards her to the point, I was now close enough to kiss her, with my hand still exploring how wet she had become. Her legs now spread wider as she beckoned me between them. I duly obliged and continued to kiss her and my hand moves up across her curvy figure, over her stomach and towards her nipples, all the while still kissing and my cock still rock hard, the pre-cum almost dripping onto her thigh. The more we kiss the more she pulls me towards her with her hands on my butt cheeks, my cock brushing her pussy as she groans each time, she thinks it is about to enter her.


What little resistance I am putting up as she pulls me in towards her is finally beaten as she pulls me just close enough that as my cock rubs against her the pre-cum and how worked up, she has become finally has my cock slide inside her as we both gasp at the warm, wet feeling we both feel, a big grin across her face and she holds onto my butt cheeks as we build a slow rhythm, almost fully sliding out, before sliding deep inside again. At this point there is a mix of excitement of just how hot it is, disbelief I am doing it, and how we had almost forgot hubby was just feet away and that he was getting just as much pleasure from what he was seeing.

S still tries to pull me in deep, holding my butt cheeks as I try to move back to go for the next stroke. Sometimes I obliged and sometimes I resisted and almost fully pulled back before I glided back in with ease which almost always drew a gasp and a grin.

Hubby had been quiet but he moved round, closer to the side, still wanking himself and making small comments on how much he was enjoying the view, and talking to S asking how much she is liking her new friend.


The rhythm builds and by now S is hot and flustered and has removed her blindfold, the look of lust in her eyes wad wonderful to see, she looks across to hubby and again grins, giggles and mouths the words 'this is sooo much fun' and turns back to me and gives me the most intense kiss of the evening which seems to go on for much longer than it actually did. As we break from the kiss, I push my cock deeper to which she moans and bites her lip as she cums, which immediately has her throw her head back on to the floor. She lets out a big sigh and smiles, brings her head back up and gently says to me 'your turn now - I want you to cum in me' looks back at hubby and they both nod to each other and a knowing smile that they both want what S had just asked me for.


The knowledge that everyone was content with what was happening and about to happen was reassuring for a first timer with a couple as I was, and as the kissing and the thrusting became faster and more frenzied, I knew it would not be too long before I was doing what S had asked. Hubby was still sat close by was also building up speed. The moment happened and I pushed as deep as I could, her legs clasp around my waist, as I came hard, both S and I groaned with pleasure and our bodies had become clammy with sweat and what felt like the room and become 10 °C hotter. We have a long lingering kiss as we part for the first time in what felt like ages, and almost immediately hubby has replaced me and plunges his cock which he has been wanking constantly all the time we were fucking into his wife and her cum filled pussy.


This was not something I had thought about when arranging to meet my first couple, but there was something a little surreal watching a couple close up, first hand and knowing I had just done the same as what hubby was now doing.

There was no doubt it was exciting to see, whilst my heart rate started to settle back down, although my cock was still semi hard watching them feet from me. It wasn't too much longer before hubby also came and added his spunk to mine. Again, as the guy came S was compelled to kiss the guy who had just filled her. It wasn't long before were all sat up against the sofa, wiping brows and taking a moment to compose ourselves.

Hubby then gets up and suggests that we all deserve a drink as we take a few moments. I did think the moment after would be awkward, but we all had a drink and continued chatting as we had before. S again sat near me and we both were stroking one another's leg as hubby sat opposite to take a good view. We must have taken half an hour to chat and have a drink, and the soft gentle stroking began you have an effect on my cock once more as it began to harden. S noticed this and her strokes along my thigh began to get more lingering and higher up before brushing against my hard shaft.


I had assumed the evening would be coming to an end however S seemed to have other ideas and kept looking at hubby as she began to stroke my cock once more. She leant in and kissed me, before getting up and going across to hubby on the opposite sofa, legs straight and bends towards him to kiss him, before telling him she was taking me upstairs for some more fun. She walks back towards me, puts her hand out and leads me upstairs where we head to a bedroom. (I assumed not the marital bedroom as it didn't have that feel, but a double bed and a dimly lit side light all the same.) We climb on the bed where we kiss once more before S lays down and explore her body with my mouth and tongue, along her stomach, her neck which seemed to drive her crazy and even down to her feet before running my lips up her legs, along her thighs as they part more and more for me and before I know it, I am at her trimmed pussy and licking and kissing her.

I look up along her body, past her hard nipples that I am reaching up to play with and can see she is biting her lip, eyes closed and soft but gentle groans of enjoyment.


We kissed once more and she commented on how she could taste us all after I had been lapping at her pussy. S then pushed me down onto the bed and got a stride me, doing very much the same as what she had done before, teasing her pussy with the head of my hard cock before sinking down onto it, gently rocking and rising on it, her breasts were quite large and moved with her motion as I try to tease her nipples. S then grinds down, grins and picks up her speed until she is riding as fast as she can, I'm ready to cum once more in minutes. S cums almost the same time as me and shakes as we both explode before she collapsed down on me and we both kiss each other’s necks.


We took some time to recover, laid there looking up at the ceiling, again idle talk, S asks me about girlfriends I have had and why I'd not tried something like this with them, and she tells me a little more about themselves and how long they had been together and how they got started and a bit about why they had moved up from down south.

Finger tips were brushing my body and I unconsciously was doing the same to S, as she explained that she often got to play upstairs with a guy as hubby stayed downstairs, and that they had even had guys stay the night and she would sleep in the same bed as them and leave hubby to sleep alone. I found all this quite bizarre at the time, but it worked for them and they came across as a very solid couple.

I noticed clock in the corner and could just make out the time, it was getting on for morning and I had work, I turned to S and said I should really be going, at which her response was to move from brushing my body to concentrating on my cock with her fingers before saying ' just once more before you go' and she went down my body and began to suck my cock like nothing else, She was really good with her tongue, swirling the head and shaft, sucking my balls and a great rotating hand movement that made me rock hard, before she looked back up at me and said I knew you wanted to go again. S got on all fours and asked me to fuck her from behind, and I duly obliged, this was the first time the bed had really creaked as we went at it, and I remember thinking hubby is going to enjoy hearing this. It was at this point I noticed the door was ajar and there seemed to be shadows moving outside it, he's not only hearing it, he is seeing it I thought. The pace picked up and S buried her head in the pillow as we cum, I pulled out and my spunk almost instantly oozed and down one of her thighs before we took a few minutes.

I made my excuses, and this time really must go, to which S said OK, and we went back downstairs. It almost felt like a walk of shame as my clothes were downstairs and I'm heading back down into a virtual stranger’s house to someone sat on the sofa Hubby was sat there, playing with his cock and casually turned and said it sounded like we had fun, even if I did know he had seen what fun we had.

S was stood in a dressing gown and it was the first time I realised she was short in stature, not much more than 5ft, she told hubby she had enjoyed her first young meat, and how he was going to enjoy how sticky I had left here. I felt my face redden slightly, but we all giggled and as they showed me to the door hubby shook my hand and said come round again soon, S gave me a long lingering kiss and reiterated that it should be soon, and I went on my way.

We met up several times after that, nearly always playing out a similar scenario of chat, games, play, fuck before leaving hubby downstairs, and a couple of times hubby was away at the weekends and I got to enjoy S alone, before I had to move away and the distance became impractical. Now I have moved back to the area I often wonder if they are still at the windmill. I've driven past it a few times with work, and if they still get up to mischief, as I think back to the fun and the relaxed atmosphere, they built for my first mfm fun.

Written by MaverickV

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