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Bar Stories


Who Is Winding Who Up?

One night. A bar. Myself & Jen. It's not true, but it's reality. Part two will be published if Jen is a good girl. Let's hope she's a good girl.

I know you want me. I can tell, just by looking at you and how you look at me. The striking thing for me is, the look never goes away. It's on, 24/7 and I don't understand how. But I accept it. Like right now, in a crowded bar. Everytime you look at me, i...


Fastest I ever went from chat up to fuck

How a horny slut got the cock she needed...and I never even knew his name

This won’t be the most exciting story out there, but it is 100% true. Although I’m now a respectable (stop laughing at the back) married woman, in my younger days I was a wild, wet, willing slut. My husband doesn’t know 1/10 of what I got up to before we...


Interview with a cougar.

I tell my story to a stranger

Some years ago, I spent three months in the United States, in North Dakota to be precise. In winter. I didn't do much sightseeing, the company kept me busy five and a half days a week, they wanted their pound of flesh. It was dark when I left work and ind...

French clubs - Paris

The joys of a night in Paris

Well my stories started with the Cap D'Agde and I will no doubt return there at some point (in writing or hopefully in person). Paris Swingers clubs can be pretty challenging for a guy on his own. Trying to find the best clubs takes time, money and patien...

Man potato

A replay of wife’s affair the final ....4

Wife doesn’t send video she does it live !!!

It had been a year since my wife’s last video. We were getting into a moral life of work and running kids to their games and practices. It was another normal day at work, ding!! I looked at my inbox and saw a email from my wife, it just said go to the hot...

Wierd Phone |Sex

Discovering she loves other men

Me and my Wife have been on the swinging scene for a long time but we are not intensive swingers. We usually go to big organised parties and clubs in and around London, we have played with a few couples outside the party scene and also done a couple of nu...


What a birthday

Wendy find's a hobby

My wife Wendy woke me with a wank. A wonderful way to be wakened. She was sitting up in bed, supporting her weight on her left hand, wanking me with the right. She smiled down at me and said; "Happy birthday husband." She swung a leg over me and guided my...

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Super Sloppy

Hubbys present

I walked into the hotel bar. Monday night, plenty of candidates. The bar girls were doing good business. I selected my target and waited impatiently to catch his eye. I smiled and nodded. He smiled back, hesitated, then came over. "Can I buy you a drink?"...

Looking for 3rd

I admit to husband wanting a mfm

Meg & Luke here. Having been together since our teens and now in our 30's. One drunken night I let go of my inhibitions and told my husband I had a dream about being watched by another man whilst we were having sex outdoors, this lead to my husband saying...

Brian - me and 2 ogglers

Fun in a gay club with 2 ladies watching

The girls were enjoying the show

I was away on a training couse in Blackpool , it was only an attendance course but one to add to my CV . The course was fun with plenty of laughs , banter and drinks you do. Ive been to Blackpool a few times , i know its got a gay/...

The Golden Years

Short but true stories from my younger days,still think about these now and even tried to recreate one occasion

Starting in 1990 an eighteen yr old me goes off to rep for a holiday firm based in Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzorote the usual crowds of young guy/girl groups 18/30 in the clubs,I fucked my fair share of weekly visitors. The slightly older people 40 plus dri...

Playing pool

Playing pool for a dare

No gangbang, no huge cocks, just a bit of clean dirty fun. Neither of us are regular drinkers, once or twice a year maybe, but we do go to pubs. We have regular venues where they have live music, open fires in the winter or just somewhere to sit and chat...


Casual Coffee Turned Naughty Reunion

When your gf bumps into a uni friend...

Just a heads up, the names are changed for obvious reasons... So, as a bit of background info. Rebecca is a 5ft 4”, dark haired, stunning woman, she’s incredibly sexy, classy and has a gorgeous figure, I’m talking, although bius, 10/10 with a lovely latin...