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Lesbian Stories


Surprise seduction

how Gail turned Jane

Gail was waiting for us when we entered my flat. “Abigail.” Jane declared with surprise. “Hi Jane.” Gail welcomed Jane with a kiss on the cheek. “How is your husband?” “He is well, thank you. Would you like a job in California?” Jane offered her bribe. “T...


🚿 83

or how we fucked and swapped

“Where is Fria?” Will asked. “She is out with a date.” Anna informed Will. “Are they coming back?” “Get you Will, after Fria's man are you?” Maddie asked. “No. I was just asking.” “You can try Tony's cock if you like.” Anna offered. “No, I was just asking...



Setting the cameras

“It's not a very nice flat.” Emily complained. “It's not meant to be. We will get a few sheets from local estate agents. Your cover is you have just arrived in Canada.” “It's not the best part of Ottawa, but it's not ruff, and we have the flat up the corr...


A request

and a play

We had been open for about a year and became popular. Luca was sitting in my office. “I'm bringing James B**** tomorrow night. I want him to have the best, the best food, the best drink and the best women.” “We only have the best Luca.” I confirmed what h...



Two women

Elaine asked “Did you enjoy watching us Archie?” “Yes I did, but I enjoyed playing with you more.” “I expect you did.” Gail concluded. “So you don't mind.” Elaine asked. “Why should I?” “This one is a keeper Abbey.” Elaine stated. “You don't mind?” Gail a...


🚿 80

Black Mountain adventure

Monday Anna and I are on a business trip to Montenegro for a week, just the two of us. We are leaving Fria and Clare behind. We found our contact waiting as we walked out of customs holding our names high. She was an attractive blonde. “Can I help you wit...


What do I do ?

Am I normal

I have a story to share , the names have changed , this happened a few summers a go I'm 31 I have got a really good job so normally behave myself. My name is Sandy I'm size 12 , 5ft7, 34C and shoulder length blonde hair and told attractive. I am divorced...

But I’m married Pt7

The end of the night and when I got home

So here I was, thinking that’s the end of the story, Pt’s 3-6 all happened last Thursday, October 29th and other than a text on Friday night from Eve saying that she missed me and could smell me on the sheets, I was still wondering what the gift was in my...

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