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Straight Male, 54
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Currently, only the male meeting, will update when this changes and the account has been changed to match current status.

Meeting straight couples, bi couples and females.

Also, I regularly meet a mutual single F from here, she's in Preston and we will meet couples as a couple, if that's your preference.

I've had a few arranged meets with couples, each occasion has been special, I love being invited to join couples and can't wait for a "several male meet, eg MMMF, MMMMF or more.

One thing that I never really understand when I read other peoples profiles is when they highlight no married people. I personally think that some of the most beautiful, sexy and intelligent people are married, I adore married ladies, plus if increases discretion if secrecy is your thing.

Andy and Lois

My very sincere apologies if we've sent you a quick "wink" or a "like", we're just navigating our way round this site and beginning to understand that it upsets people, so sorry about that.

We don't mean to be irritating, It's not because we're lazy or can't be bothered, it's just that we've taken time to read your profile and really like what we see.

Also, we're still working out whether to subscribe to this or other sites, it appears we can't message without subscribing first.

So hello everyone, we're really looking forward to chatting, learning, hopefully meeting some of you and above all else, making great friends.

We're Andy & Lois and very new to this site, although not completely new to the swinging scene, although not experts by any stretch of the imagination.

We're here looking for singles/couple to make friends with, get to know and really enjoy each others company, we know this environment is saturated with males so please don't contact us. If we want male activity, we'll contact you.

We've learnt a little bit about meet ups and etiquette, we're totally respectful of all needs, thoughts and decisions and not pushy in the slightest, whatever happens, happens! Whether that's full on fun, a meal out, a glass of wine on the patio or a brew and a chat. You'll be happy to hear that we're impeccably clean, dress well, very professional with our work, considerate to all options and we mean your options as well as ours.

We'll be putting some pics on shortly, but will place them into the private folder and we'll forward them if you want them. We're quite a private couple really and would like to keep our private life separate from our work life.

So historically, Andy was introduced to swinging by a fantastic lady we met whilst Andy was working in India. We became great friends and then one night she took us to a party, turned out to be a private swinging party in the suburbs. She seemed accomplished, she knew all the guests and we were introduced.

I loved it more than Andy, I was hooked straight away, it took Andy a little longer and we became part of India's swinging scene and I couldn't get enough of it. The people were lovely to me and the sex was amazing. We found that I love to watch Andy give oral, I like to be watched or be part of group sex.

Each new meet was exciting, making eye contact with the couples in the room followed by a smile is such an erotic turn on, not knowing who was going to make a move or not.

Her introduction entered us into a whole new world, experiences and friendship which we'll never forget.

So, back in the UK, North West and looking to be introduced to something similar here, we're led to believe it's very active here in the north.

So, we're really looking forward to chatting, hopefully meeting and having fun, we don't have a particularly passion, although Andy loves Indian/Asian ladies, although this is not exclusive and if you like what you see and read, please get in touch.

We're completely happily with a "like" or "follow", or a lovey message.

Andy and Lois.


A great couple


Adult parties
Erotic writing
Group sex
Making videos
Oral sex
Outdoor sex
Role play
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Age: 40 - 100
Distance: 200 miles