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Sub Stories


Their first meet

A short story of a couple’s first meet with an obedient sub

Being this couple’s very first meet, they were understandably nervous and very specific in their instructions. I followed them to the letter. I arrived exactly on time and walked straight through the front door without knocking which was left unlocked rea...


First Time Multiple Orgasms

Another amazing evening with my Dom

After meeting up with my Dom after what felt like a lifetime we made our way to our Fet Club. Once there we grabbed a quick drink and chatted about how things have been (I have been struggling with lack of contact due to am learning to copy with it better...


My first MFF threesome

An online chat turned into so much more

I'm a bi male. Normally quite sub. For a while I had been chatting to a girl, Amy, online. Few horny chats. Have told her a few encounters I had preciously had as well as fantasies with girls and guys. One night she posted she was out and horny, i was hom...

Subs New Master Part 1

A subs encounter with his new master

The sub is instructed to find his way to his master’s house, the garage door is left open, the sub is told to open the large garage door and strip naked. He walks out of the garage into a shared driveway at the back of the houses; he knocks on the door of...