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Alfa-Romeo and Juliet.

"In-car entertainment."

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My dream car was a 1992 Alfa-Romeo Spider.  I can see some of you wrinkling your nose, but I had very personal reasons for wanting one.  I paid a car finder to track one down and he found one.  Red.  Perfect.  Convertible.  Perfect.  Left hand drive.  Not perfect.  And it was in Italy.  But our little group of very close friends, agreed to travel with me to collect it and to turn the trip into a holiday.

When I say close friends, I mean really close.  We are swingers.  Well, wife swappers really, to use an old and non P.C. term.  Two couples who share, my wife Rosie and me, Adam and Juliet his wife.  At short notice, we had found a villa on one of the lesser known Italian lakes, about an hour and a half drive from Turin, the spiritual home of Alfa-Romeo and where 'my' car awaited.

We travelled together in one car, belonging to Adam.  We took two days, stopping overnight.  For the overnighter, we slept in our own beds.  The villa was great.  Quite small, but secluded and it had a pool.  It was out of town up a hill, but with a good view of the lake.  The next day, we drove to Turin to pick up my new toy.  It was gorgeous, just what I'd dreamed for.  This was already a good holiday.  But it was raining.  Despite the rain, Adam's wife Juliet claimed first ride in the Alfa.  I had to stop to fill the tank, so we agreed to meet up back at the villa.

The sun came out as we fueled, so I put the top down.

"What do you think of it so far?"

I asked Juliet.

"The car?"  She said.  "Its alright, a bit sexy, but not much room to fuck."

I smiled.  My personal reasons for wanting one was that it took me back to my college days.  There was a girl, Bianca, from a wealthy Italian family, who had one.  Red, convertible, left hand drive.  And we certainly fucked in it.  And with her leaning over the bonnet, and alongside it in the long grass.  But I said nothing.  Rosie said;

"We should be sunbathing by the pool, not driving on a main road."

"If I take the old road," I offered, you can recline the seat, get your tits out and sunbathe as we drive."

The old road was deserted, except for the occasional small village.  Seeing Juliet's lovely tits on display, tits that I had played with on many occasions, was having the usual effect on my cock.

"Are you feeling horny?"

I asked.

"I'm always horny.  I want to suck your cock.  I want you to come in my mouth, I want to feel your spurts hit the roof of my mouth, I want to swill your spunk around to taste it, then feel it slide down my throat when I swallow it."

She was feeling horny.

"Close your eyes," I said.  "Think of most extreme, filthiest fantasy.  Nobody will ever know what you're thinking, just let go.  If you need co cover up, I'll tell you."

She closed her eyes.

"Touch yourself."

I said.  Her hands went to her bare tits, squeezing them, pinching the nipples.

"I meant touch your cunt," I said.  "Put your hand down your shorts, inside your knickers."

She grinned and pushed her right hand inside.

"Is your cunt wet?"

She nodded.

"Push the two middle fingers into you cunt."

I ordered.

"That feels good," she husked.  "A cock would feel better though, or a tongue."

"Put your other hand inside, put your index and ring fingers either side of your cunt and touch your clit with the middle finger.  Finger-fuck yourself and wank at the same time."

She came very quickly.  But she had been halfway there anyway.  Her cries of ectsasy were lost in the wind.  She licked to fingers of her right hand and offered the right hand to me to suck.  Sweet, salty cunt juice.

"Your turn now," she said.  "Have you got a hardon?"

"Silly question."

"Get it out, wank yourself off."

"Not while I'm driving."

"I'll do it for you then."

"Not while I'm driving."


"If you say so, but I thought you wanted to swallow it"

That got her thinking.

"You can make some more."

"Not today, I fucked Rosie last night and again in the shower this morning before breakfast."

"Pull over somewhere then, I'll give it mouth to cock resuscitation."

I found somewhere shaded and private.  The feel of her lovely lips around my glans was heightened by memories or Bianca's around it, also in a red Alfa  twenty years ago.  It worked  despite my recent ejaculation, Juliet's skillful ministrations produced another.  True to her word, she took it it her mouth, swilled it around, savouring the taste, then tilted her head back and allowed it to slide down her throat. 

This was going to be a really good holiday.

Written by Harrycot

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