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Erotic writing Stories

erotic writing

Camping 7

The newlyweds arrive in style and are very pleased with the accommodation.

In the afternoon a police patrol car festooned with pink ribbon and pink balloons some tied rather suggestively two circular balloons with one long thin balloon arrived with two beautiful brides sat in the back. They both had stunning dresses on. As they...

Camping 6

Another couple learn about this campsite with a difference

After we left Linda and Tricia enjoying each other. We had plans of our own. After our shower I placed a pillow under my hips to lift them slightly. With Lexi extremely rampant beside me I opened a condom and rolled it on her length. “Steady darling or I...

Camping 5

Our foursome get a visit from the girls in blue

The remaining part of the day was mostly uneventful. Lexi and I changed a couple of gas bottles on the static caravans. We did get some looks from the women, not sure if it was jealousy or envy. Perhaps it was just lust. We did inadvertently flash stockin...

Camping 1

Things get really intense when getting help putting my tent.

I had been visiting this cottage for several years, long before it got closed, then repurposed to become a business unit. I had been sat inside reading the graffiti and viewing the drawings of guys with over large genitalia wearing stockings, suspender be...

When it all comes together

Inspired by a conversation with a sharing husband here, on SH

It was with a mix of anticipation and not a little trepidation that I entered the bar of the hotel on the outskirts of town. Scanning the seating area, looking for Debbie and Ben, hoping they were already down in the bar, as arranged. The room was awash w...

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