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impromptu threesome with the late wife and her old friend

Mandy slipped out from under me as my husband continued to stroke my pussy with his cock

The summer of 2012 my late wife's best friend returned home to Coventry after spending two years in China. She was eager to see her. 2 weeks later she was landing in Birmingham airport so we booked a hotel near there and set off to meet her. Mandy I didn'...


The sleepy town of Forston is pretty far from sleepy!

So here is Part 1 of HOT AND FUZZY (there was part 0 if you missed that). It’s a very obvious homage to HOT FUZZ, as such there will be spoilers for the film, and it is an eight part story in total (including part 0). I hope you enjoy… Day 0 Expulsion fro...

Who says Conferences are dull?

An imagined encounter at a conference that delivered more than expected.

The conference was dragging. Like you could feel your will to live slowly and inexorably being wrung from your now lifeless husk of a body, listening to 6 hours of presentations on the latest wheezes in international tax compliance will do that to you. Bo...

The late wife and her work friend and me new years eve

I slowly pulled my cock out and dropped on the bed next to Sue. Kim remained on Sue with her ass still pointed in the air. Sue kissed me and told me how much she loved me.

One of the new years I remember very well. This happened I think about 2011 if I remember was a long time ago My late wife Sue and I were swingers. We spent a lot of time looking for couples and singles online. The ever elusive single female remained just...

Lonely Lady Biker - Not So Lonely Now

A quick meal followed by some fun with a stranger

Sarah and I headed for the restaurant next door to the hotel. I followed her behind so I could watch those lovely big hips wiggling in her red dress. We quickly arrived at the restaurant, I stood behind Sarah, holding her hips firmly. My heart raced when...


Wife to Slut; The beginning

Giving my best friend to my husband, our first FFM

My husband is my modern day version of Mr Darcy, so I will call him that. I am a modern woman juggling a serious job that is now based at home, with kids and a house. As much as we loved each other, the lockdowns and home schooling had been difficult. We...

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I fuck Aimee whilst my wife Ann looks on.

As I came inside Aimee, I looked up to see my wife sitting on a chair legs apart as she fingered her pussy still swollen and leaking spunk….

My wife Ann and I have a relaxed attitude to sex. Ann my wife has four kids, one by me (our first), one by my brother in-law (our second), and our last two by unknown partners. I have three kids that I know of, one with my wife Ann (our first). One with D...


House Company

Three was the magic number

Melanie lay in bed watching television. She wasn’t really paying too much attention as some rubbish about cooking lobsters was on. Very dull. Thing is, she’d headed to bed early in order to avoid her flatmate, Jane. She’d left earlier on to go on a date w...


Second Awakening

Making up for lost time

I woul like to tell you about an incident which was my second awakening, possibly as significant as my first. In "Awakening." I wrote about how Richard prised me out of my shell, using his very capable cock. Fast forward to 2009. I won't bore with too muc...


So further to the third part of “Being hired out for the gardening”, I am lying naked on Marjorie’s bed with her and my wife T, they are talking like I am not there, both in the glow of a good session in which I fucked Marjorie and both of them had enjoye...


Being hired out for gardening…Part 3

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So I am lying there blindfolded and naked my cock is straining it is so hard, I have my wife and her friend pretty much naked in the same room as me except for their stockings and so far my cock has seen little action, I think this is about to change, the...


Being hired out for gardening

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So my wife (T) had lots of friends who were a bit older than her, T is 55, most of her friends were 60+, they all enjoyed a good social life, lunches out, dance classes, days out. I didn't know much about too many of them other than their names and a litt...


And then there was three

Girlfriend invites hot friend to join us

My girlfriend, Sally, and I were at another friend's party, when my girlfriend saw me looking at Debbie's arse. It was no wonder that just about every man there was looking at her. The shorts she had on were so short a copious amount of her arse cheeks wa...