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"A quick meal followed by some fun with a stranger"

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Sarah and I headed for the restaurant next door to the hotel. I followed her behind so I could watch those lovely big hips wiggling in her red dress.

We quickly arrived at the restaurant, I stood behind Sarah, holding her hips firmly. My heart raced when she pushed her bottom back into my crotch. I whispered in her ear ‘you’re so fucking sexy I could take you right now, in front of all these people!’

She replied ‘I’ve only been watched once before, and it was hot as hell!’

We sat down at our table, ordered a couple of soft drinks, and waited for the waiter to take our food order.

I asked Sarah to tell me about when she was watched. She said she was at Uni, and shared a room with her friend Abi. Sarah had brought a lad back to the room, not expecting Abi to be there.

They were both drunk so got down to business and had a quick fuck whilst Abi watched from her bed.

Apparently Abi was incredibly open-minded and just wanked whilst watching her own real life porno!

This gave me an instant stiff cock. I told Sarah ‘I wish I was there, I’d have fucked both you and Abi!’

She giggled and said she wished she’d been more open minded when she was younger.

The waiter brought us our food, and we promptly ate it and paid the bill.

We left the restaurant and decided to go for a walk around the small lake near the hotel. It was a lovely warm evening and we sat down together on the grass shore.

We shared numerous kisses, and Sarah whispered that she wanted me to fuck her there in the great outdoors!

I was more than happy to oblige, I laid her on her back, pulled her dress up to her waist, and could smell how wet she was! I pulled her thong to one side and she abruptly said ‘just fuck me, get that cock of yours and just fuck me hard before anyone sees us. It won’t take me long to cum!’

I undid my jeans, pulled them down, grabbed my hard cock and guided it into her sodden pussy. It must’ve taken just 3 or 4 minutes for her to cum hard.

We were just sorting ourselves out when we spotted someone watching us! It was one of the waitresses from the restaurant who’d come for a walk on her break.

She was a tall slender Blonde woman, who must’ve been in her late 40s. She was wearing a white blouse with black skirt and black hold ups. She said in broken English ‘very good show, but Madame you have not finished with him’ and pointed at my throbbing crotch.

She then proceeded to tell Sarah to suck my cock whilst she watched. Sarah obliged whilst the woman kept watch for passers by.

The woman loved it when Sarah swallowed every last drop.

I asked Sarah if she fancied a dirty night, as I reckoned the French woman would be up for it.

The woman approached us and said ‘when I finish there (pointing to the restaurant) in an hour, I’m coming for sex. Meet me 1 hour’ and then walked off!

We both looked at each other, and Sarah said ‘well we best to freshen up!’

We both returned to the room for a quick shower, and Sarah decided she wanted to get changed again.

Sarah removed some more underwear out of her bag and said ‘I was going to save this for later in the trip, but I need to make sure I look better than Madame back there!’

Sarah looked amazing. She had a purple lace bra, thong and suspenders set. I clipped some flesh coloured stockings to her suspenders, took a step back and proclaimed ‘Wow!! You’re fucking beautiful, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. I wish my wife would dress like this!’

I then helped her into a light blue blouse and white skirt.

We headed back to the restaurant. Madame was waiting there and said ‘you made me want you earlier. I always get my own way. I’m going to give you French welcome’

She turned to Sarah and said ‘my husband is in bar with friends, so you don’t mind sharing yours?’ Sarah replied ‘he’s not my husband, ive only known him today’

I asked Madame her name, she said ‘Just call me Madame. Now take me to your room’

She took Sarah’s hand, and I followed them both on the short walk to the hotel. We entered reception and Madame said something to the receptionist in French who winked at her.

We got to our room, and Madame asked to use the toilet.

I wanted to double check with Sarah that she was ok with this. She said she was just gonna go with the flow’

Madame came back into the room wearing just her underwear. She had a black lace bra, black g-string, and black hold ups.

My jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe my luck! I always prefer curvier women, as feeling all that loving flesh wobbling around sends me crazy, but Madam looked amazing as she still had a wobbly bottom and a little belly.

She walked over to Sarah and helped her out of her blouse and skirt. Madame was mesmerised ‘you are real woman. You are so so sexy, very sexy’

With no warning, Madame grabbed Sarah’s face and kissed her passionately. Sarah looked at me, and shrugged her shoulders, pulled Madame closer and returned the kiss.

I could’ve watched those two all night, but Madame signalled to me to come over to her. She kissed me put her hand in my boxers and started tossing me off.

At this point Sarah was just watching. She told Madame to use me as her toy. Madame pushed me down onto the bed, straddled my head and got into the 69 position. I pulled her thong to one side and started licking her warm, wet, slightly hairy pussy. Madame took me in her mouth and started sucking me and wanking me at the same time

I then felt another tongue on my ball bag. It was Sarah. She’s released her amazing 36E boobs and I can feel them on my thighs whilst she’s licking my balls.

Madame comes up for air, and Sarah takes me in her mouth instead. Madame turns around to face the headboard and I took the opportunity to pull her thong down and off. She straddles my head, and I carried on licking her pussy. I then moved to her arsehole and she loved it

Sarah was still working on my cock when Madame climbed off, and told Sarah to ‘watch’. Madame said ‘sodomize moi’ which I know from watching French porn means she wants me in her arse. I’ve often wondered if all French women like this.

Sarah passed me some lube, I rubbed some on my fingers and massaged her arsehole with it. Sarah then put some on my cock.

Madame was on her knees, then readjusted into a doggy position. I slowly slid my cock in and started fucking her arse.

Madame instructed Sarah to come in front of her. Sarah leaned against the pillows, parted her lovely chubby thighs and started to play with herself.

At this point, Madame started to finger and lick Sarah’s incredibly wet and pungent pussy.

It wasn’t long until Madame came hard, so hard that she squirted quite a lot. I pulled out and she took me in her mouth until I came in her mouth.

Sarah had been left out a lot because Madame wanting ass fucking.

Madame got off the bed, and went to her bag. She pulled out a small dildo, instructed Sarah to get on all fours and started fucking her with it.

It wasn’t long until Sarah came hard, this made me rock hard again. Sarah wanted me, so I slid my fat cock inside her, grabbed her hips, and fucked her hard until she came again, and I shot my load inside her.

Sarah collapsed on the bed trembling, I asked Madame if she wanted another fuck. She declined and said she best take a shower and leave. I joined her in the shower whilst Sarah slept, and escorted her to the exit.

She said something to the receptionist in French, who looked at me, bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath. Madame left.

I scurried back upstairs. Sarah was awake again and said ‘Did that just happen? You’re so naughty! I’ve never been licked out by a woman. I’ve never seen someone come so hard off anal sex either. I’ve not lived. Maybe I’ll get to taste some pussy next time?’

And we both fell asleep. We needed to be up early to ride to the Moselle to meet Sarah’s friends.

(to be continued

Written by SecretCouple2016

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