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"The sleepy town of Forston is pretty far from sleepy!"

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Author's Notes

"Part 1 (8 parts in total)"

So here is Part 1 of HOT AND FUZZY (there was part 0 if you missed that). It’s a very obvious homage to HOT FUZZ, as such there will be spoilers for the film, and it is an eight part story in total (including part 0). I hope you enjoy…

Day 0

Expulsion from Paradise

  “I didn’t ask for this!” Melissa, my wife for the last seven years, yelled at me.  She was looking at me with angry tears streaming down her face at the bad news I’d been forced to give her.

  “I didn’t either!” I shot back.  Of course I had no choice in the matter.  I was a newly promoted police sergeant.  I had to go where they sent me and now I was being sent to Forston, Somerset, in the middle of nowhere, seemingly as punishment for being too damn good at my job and making my fellow colleagues look bad due to my exceptionalism.  It was a far cry from the bright lights and entertainment of the big city, but Mel was far from understanding.  

  “You’re clearly not bothered about what it does to us, what this does to our marriage?!” Mel spat back with fury.  In truth, she wasn’t wrong. We’d been coasting for four years now, the pandemic had just revealed the cracks in our relationship and tore them open.  It wasn’t that Mel wasn’t attractive, she was VERY attractive.  Her long straight black hair that slung low to halfway down her back, her big brown eyes that were so dark they were almost like black holes pulling you in, her full yet perky boobs, her squishy biteable ass marked her out as the kind of woman any man would want, but, for months, I didn’t, and I couldn’t work out why?  “You love the FORCE more than you love me!  Deny it!”

  “That is not true!” I retorted.  I did love Mel …a little …still, and I didn’t love my job at all.  It was just what I did to pay the bills.  True, I was good at it, remarkably so, but it was just a part of me.  My relationship with work was about the same as I had with my kitchen cutlery …functional.

  “We’re losing our family, our friends, we’re losing everything!” Mel cried.  She was still in her work gear of white blouse and black pencil skirt which amplified everything right about her, and she was right about this also.  We were losing a hell of a lot and gaining nothing but quiet.  The funny thing was that years ago we would have considered this to be our ideal.  Just me and her out of the busy city, the two of us, together.  I missed those better days and the people that we were, rather than what we had become.

  “Look, let’s think about this logically.  You can work from home, there’s less money you’ll have to spend on the commute, the promotion is more money for me, there’s a cottage that comes with the job and I believe it’s won village of the year …so many times the residents have lost count,” I state, giving her the same spiel the guys in command gave me.  Mel was still crying but this seemed to calm her down.

   “I’m gonna need a week to get things sorted here,” Mel replied, wiping away a tear.

  “Thank you,” I replied, moving to give her a hug and being met with a stern rebuttal as she exited the room.  I watched her leave, her ass moving side to side as she walked away like a model, but rather than feeling hot and bothered I just felt …nothing.  We could try again in Forston, but it would be like applying a band aid to a broken neck.  I went over to my bedside table and picked up the other big thing whose opinion I valued in life, my magic eight-ball and asked what was on my mind.

  "Are Mel and I gonna make it?" I queried and shook it furiously, the waters settling before a new triangular shape appeared and stared back at me.

  Cannot predict right now

  Christ!  Even the eight ball had little good news for me.  It looked like we were done, and nothing could change that.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

8 years earlier


  The breeze took the edge off the summer heat and made soaking the rays more bearable.  We would probably still burn a little but I didn’t care.  I’d brought Mel out here on a summer picnic in the middle of nowhere for one reason only, to ask her to marry me.  My nerves were kicking in a little as we lay on the big tartan blanket that was a gift from her mum.  The food had largely gone and we’d already demolished the first bottle of red.  Mel was led on the blanket, but resting on one elbow, she had a lustful look in her eyes, her crop-top looked like it was struggling to hold her in, her low slung jeans gripping her hips in exactly the same way I wanted to.  I kept telling myself the time wasn’t right but eventually I knew I was just procrastinating for the sake of it.  I should just get on with it and propose.

  “There’s some dessert in the hamper, I’ll go grab it,” I said, as I made a move, before Mel grabbed me by the lapels on my short sleeve shirt and pulled me on top of her.

  I’d rather just grab you!” Mel stated as she kissed me, her hands quickly moving underneath my shirt.  I was sorely tempted to let this happen, but I knew this was the moment.  I removed myself from her, reached into the hamper and brought out an ice cream tub, opened it up, and removed the ring case.

  “HUHHHH!” Mel inhaled upon seeing the case, her hands raising to her mouth.  I moved onto one knee and opened the box to show her the yellow diamond ring (responsibly sourced, just like she wanted).

  “Mel.  We’ve been together three years and in honesty, I’ve loved every day with you.  Will you do me the honour of making me your wife …I mean being my husband …I mean ...well, you know what I mean, right?” I asked.  Mel started to laugh and put the ring on her finger, stared at it a few moments, then launched herself at me.

  I fell back on the grass as her mouth met mine, her hands holding my face in place, preventing my lips from moving anywhere else except being pressed against hers, her hips mashed against me as her tongue moved inside.  I moved my hands through her hair that felt like spun silk in my fingers, it was then her hands moved from my hair and started pulling at my clothing, buttons flicking off my shirt as she pulled the two sides apart, my hands yanked her top over head as we continued to kiss.  We stopped temporarily to remove our jeans and unders in one smooth move before our bodies mashed together again in a furious union, Mel’s hot skin on mine as her lips pressed hard against me, my fingers squeezing and stroking her skin.  I rolled her over, picked her up and threw her back in the grass, a startled scream escaped her lips as she moved through the air.  I then moved swiftly and buried my face between her thighs, my eyes meeting hers as she smiled down at me.

  That smile.  That smile when it was flashed your way was something you wanted to see more, and my tongue was making good on that as I used it to explore inside her wet pussy lips, dragging it round and savouring the taste of Mel on my tongue, my hands gripping her tanned thighs and locking my mouth in place over her snatch as her hands cupped my head in place also.  Mel’s juices covered my lips and chin as I lapped away at her, soft moans escaping as she writhed seductively, her breaths heavy as she gently stroked my hair.

  ”Oh, Mike …promise …promise you won’t stop …UH, GOD ...doing …this,” Mel asked as I nodded against her slit, letting my tongue press  long strokes against her, my hands moving up to her breasts, the nipples tweaking between my fingers as I swirled my tongue inside her, her body quivering as I feasted upon her, wanting more of her delicious self on my tongue, squeezing her nipples between my thick fingers and drawing soft mewling cries from her as my tongue encircled her clit.

  "I want ...URRR ...I ...NGGHH!  I need ...I need you," Mel gasped as I lowered one hand and stretched a digit inside her seeking out the curve inside her hot self, sliding my finger ever onward as I drew my tongue up over her clit, my head moving from side to side as I did so, her breathing getting shorter and shorter as she started to cum.  "Mike ...No ...I need ...I need.  RAAAR!"

  Mel roared defiantly, pushed herself off the grass and pushed me onto my back.  Her face between my legs holding my thick, solid self up for inspection before licking slowly and deliberately at the end, then taking me inside her warm, wet, welcoming mouth.

  I watched as my now fiancé locked eyes with me and sunk her mouth down to my waist, wearing a sultry expression on her face, her head moving back as she worked my rod with her mouth and hand together, her naked, heart-shaped ass rising out of the grass behind her.  I mouthed my love for her as she continued to gobble me down and lick up my shaft whilst one of her hands slowly moved my foreskin back and forth, her other hand was between her own legs working herself still.  I watched as her naked ass wriggled in the air.  I could tell she was getting hungry for me, whenever she got itchy, like she couldn't keep still it was time for action.  Mel moved her mouth down to my right ball and sucked it inside her mouth.  I rolled my head, momentarily surrendering to the sensation of my fiancé's hot mouth surrounding my gonad as she rolled her tongue around it.  God, it was fabulous.  She took me out of her mouth with a pop and said "I love you," before laying back in the grass, her legs spread wide with the fingers of her right hand playing with her snatch, whilst the fingers on her left hand beckoned me over.

  ”Do it my favourite way," Mel said.  I did not need to be asked twice.  I moved over on my knees and yanked her legs in the air, a yelp escaping involuntarily from Mel as I did.  I positioned myself at her  pussy and held her legs so her feet rested on my shoulders, my hands holding her in place at the hips as I slammed inside her, my hips pummelling hers as her back curved downwards, her shoulders rubbing against the grass and her arms by her side as she relinquished control and allowed me to take her.

  “Oh, Mike!  Where on earth …MMMM …did you get …Oh Jesus! …this stamina?” Mel asked as I continued to move inside her, my hands holding her in place from the tops of her thighs.  Her cunt was gripping my cock every-time I plunged inside her, the delicious wetness like entering a hot living room from a cold winter's eve, that feeling of being physically enveloped by the person that you loved.  Goddamn, there was no feeling quite like it.  I watched Mel's face as she lazily allowed herself to be fucked by me.  She said she loved watching my muscled torso plough into her, I could see her eyes move to my crotch as I rammed inside her.

  ”Cum in me, make me pregnant," Mel implored as I began to increase my pace.  I looked into her beautiful face and for a second as the sweat dripped down me, as I looked at Mel's beautiful trimmed bush, her flat stomach, her misshapen boobs due to her awkward position and wanted to give myself to her entirely, to fill her with my seed, to grow something inside her, to hold her hand while she birthed our child, in that moment as I fucked the living daylights out of her and saw that future I could feel my rod begin to twitch and pulse as my orgasm teetered every nearer, I was seconds away from giving her everything she was asking of me when I pulled out and watched as my cock exploded all over her stomach.  I let go of her legs and moved her gently to the floor before lying down on the grass next to her.

  "I'm sorry," I said as I got my breath back.  "I'm ...I'm just not sure yet"

  "It's okay," Mel replied, in that way women do when it's pretty fucking far from okay.  I should have just given her what she wanted then.  Looking back I now realise that it was that moment more than anything that doomed us.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Present Day

  “Hello, is that Sergeant Michael Angelo?” a cheery voice enquired down the phone, as I sat on the train, halfway through the six hour journey to Forston.

  “That it is?  May I ask who this is?” I asked back.  I assumed it was a fellow officer as news of my promotion wasn’t something a telemarketer would know.

  “I’m chief inspector Frank Forrester, just thought I’d ring you up and introduce myself,” my Chief Inspector stated in that easy-going manner of his.

  “I’m sorry, sir.  I didn’t realise I was talking to a superior officer,” I apologise.  The last thing I want for my latest posting is a bad start.

  “Oh, don’t worry about that, after all, you don’t start till tomorrow,” Frank chuckled.  “No, I’m ringing with some news about the cottage.  I’m afraid it needs fumigating as there’s a rat and insect infestation.  I’m afraid you’ll have to stay at the local hotel.”

  My heart sank on hearing this news.  My wife Mel was far from thrilled over the move and this news could well hasten our split.  I could just see it now.  She’d come up from London, spend two days bouncing off the walls in this crappy hotel and then return leaving me here permanently.  This was the weird thing about our relationship.  It wasn’t working and we’d grown so far apart that we were completely different people from those giddy twenty year olds that fell in love, but I didn’t want to actually lose her either.  Our relationship made no sense, but the precariousness of it made complete sense.  I didn’t need this extra bad news and felt furious over yet another shitty turn of events, but responded in literally the only way I could under the circumstances.

  “Very good, sir.  Thank you.”

  I hadn’t even arrived yet and it had already been a day.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I arrived in darkness and all the old fuddy-duddies that probably lived here were off the streets.  Most likely they were all at home drinking cocoa and watching their soaps.  The hotel was everything I imagined it would be.  It looked like a miniature castle, complete with Tudor-style, leaded windows and a stone front.  I went inside to find that my instincts were as sharp as ever.  Lots of dark wooden furniture, heavily stained with varnish and years of nicotine filled the hallway, a patterned, Victorian rug greeted visitors and someone was sat in a chair facing a fire, snoring violently as the flames roared magnificently, the yellow waves of heat cavorting furiously, even managing to send wafts of heat over to me who’d just walked in.  

  This magnificent room was wrapped around by a staircase that led to the upstairs rooms and a narrow passageway that overlooked this ornate and decorative anteroom.  I looked around and could see a small, cubby, reception room with a bell and another chair facing away from me, with a huge plume of red hair visible from the top and sides.

  “Hello.  I believe you’re expecting me,” I commented, trying to be helpful.

  “You’re right, I am expecting you…BIG BOY!” A female voice came back as she spun on her chair and spread her legs wide, revealing a short skirt with no underwear beneath and an equally red bush, her already wet pussy showing between her black stockinged thighs before she pulled her legs together and moved them back under the reception desk. “OH MY GOD!  I am SO sorry!  I thought you were my husband, Shaun!”

  “I …you …erm …I,” was as much as I could say in that moment as words failed to materialise from my mouth before my flashing hotel landlady spared my blushes by speaking again.

  “You must be the new sergeant!  Wow!  You’re much more handsome than the last guy,” my landlady retorted while raising her eyebrows and leaning forward revealing an awful lot of ample freckled cleavage.  

  “Thank you, but I am married,” I replied, holding up my ring.

  “Shouldn’t let that stop you having fun, should it, Shaun?“ she asked the sleeping figure who just snuffled and gurgled before carrying on sleeping.  “How long have you been in the force?”

  “Service,” I mumbled.  “I’ve been in this role for around seven years”.

  “Seven years.  Wonderful,” my landlady replied.  “I’m Sylvia Sadler, I take it you had a pleasant journey, COCK!”

  “I beg your pardon!”

  “British version of the American word Roosters, five across,” Sylvia stated as she brought her crossword over and began to began to write as I glanced at the clues.

  “If it’s Roosters with an S it’s probably cocks,” I suggested.  

  “Cocks.  Nice,” Sylvia responded with a mischievous grin.  “Now I’ve put you in the honeymoon suite as we were advised about you’d be arriving with your wife.  Where is she by the way?”

  “She’s …er …coming next week,” I said, trying to remain enthused about the situation.  “But, thank you for asking…FANNY!”

  “I’m sorry?” Sylvia remarked with raised eyebrows.  I was starting to feel like I’d walked straight into a ‘Carry-On’ film.

  “First name of TV chef, Craddock.  It’s nine down,” I replied, helpfully.

  “Thanks.  I owe you one,” Sylvia replied with a wink as she handed me the room key.  I smiled politely back as I then attempted to navigate the narrow passageways with my two large suitcases, and make my way to the honeymoon suite.  As I looked about I realised it could be worse.  The bed was a double four-poster.  I moved my hands over the posts to inspect the damage I could see from where things appeared to have dug into the wood, like ropes or chains or something.  Like someone was held here, maybe against their will, maybe not.  I was already curious about my landlady and this had piqued my interest even further.  I looked about the room further and in the drawers came across a humanist bible called “The Good Book” (never seen one of those before), some lubricant (thankfully unopened), a 12 pack of condoms (same) what looked like a black sleep mask that turned out to be an erotic blindfold and a…personal massager.

  “What the hell is this place about?” I asked myself as I flopped down on the bed, staring at the ceiling whilst the water pipes chugged in the wall behind me.  I checked my phone to see if I’d had a message from Mel, and in spite of the high bars for 4G there was no “good luck” or “hope things are going well”.  I thought for a moment before sending her a text myself.

Arrived safe.

Missing you. X

  I watched as the SMS went to 'delivered' status and waited.  For a few moments the dots appeared indicating that she was replying back and I waited anxiously just looking at the screen, until the dots went off and no message was received.  The lack of words made me feel hollow inside.  A message received, a reply started and then ditched for whatever reason.  Did she not care?  Was she with someone else?  Her pay was more than mine even with the promotion.  I could only shake my head in disappointment as I considered the depressing state things had gotten in.  I stared up at the ceiling for answers but as it provided none I decided to explore the village a little to see exactly what I was getting into.  I slung my jacket on and headed down the hall, a slew of closed doors with strange suite names marked my path until I heard something that stopped me in my tracks.

  “Mmph!” a noise emerged from behind me.  I stopped and pressed back against the wall.  I could see one door, slightly ajar.  

  “Hmph!” the sound came again.  It could be someone hurt or in trouble.  I had to help.  I could not stand idly by whilst someone was in need of assistance.  I moved to the ajar door and pushed it open gently so I could see inside.

  There, lying on the bed naked was a young woman, her long, blonde, curly hair strewn across the pillow.  She was moving a vibrator against herself between her thighs, her hips rolling against it.  Her eyes were closed as she bit her bottom lip and moaned into the air.  I could feel my heart start to beat in my chest as I watched her.  She was clearly lost in her own fantasy.  I’d loved to be able to see into her thoughts, it was at that moment that she opened her eyes and stared right at me.

  I looked away and gestured to close the door.  It wouldn’t look good for the new police sergeant to be reported as a peeping Tom, but as I moved to secure her privacy she shook her head and gave me a timid smile.  With that she moved a hand to her right breast and continued to work the toy against herself.

  “Mmmm!  That works!  Oh god that …oh yeah,” she softly moaned as she gazed my way.  My cock felt like rock watching this and I moved my hand to feel it through my trousers.  I was taking a huge risk if discovered but I couldn’t help it.  The young woman’s eyes moved down to my package then back up to my eyes, the smile expanding as she started to move with more urgency.  “Oh God, oh yeah, oh, that’s it.  I’m cumming, oh, God, YES, YES, YES!”

  She raised her hips off the bed as she moved the wand against herself, her eyes on me.  What was she imagining?  That I was the one there with her, that I stripped off in the corridor, came into the room, removed the vibrator and slid inside her, because I knew that's what I was imagining.  Oh my word, that body was something.  It wasn't lean like Mel's and her boobs were smaller but it had that newness to it, that hardly been touched look that suggested there were still corridors of pleasure to be opened up within her.  I wished I was in there, riding her or her riding me, I was watching her buck against her battery powered assistant and just knew she would love to be fucked strongly, urgently, pinned against a wall with her legs in the air as someone powered inside her.  Her eyes met mine as she moved her fingers inside herself and shot a snarling, wanton expression my way.

  "Jesus!  HOLY FUCK!  That's ....HMMMMMM!"  She went silent and her body tensed as she felt the orgasm take over, her nipples erect, her eyes closed, her stomach tight, her neck taut, before releasing the toy, relaxing on the bed and re-opening her eyes and gazing wantonly at me, all I could do was stare back.  The sight before me was incredibly tempting, but I was a married man.  I’d made a vow to forsake all others and that’s what I’d do whilst we were together.  The beauty on the bed gestured for me to come in, but all I could do was shake my head and point to my ring.

  “Okay, it's my turn now!” another female voice stated from inside the room and out of my line of sight.  There were two of them in there…at least.  I had to get out of there.  I could maybe get away with being a creepy voyeur with one person but not two.  I darted down the hall and made it through the exit door before I heard someone say “hey”.  Hopefully they didn’t see enough of me to be able to work out who I was.  I strode through reception and out into the night.  

  The village square was still, the only murmur being the electrical hum of the streetlights.  The shops and public buildings were all closed, save one, the one house that’s always open in every town and village across the U.K…The local public house, AKA the local pub.

  “Ah, you must be the new police sergeant for the local force?” inquired the landlord, a burly man who matched my six foot height, with a ruddy friendly face and hay-coloured, short hair.  He was the latest village inhabitant who was far younger than I would have imagined anyone in this village to be.  One more in a long line of pleasant surprises thus far.

  “I am, but it’s actually the Police service,” I corrected him before extending my hand.  “Sergeant Michael Angelo.  I officially start tomorrow.”

  “I’m Martin Middlesmith, and this is my wife, Michelle,” Martin replied before introducing me to his wife, a stunning brunette who was bursting out of her white blouse, a black bra beneath being conspicuous by its visibility. 

  “Ello,” Michelle said with a lilting French accent.

  “Ah, I guess I’m not the only out-of-Towner here, then?” I commented with a nod.  “How did you two meet?”  

  “Oh, many years ago now,” Martin began the story with a loving look at his buxom beauty.  “This one came here as an exchange student and never left.  I guess it all worked out well for all.”

  “Well for all,” Michelle responded, giving her husband a kiss, then another, then they began to French kiss, their hands travelling over each other’s bodies as they were moaning into each other.  I looked around to see if other regulars were paying any attention to the spectacle on display, but the few people that were in seemed to be more interested in their drinks than what was happening behind the bar and now Michelle had her hand down the front of Martin’s trousers whilst his hands were wrapped around her fully-clad boobs.  Michelle's hand started to move up and down as Martin moved his kisses to her neck as he slid his hands inside her skirt.  I looked around again to see who was paying attention to this but everyone seemed too busy to notice.  I looked back and now the skirt was raised and Martin's hands were in his wife's panties squeezing her ass cheeks.


  "Oh, oui, martine, oui,  Oh, l'amour, mon cheri.  Ne t'arrête pas!" Michelle exclaimed as Martin moved one hand from her ass to her back under her blouse and the other hand down the front of her underwear.  "OH!" Michelle cried as she started to pull on him more passionately.  Part of me was transfixed by what was happening ...but ...I was also a representative of the law and such a covetousness display could not be allowed to go any further.

  “AHEM!” I coughed to alert them to my presence.  They disengaged and straightened themselves off, with Martin heading away but not before smacking his feisty wife’s backside.

  “Ey!” Michelle cried to Martin as he walked away, chuckling.  “I am sorree.  What would you like?”

  “Tonic water with ice, please,” I ordered as politely as I could.  I was tempted to order tap water but feared there was something in that affecting the area.  First the incident at the hotel with the receptionist, the open door in the hotel and now this.  When I arrived I thought this would be a sleepy little hamlet with retirees and sewing circles, but there was nothing sleepy about this Hamlet, this Hamlet appeared to be doing anything but sleeping.  I may have exited the city but there was certainly action at every turn, just not the action I was expecting.  I saw the local paper on the counter with an interesting headline on the front.


  "Does this paper belong to anyone?" I asked, loud enough that those around could hear.

  “I think you’ll find that has been left here as rubbish,” a tall man, around 6 foot 5, stated from across the bar with slick, black hair and a villain’s moustache and an outstretched hand.  “I’m Byron Butcher, manager of the local supermarche.”

  “Sergeant Michael Angelo,” I replied, shaking his hand, or rather trying to.  it was more like he was shaking mine.  “What do you mean?”

  “Well let’s just say that Raymond Wright, who is also a county councillor from a different district has turned our local paper into little more than a propaganda rag for him and his wealthy friends,” Byron replied with a disgusted look at the headline.  “If he carries on like this I think his days are numbered.  Catch you later, Sergeant!”

  Byron headed out of the pub with a wave, leaving me behind with yet more questions and increasingly few answers.  I looked around at the locals in the pub, none of whom seemed to be committing any sort of infraction and decided to move on in my exploration of village life, looking back behind the bar before I exited and into the small living room that must have been cosy for Martin and Michelle only to stop in my tracks as the two of them were canoodling yet again but this time in a far more pronounced state of undress as Martin's trousers were round his ankles and his average cock exposed to the air with Michelle's hand moving up and down its stubby length, whilst Michelle had done with her blouse and her tits were now balancing on top of her bra with Martin sucking on her left breast his eyes closed in delight.  

  It was their home so I couldn't really say much and who was I to ask them to shut the door as I stood there watching them.  Michelle then looked out to me, standing there, feeling like some kind of peeper or stalker and then winked, smiled and gestured me a kiss with her lips as she breathed her pleasure into the air, before closing her eyes and letting the moment take her as Martin stood upright, kissed her and moved his hand down the front of her black underwear, moving his hand like he was sliding his finger inside her, her head rolling back in delight as he did so.

  I was starting to find my breath difficult to come by myself and knew if I didn't move then I'd be mortared in place, unable to take my eyes off the display in front of me.  I headed out and breathed the night air in my lungs as deeply as I could.  This town was sending my own sex drive through the roof and the one person I wanted to share it with wasn't here to take it out on.  

  I headed over to the fountain to toss a coin and make a wish, flicked the pound coin, watched as it soared through the air, hit the brick work around the water then bounced inside.  

  "Make a wish, Michael," I thought as the ripples made their way to the edges.  Did I believe in magic?  I believed in my eight-ball that was about it, but not in God.  So, with praying to some omnipotent being on a cloud not being an option.  and bearing in mind the magic eight-ball could only answer my questions, a wish was all I had right now.  I thought about Mel back in London and wondered what she was doing right now.  Was she with another guy while I was here?  Was she with another woman?  I'd heard tales about the shenanigans that occurred in her office, was she with more than one person?  My own subconscious was torturing me now as bodies pleasuring my Mel flashed in my mind, sweaty, men and women with Mel in the middle of it all.  I closed my eyes and wished as hard as a non-believer could.  "I wish Mel and I could work things out."

  At that moment the phone in my pocket pinged.  I got it out and looked at it and there, lighting up the screen was a message.


Glad you landed safe.

Missing you, too. X

  "YES!" I shouted into the air.  

  "Yay!" an inebriated female voice shouted back.  A young woman in her twenties walked out of an alley wearing only a skirt, her breasts uncovered as she jumped up and down celebrating my win.  What was it with this place?  "Well done.  You won!"

  "Excuse me!" I started in my most authoritative voice.  "Do you mind putting some clothes on!"

  The young woman looked around, put two fingers up, pushed out her tongue and went "PLLLLLLLT!"

  I'd had enough at that stage, she may have planned to stagger home in that indecent state but I was not going to let this pass.  I strode over to her, placed my jacket around her curvaceous figure and held her gently by the shoulders.

  "I think you need to come to the station, and it would be really good if you'd let me know where it is," I commented, before a naked man exited the alley with a woman who was missing her skirt.  "Oh for fuck sake!"

= = = = = = = = = = = =

  On the way to the station I managed to pick up three more scantily clad revellers enjoying the weekend.  The only thing I could think was there was some kind of sporting win for the town that had sent everyone into a frenzy.  We all went into the station to be met with a duty sergeant enjoying a book by Richard Bachman (whoever he was).  He had a kind face, a beard and a friendly demeanour that was ideal for his role within the modern police service.

  “Ah, I take it you’re the new sergeant.  Sergeant Angelo, I believe,” he intoned with a cheery manner considering the lateness of the hour.

  “That I am.  Is there some kind of sporting event taking place today that I should know about?” I enquired, earnestly.

  “Well, the bowling green was open earlier,” the sergeant suggested unhelpfully.

  “Right,” I replied before booking in the six individuals for various acts of public indecency (what was it with this place?), all before my first day on the job technically (part of me worried that I would be reprimanded for arresting people before my official start date, but I pushed that feeling aside).  With my colleagues' help the process went relatively smoothly and easily and I made my way back to the hotel without incident.

  As I entered the building I wondered if I would encounter the same open door I had earlier as I walked down the corridor, thankfully this time it was closed and so I made my way to the honeymoon suite embarrassment-free.  I stripped off and brushed my teeth, looking myself up and down in the mirror.  All the voyeuristic activities over the course of the day had left me feeling horny as hell and that was reflected in my semi-hard state.  I figured the best thing to do was lie back in the four-poster and knock one out over my favourite fantasy of me and Mel and her best friend, Jenny all engaging in a three-way.  It never failed to get me off.

  The fantasy always started the same with me coming back to the flat with a bunch of flowers only to find Mel and Jenny not in the front room as they usually were, chatting and giggling whilst finishing a bottle of wine, however in this fantasy I come home to a pair of jeans on the sofa and a top leading out towards the kitchen.  I followed the trail of clothes and found a skirt, another top and a bra, trailing through the kitchen but no people, then in the bedroom I'd see another bra and two pairs of panties leading to the bathroom where I could hear the water spraying downward but hearing it hit a softer surface.  I enter the bathroom only to be met by a sudden burst of steam, like an old pea-souper as the warm water meets my skin.  

  I turn the corner and there in the shower is my beautiful wife, her long black hair, slick down her back, kissing Jenny, her blonde friend in the shower, their hands roaming over each bodies, their skins in complete contrast from Mel's tanned torso with long legs and small body, to Jenny's shoulder-length blonde hair over her milky white skin with a longer body but shorter legs.  Their hands moved the soapy foam over each other's skin as their mouths softly touched each other, their eyes closed as their hands slid over their soapy, soaked skin.  It was Mel who took the dominant step and moved her hand between Jenny's legs and started to rub her index finger over Jenny's clit as she kissed her friend's neck, Jenny moaned into the air as Mel moved her hand up and down gently over her nub, her other hand round her friend's back holding her upright as their boobs mashed together, Jenny's handfuls being no match for Mel's globes.

  "Mel, you're so good at making me ...UHHH! ...cum!" Jenny squealed with a broad, pleasure-filled grin stretching across her lips as Mel's fingers increased their pace.  By now I was solid as I was gonna be, my skin so hot I had to strip off to cool down, my hands removing my clothes as quickly but as quietly as possible so as not to disturb these two heavenly creatures from enjoying this incredible moment.  Mel moved her mouth down to Jenny's breasts and took the textured nipple in her mouth, suckling on it as she sighed at Mel’s attention.  By now I was stroking myself watching them pleasure each other as Jenny reached down towards Mel’s quim.  Mel straightened up and allowed Jenny to move her hand ever downwards, her eyes opening and noticing me standing there, ready for my cue.

  “Hey, honey.  What kept you?” Mel asked as Jenny looked lustfully at my wife before sliding a finger inside her and eliciting a groan of bliss from her as Jenny’s fingers toyed inside her, the hot water matching the heat from their flesh.  I move to the shower door and open it up, both women look at me and smile as I enter with Mel wrapping her arms around my shoulders, her hot, soapy body pressing against me as I move in for a kiss.  The shower water is running down our bodies as my hands grab her ass and squeezes as I push her body against my solid cock, my length upright between our bodies as I feel her move gently up and down against me, the water and our bodies making a delightful friction.  Mel stops the kisses, moves back to her friend and kisses her some before walking round behind her.  "Why don't you show Jenny how much you like her, Michael."

  "Hi, Jen,"  I say as a friendly greeting before moving through the water to kiss the gorgeous blonde.

  "I can't believe we're doing this," says Jen as I move my hands over the suds on her body, before moving in closer, our lips meeting for our first ever kiss.  It had been years since I'd experienced a first kiss with someone but this was one worth the wait.  Jenny's kisses were softer than Mel's as I felt her hand go round my cock and start to softly move up and down.  I open my eyes and they instantly meet with Mel's on the other side of Jen, kissing her neck as she cups her boobs.  Mel raises her eyebrows at me and moves again, this time lowering herself down to waist height.  

  I felt her hand grab my dick from Jenny and looked down to see her roll my foreskin back and kiss the end, while she also moved her hand up Jenny's leg, making sure she paid attention to both of us at the same time.  That's my girl.  Mel then kept stroking my rod but moved her face between Jenny's legs, kissing gently up her thighs before moving her face under her bushy hair and feasting on the sweet lips beneath.  Jenny lifted her head up but placed her hands on Mel's hair, her face inches from mine.  Jenny had a lidded, lustful expression as Mel started to sloppily, slurp between her legs causing Jenny's lips to quiver in delight.  The blonde-haired temptress whose hair was now slick back and shiny, the water bouncing off her face as my wife's tongue delved inside her, tantalising her best friend's body.  Jenny opened her eyes, leaned forwards towards me and kissed me.

  I moved my hand to her breasts, my fingers moving slickly over her moist skin, as I gently mauled her pert but pouty rosebuds, Jenny's hands moving down over my solid chest and abs, through my trimmed hair and joined my wife's hands as her fingers also curled around the  base end of my shaft, their fingers touching each other with gentle caresses.  I felt Jenny grip my cock tighter as Mel's tongue continued to work its magic, now with a finger massaging her insides as well, she gripped my shoulder with her other hand to steady herself as she started to wobble as the muscles in her leg started to shake.  I moved my big left arm around her and gripped her so she didn't sink to the ground as the orgasm that Mel was building up started to take hold.


  "Mel, oh Jesus Christ ...You're gonna ...CHRIST! ...YOU'RE GONNA!  OOOOOH!" Jenny yelled as she moved her right hand away from my dick and onto my other shoulder, digging her nails in as her body spasmed and she joyfully surrendered to the pleasure my wife was providing.  Eventually the shakes stopped and she let go of her grip.

  "Sorry, Michael," Jenny apologised as my wife got to her feet, her face dripping with Jenny's juices, looking at both of us like we were both her favourite desserts.

  "Hey, if there was an issue, I'd have said something," I stated, my voice slightly more macho than usual.  The truth was her nails had hurt like fucking Hell, but there was no way I was gonna mention that now.  Hell, my leg could break and I'd carry on.  "Why don't we take this to the bedroom?" 

  Mel flashed a wicked grin from under her brows, we both turned to look at Jenny who bit her lip in an innocent fashion before allowing us both to take her by the hand, leave the shower, all of us still dripping as we walked to the super-king size bed.  The two women shared a conspiratorial look and then shoved me back onto the bed, the mattress and frame groaning under the weight of me dropping on there.  Mel and Jenny crawl on their bed, their bodies glistening as the light bounces off the droplets on their skin, the two of them moving like tigers towards me, like they're about to devour me, and I lie there like I really don't mind.  Mel moved up to my face and stroked my cheek, a lascivious smirk on her lips, before she continued to crawl up the bed, and throw a leg over my face, lowering her cunt onto my mouth.  I tucked into her clean twat, enjoying her wriggle on my mouth before a new sensation interrupted the moment, the feeling of a hot velvet glove enveloping my cock as Jenny moaned and sank herself on the better part of me.

  "OH MY STARS!" Jenny exhaled as her hips met mine, her hands on my stomach as she leaned forward.  Mel shifted her weight over my torso and I heard the sounds of them kissing as I hungrily lapped at Mel’s delicious cunt, the three of us locked together in mutual delight as Jenny’s hot quim wrapped herself right around my throbbing meat and Mel lowered herself onto my face.

  And that’s how it always worked.  The three of us together would always get me off, always had.  Jenny worked in Mel’s office and her tight outfits mixed with her girly nature had always made her seem effortlessly attractive.  Now though, that fantasy was growing stale.  These days I wondered if I appeared outside the shower they’d ask what on Earth I was doing there.  My cock was still hard in my hand but that in itself felt like a Pyrrhic Victory.  With all the arguments and the resentment during lockdowns as we couldn't do anything and couldn’t even agree as to what to watch on TV I just felt we were drifting away from each other.  I'd have given anything to hear her moaning in bliss at our cumming together.

  “Oh yeah.”

  How I longed to hear Mel moan like that in delight at what I was doing to her, to hear her lose herself.

  “Oh, God.  Don’t stop!”

  It would be great to hear her say that whilst my head was between her thighs or my hips smashing against hers.

  “Oh, Shaun!”

  “Shaun?  Who the fuck was Shaun?”  I open my eyes and could see a thin stream of light coming out from behind the mirror.  The words appeared to be coming from the next room, from the light itself.   I took my naked self out of bed and walked over to the mirror and chest of drawers and then, as gently as I could, dragged the mirror and drawers away from the wall and looked through.  

  In the room next door, which I assumed belonged to the hotel landlady and landlord, I found out where the woman I spied earlier had gone.  On another four poster was the landlady, her legs spread wide, at her pussy was the woman I had peeped in on previously with her face between the landlady’s legs, running her tongue along her cleft as she was shoved forward over and over again by Shaun, who I assumed was the Landlady’s husband, his athletic body thrusting into the young woman as she tongued at his wife.  without thinking I tried to control my breathing as I gripped my cock and moved my hand up and down.  Shaun was steady in his pace as he watched the blonde's head between his wife's legs, Shaun and his wife sharing loving glances as he plowed another woman who was serving them both.  At the top of the bed the blonde's friend, a lithe brunette with her hair tied back in a pony-tail, was sat upright at the end of the bed using the toy that her friend had used on herself whilst she watched this all unfold, her hips twitching as she witnessed the spectacle in front of her. 

  "Fuck her, Shaun, fuck her good!" spat Sylvia angrily as she watched her husband pummel back and forth into the young woman, their eyes glazed over with desire as they held some sort of sensual connection in spite of the person between them. 

  "Oh yeah…OH! Is he good, Sara?" the woman with the vibrator pressed against herself asked her friend.

  "He's SO good, Steph," Sara stated, taking her mouth away from Sylvia's slit just for a moment before tucking back in.  Stephanie continued to watch with the vibrator held firm beneath her hips, a look of longing on her face that said she wanted what was going-on to happen to her, like she was just waiting for her turn.  Shaun upped the speed into Sara and she started to moan into his wife as she ate her pussy.

  "NGH!  HMMMM.  MMM, Yeah.  Oh GOD, YEAH!  I'M GONNA ...NNNNN!" Sara yelled her back arched away from between Sylvia's legs, her head held back as the pleasure wracked her body, her nipples standing upright, seemingly pointing at Sylvia as her body tensed and she held her hand back to stop Shaun doing any more, before she slumped forward onto Sylvia, completely spent.

  "Anyone know what I'm meant to do with this?" Shaun asked his hard-on very much hard and still on.

  "I'll take it!" offered Steph as she removed the electronic massager from herself and moved around the bed and to the wall where the cubby-hole was.  She placed her hands against the wall and jimmied from side to side, getting herself in position for Shaun.  The big man moved behind her and grabbed her ass.

  "You ready, little lady?" Shaun asked mockingly as he held his monster behind her.

  "Just get it in me!" Steph retorted back.

  "Yeah, don't tease the girl, Shaun, you know what she wants”.

  "Fair enough," Shaun replied and moved himself inside Steph.

  "HUUUH!" Steph inhaled, her eyes going wide before she spotted my one eye on the other side of the wall.  "There you are!"

  "Damn right, I'm there!" said Shaun moving himself against the young woman as she stared at me across the divide.

  "Oh, God, that's good.  I need THIS!" Steph said, although it felt like she was talking into the wall rather than talking to Shaun.  I was stroking myself firmly as Shaun started to fuck Steph with more power, his hands  reaching round and grabbing her breasts as he leaned into her back.  Steph was breathing and moaning in response to Shaun's actions but her face was locked on my eye watching her, I could see her mouthing something at me as I watched her get fucked.  "I want you ...I want you."

  "I want you, too," Shaun muttered as he started to ram into her hard, oblivious that the words were being spoken to me.  I continued to try and keep pulling on my other half whilst maintaining my shallow breathing.  I looked over to the bed momentarily as I heard a noise from there and could see the Landlady Sylvia and the blonde, both on their side's as they 69'd each other on the bed, going from ravenously tasting each other to rocking back in delight at the other person's efforts.  

  "I'm cumming now, I'm gonna cum all over...HMMMMM!" Steph moaned as Shaun himself grabbed her ponytail and stiffened also, the two of them cummng at the same time as I shot my load against the wall in response to the multitude of stimulus I had received over the course of the day.  I was breathing heavy with my eyes closed, as I opened them to look at Steph I could see the young brunette staring back at me, offering a wink before going back to the bed and dropping down on it. I looked down to see that although I was spent I was still solid after everything that had happened in the day.

  I walked to the bed and fell onto it and stared at the ceiling.  I was missing Mel like crazy, I was horny as Hell after everything going on in this crazy place and I hadn't even started work yet.

  It had been a day.


End of Part 1

And that’s where we leave the sergeant for now. If you did get turned-on by this or find it amusing please leave a like and a comment (it means a lot) and check out our profile page and pictures, more pics to follow soon.

Written by goodafterboob

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