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Scotland Stories


A Highland Fling - conclusion

As with the other two parts this story details the aftermath of a chance encounter with a hitchhiker picked up on a rainy Scottish road.

We both lay in the afterglow as the throes of what just happened passed. Fiona snuggled in, her firm breasts pushing against my side. I ran my fingers through her tangled curls managing to reach her scalp and provide a very gentle head massage. She shiver...

A Highland Fling - pt2

The events that follow, happened in the days after my meeting Fiona on a rainy afternoon in the Highlands of Scotland. The story picks up right where the first part left off…

It took all my self-control not to take matters into my own hands. But the thought of my unloading into Fiona’s willing and wet mouth and throat, made me pause for thought. I really wanted to experience that, so I managed to resist. I gave it 15 minutes,...


A foggy night in the highlands

My first couple sharing experience as a swinger

Autumn in Scotland is changeable but never boring, rustic coloured leaves and all 4 seasons in a day. I was new to swinging in 2018, i had one experience in a club and met an older woman in her home for a casual meet but by the time the summer had passed...


Two Chefs plus a Glasgow Gangbang

A couple who both worked at the same restaurant take a break

My first ever experience in the swinging scene was a gangbang in Glasgow's club, CJS way back in early 2018. I had new and varied experiences since then but always wanted to host my own. The problem is finding the right couple, with the right chemistry an...